Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 104 – Little Jenny Knives For Eyes

Ben‘s not content with the ratings for the last few episodes so he’s decided to refit the whole show to be one of those murder podcasts that are doing insanely well in the charts. However, neither him or Phil are comfortable with the whole “murder” aspect so instead pivot to dangerous toys, murderous songs, the deadliest Marvel superheroes of all time and erm…Richard Nixon. Plus: Hannah Montana‘s crippling addiction to lead reign of terror, Sophie Ellis Bextor Vs W.A.S.P, Enormous Ken’s best cinematic role, hammocks for kids, the first time anyone has mentioned “Fully Booked Interactive” in twenty years, the tastiness of glue, Iron Man‘s terrible crimes, actually nuclear toys, Peter Engel‘s creative process, torpedo babies, a shameless attempt to tie into “Avengers: Endgame”, what Butts Carlton did next and no Easter whatsoever. 

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