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2018 Little League Rule and Regulation Changes

Little League Baseball and Softball officially, Little League Baseball Inc [1] is a c 3 nonprofit organization [2] [3] based in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania , United States , that organizes local youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Founded by Carl Stotz in as a three-team league in Williamsport, Pennsylvania , and formally incorporated on October 10, , [1] Little League Baseball encourages local volunteers to organize and operate Little League programs that are annually chartered through Little League International. Each league can structure itself to best serve the children in the area in which the league operates. Several specific divisions of Little League baseball and softball are available to children ages 4 to The organization holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code. The organization's administrative office is located in South Williamsport.

Please use the "Enroll" button below to upload Birth Certificate and School Enrolment documents, or register for the waitlist for Spring Season. If NNLL is unable to play games, all deposits will be refunded. Play ball!!! Age and Residency Documentation must be complete to be admitted to assessments! Schedule for age group specific times will be sent out shortly. Please register today using the links above!

The following is a summary of the changes between the Little League Baseball and Softball regulations and rules and their counterparts. Also note that there are downloadable versions of this information at the bottom of the page. Note that some of these changes were adopted after the rulebooks were printed, so are not reflected there. Little League indicates that they will be correctly reflected in the electronic version of the rulebooks. This change eliminated the limit of eight year-olds on a Major team. That limit was replaced by the text:. This change was announced in , becoming effective this year.

Playing Rules

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Sign in Register. Home Configuration. Reports Dashboard. Facilities Facility Manager. Scheduling Master Calendar.

All rules are strictly out of the Little League rule book with the exception of the following:. A new inning shall not begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes of game time has expired. A new inning begins as soon as the last out is recorded. When no other games follow on the field of play, and a new inning began at or before 1hr 45minutes, that inning is to be completed. If a game is played on that same field after the game, the game will hard stop mid-inning when the 2-hour time limit is reached, and then the score will revert back to the last full inning completed. District 6 has implemented a continuous batting order for all games.

Little League® Rulebook App. New Features. New Look. All Three Rulebooks In One Easy To Use App! Official Regulations.

West Side Little League - Playing Rules and Regulations

This rule book can be printed in pamphlet form. Print Page 4 then print Page 1 on the back of Page 4. Print Page 2, then print Page 3 on the back of page 2. This form must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian. Coaches should bring these forms to every game and team practice.

Search this section Search this section. All local leagues will be required to conduct background checks utilizing JDP. Residency requirements are mandated for local league registration.

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Little League

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The Little League® Rulebook App contains the Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies for all divisions of Baseball, Softball, and Challenger in.

Little League Baseball
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