Don’t Lets Chart 115 – The Worst Motown Trio Of All Time

Download it here! Framed for a crime they probably did commit, Ben and Phil are making melonade from rocks and dust by turning their six week community service into a summer roadshow just like all those people we’re not allowed to talk about anymore used to do on Radio One in the past!!!! Sadly, aContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 115 – The Worst Motown Trio Of All Time”

Don’t Lets Chart 114 – Chekhov’s Chicken

Download it here! It’s a five-alarm all out listener takeover episode as Ben and Phil hand the whole show over to you for questions, guest charts and comments, alongside special appearances by our friends at Round The Archives and Tim Worthington off of the Guardian. Plus: how we met and our earliest collaborations, eggs byContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 114 – Chekhov’s Chicken”