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Learn how to make paper flowers with my step by step tutorials and free templates. How to Make Giant Paper Flowers. Tissue paper flowers are an easy-to-make craft that's perfect for a variety of holidays and occasions. Paper flowers are timeless, beautiful and available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, but they can also be quite expensive to purchase. I am so impressed by these, and I know you will be, too!

how to make paper flowers

Just one, I sat here for a moment trying to work out in my monkey mind this a. I'm still not positive. I love the color of poppies and was found often as a toddler in the middle of my uncles beautifully groomed circular poppy bed. Color seemed to be important to me even then. The heady fragrance of a gardenia captures me daily right now as we have two bushes full of them! The blooms are so beautiful to stare into. Peonies have always been a favorite too. One of the first places I rented as a new out in the big world 'adult' had a circular drive and the center was filled to the brim with these beautiful blooms.

The first house bought also had and that was where I learned never to knock all the ants off the plant. The man we bought the home from was a world famous entomologist who gently told me the ants were necessary. Lesson learned and remembered to this day :- I'm currently stitching up a new design with cone flowers, another favorite for their color. Thank you for sharing your blooms with us today! Thanks for the offer, Kristin!

My favorite flower What a gorgeous book! I'm having trouble choosing a favorite flower, but I'll choose roses. My husband and I have enjoyed growing them for many years. Oh what a pretty book! And yes, Kimberly, I just learned that the reason the ants crawl all over them is so they can lick the sticky nectar off which then helps the petals to open. I used to knock them off, too :. Mine survived this terrible winter, barely.

I guess I like them because it is so easy to change their color and they are stunning in their own way. Hmmm, I have several favorites, all of which are known or their fragrance: peonies, sweet peas, lily of the valley; gardenia. For sheer fun you can't beat the sunflower! I read through the other comments and now I'm confused! I agree that gardenia's are amazing; the glorious aroma and the simple perfection of the flower.

Plus, my date brought me a gardenia corsage for my prom almost forty years ago and my mother put it in my hair, just behind my ear. I could smell it all evening. That said, it's the peony. The extravagant petals, the aroma, size, and colors. I love this time of year! I plot raids on plants I see around town I don't carry them out and I love that they'll appear again, briefly, in floral shops in 6 months.

Anthurium--it was one of the first flower names I memorized as a child. I remember being fascinated looking at my Mom's wedding photos and seeing this strange but simple beautiful deep maroon "flower" in her bouquet. Plus it's fun to say! I love daffodils. My birthday is in late March and it is so much fun each year to see if they will be in bloom on my special day.

Some years they are almost bloomed out. This year we were lucky - the first one opened on the very day. Favorite flower? I'm having a nasturtium moment right now -- I bought a mix of colors called "whirlybird" and am anxiously awaiting the blooms. But even their leaves are beautiful, especially when they cup a raindrop or dewdrop. The books looks fun; thanks for the giveaway.

Just 1? I thought mom could do magic Pretty much any flower that comes in purple, blue or dark red Afraid my Sister got all of the Gardening-Genes from both of our Grandmothers My favorite flower lately is the tulip. I love how it welcomes Spring and how beautiful and artistic they look when you arrange them freely in a flower vase.

My favorites I love flowers, grow them, pick them, paint them, make art quilts of them. I always have some kind of bouquet in the house. I guess I'd have to say dahlias are my favorite. Although I can't think of a flower I don't like. Love your work. Thank you for this lovely post and the chance to win! Lily of the valley Carol, ceejay on Rav.

My favorite flower is the Tulip! The Parrot Tulips are stunning with their colors and edging. They remind me of when I was young and my old back-yard. Just one? I love blue cornflowers and lobelia for the color, but lily of the valley, lilacs and hyacinths for the fragrance. I probably would have to pick blue hyacinths for the combination of that deep blue and the beautiful smell.

Kristin, thank you for your offer to share this book. Every season in the garden brings a new favorite flower. My husband and I moved to the lower eastern shore of Maryland where spring comes a little earlier than your area. Although our peonies have come and gone, we enjoyed their blossoms all over the house. Peonies are the real reason I love cut glass bowls as nothing is lovelier than peony blossoms floating in them. Spring bulbs of all kinds are some of my favorites.

Everything in the daisy family are great favorites. Zinnias top the list for annuals and cut flowers. Gosh, that's a hard one. Like many others I don't think I can just pick one Spring starts with one of my favorites, hyacinth. I love the color and shape of baptisia next, followed by lily of the valley, peonies, zinnias and then dahlias for the end of summer. I think for me it would be geraniums.

Love the colors and it is not summer until I have a pot full. My grandmother lived in LA and her geraniums bloomed all year long in her front flower bed. It was great at Christmas to have them blooming. This is easy. They reseeded themselves in a rock border along side of our house.

They tolerate the wind, do not see fussy about water. They are truly glorious. I so need this book! Ok after much thought,Zinnias. My mother grew them where ever we lived. She always told us to plant flowers and that made a house a home. They always come back so I feel like I am leaving a bit of love in my wanders. I am not a blogger so here is my e-mail. Kristin, it was fun to see the mention of Vanessa Bell and the Omega folks. I'd forgotten about their paper flowers. Terry G--Surely there is a gardeniathe smell makes you want to have them all the time.

The first one usually blooms for my daughters birthday--would love to make her a bouquet. My fave I love to plant a row in my vegetable garden and revel in all the colors. They last quite long as cut flowers too.

Being a flower lover give one the option of changing one's mind every couple of years though. I had giant white spider mums in my wedding.

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The Fine Art of Paper Flowers

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The photos are stunning. Well named! And not only do these paper bouquets cost next to nothing--brides really love their bottom line--they last practically forever. Want to give paper gardening a go?

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Cetti will teach you how to play with size, shape, color, and texture to create 25 vibrant single stems in a variety of natural shapes—globes, spikes, bells, saucers, rectangles, cones, and arcs—including hydrangeas, coral charm peonies, honeysuckles, and paperwhites. Introducing new, neverbefore-seen techniques for dyeing paper and creating moldable leaves and petals, this gorgeous guide is perfect for crafters of all skill levels interested in making realistic and unique home decor, gifts, accessories, and entertaining essentials. See More.

Look Inside. Her work explores nature and botanical specimens in extremely large and sometimes very small scales, in… More about Tiffanie Turner. Her D.

Search this site. Crepe Paper Flowers: The Beginner's Guide to Making and Arranging Beautiful Blooms by Lia Griffith Synopsis: With 30 projects and an introduction to both crafting paper flowers and working with crepe paper, this book is full of inspiration and expert advice for beginners. If you have a Cricut Maker, you can download the templates to your machine so you can enjoy your own homemade bouquets in no time. Crepe paper is the best material for creating paper flowers, especially for beginners. It's forgiving and malleable--easy to cut, bend, curl, and shape into peony petals, daffodil trumpets, chrysanthemum blooms, and more.

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