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Numerology: Numbers Past And Present With The Lo Shu Square

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Download Free PDF. Big Nano. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. How can the numbers that appear in our lives not be interwoven with our destiny in one way or another? Whether the numbers we find in our travels have any significance or not, it's hard to argue that they have no relevance at all. All these numbers must mean something. This book teaches you a simple to use but highly effective numerology system that you can perform on anyone at any time.

Hopefully by the time you have finished this book you will have learned an entertaining new skill that you will love to show people and that people will enjoy having done for them. Like all my books this a very practical tutorial.

Follow the book to the end, do the exercises, commit the ideas to memory and work it through. By the end of the book you will be able to give people extremely interesting numerology readings at the drop of a hat.

Keep at it and stay focused, this book is about learning a new skill and with any luck you'll hardly ever have to refer back to it again. The Lo Shu Square has been around for centuries, and is in fact a 3 X 3 magic square.

A magic square is a symmetrical number grid whose numbers add up to the same number in all directions, both vertically and diagonally. This number is known as the square's 'magic number'. Here is the Lo Shu Magic Square. Add up the numbers in any direction and you will find they always add up to We use the Lo Shu Magic Square as a reference so we know where to put these numbers on the grid. By taking the numbers they were born with, the numbers they have lived with and their most recent phone number we can see how a person's numbers have changed over the years and create some kind of meaning from this to give a reading.

Most numerology systems focus exclusively on a persons date of birth for use in a reading, and I have always felt that this was a somewhat static approach. By using numbers from the past to the present we can get a much better idea of how certain numbers have flowed through someone's life.

We can see the numbers that someone was born with, the numbers that have influenced them, and the numbers that are in the persons life right now. This gives us a lot of scope for comparison during the reading and enables us to create interesting discussions about the person's journey - how it started, where it's been and where it's headed.

Drawing The Lo Shu Magic Square As the numerology system taught in this book uses the Lo Shu Magic Square as its basis, the first thing you've got to learn is how to draw this square from memory. It's pretty easy, and it's a fun thing to teach people while you're giving someone a numerology reading for the first time.

Most people find it quite intriguing. That's it! It couldn't be simpler. Try drawing a few Lo Shu Squares from memory, it won't take long and you should have it down within a couple of tries. Now let's move on to giving the reading itself. The Reading We are going to be creating three grids when we come to give a reading for someone, so of course you're going to need a pen and paper.

When you start the reading I suggest you first write the person's name at the top of the paper, and then draw a Lo Shu Magic Square in the top right hand corner. Don't draw it too big as this is only going to be your reference for where to put the person's numbers.

Drawing the Lo Shu Magic Square is an interesting way to start a reading, and talking about the square and it's magical properties can help put people at ease and help you get to know them a little.

You'd be surprised how many people never forget how to draw a magic square once you've shown them how. The first grid will be created using numbers from the person's birthdate. The second will use numbers that have occurred in their life, and the last grid will use their most recent set of numbers - those from their mobile phone number. By drawing three grids we can see how someone's numbers started in their life and how they have progressed to reach the present day.

This gives a much more interesting reading than simply giving a reading based on a person's birthdate and has the added bonus of bringing the reading right up to the present moment, something sorely lacking in most numerology systems. People like to talk about their past but they also want to know what's happening right now. This system gives them that information. Grid One - Birthdate The first grid we're going to create is based around the person's birthdate. Draw an empty 3 X 3 grid and ask for the person's date of birth.

We are going to write this down in full underneath the first empty grid using numbers only. For instance if you met someone whose birthday was the 2nd of October you would write: 2 10 Then, ignoring the zeros, we take each number from the birthdate in order from left to right and write them in on the blank square, using the Lo Shu Magic Square we drew at the start as a reference for where each number needs to go.

In numerology we ignore zeros. Let's talk about arrows. The Arrows Of Pythagoras Before we even look at what the numbers on the chart mean, we can see that some rows on our first grid are filled with numbers and some rows are empty - a bit like a game in progress of Tic Tac Toe or Naughts And Crosses - except instead of X's and O's we're looking at numbers.

We can see that there's an empty column on the left hand side, and a full column of numbers on the right hand side. Whenever we see a column or row of numbers we call it a positive arrow, and when we see an empty column or row we call it a negative arrow. We draw normal arrows to indicate positive arrows and dotted arrows to indicate negative arrows.

When you first start giving readings it may help you to write the word 'TWO' under each grid, one letter per column. When a column is full of numbers as in the example with the rightmost column being filled with the numbers 2, 7 and 6 we call this a positive arrow and say that the person has an abundance of that quality.

So in this example the Arrow Of Outlook shows that the person born with these numbers could have a really positive attitude towards life in general. We can also see in the example that the left hand column is completely empty, so this creates a negative arrow. To show this we write '- Thought' under the grid to show the person has a negative arrow through the Thought column.

As you can see from this example, just because someone has a negative arrow doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing, just a different type of character trait. There's nothing wrong with being a thinker and there's nothing wrong with being spontaneous! One should be careful when giving a reading not to look at these negative arrows as all bad. We are all different and our strengths usually outweigh our weaknesses.

When you first start you might find that drawing a type of stick man made from a circle, a heart shape and the letter 'A' next to the grid will help you remember that the top is the head, the middle is the heart and the bottom is the legs - as in the world of action and 'doing' in the real world.

As before with the columns, when a row is full of numbers we call this a positive arrow. Our original example doesn't have a full or empty row, so just for now let's take away the 7 and replace it with a 6. So in this example the Head Arrow shows that the person was born with numbers that suggest someone who is rather clever. The empty middle row creates a negative arrow, and we draw a dotted line through it as before. This person has a negative Arrow Of Heart, so instead of being a romantic he is the opposite - rather matter of fact when it comes to love.

To show this we would write '- Heart' under the grid to show the person has a negative arrow through the Heart column. Arrow Diagonals There are only two diagonal arrows.

A negative Arrow Of Willpower shows just the opposite, someone who is possibly overly shy and introverted. A positive Arrow Of Spirituality indicates someone who is somewhat enlightened and in touch with the universe to a greater extent than most people.

A negative Arrow Of Spirituality shows the opposite, someone who is extremely matter of fact and practical, yet misses out on thoughts of higher things. The arrows are all pretty self-explanatory, and a negative arrow is simply the opposite of the positive arrow. A person who plans ahead doesn't always have the willpower to see things through to their conclusion, even if they do have a positive outlook on life!

A positive outlook alone won't get you too far. A person who thinks with his head is very different to someone whose life is ruled by his heart - and someone who thinks with his body is far more likely to act on physical impulse than either of those two. Practice drawing empty grids like this with the stick man and the word 'TWO'. Once you've learned how to do that, try and write in every arrow with its meaning as well, not forgetting the diagonals, and especially not forgetting that there are negative as well as positive arrows.

Within no time you'll be able to remember all of this without even having to use the memory aids. But you may still want to draw the stick man and the other word 'TWO', just because they actually look quite interesting! Arrow Examples Here are some drawn examples for us to practice our arrow reading skills on. What can we say about this first example? In this example we can see a positive arrow going down the middle column, and a negative arrow going down the right hand column.

So this shows someone who has the willpower but struggles to find ways of making this work in the real world because of his less than positive outlook. Here's another example. What can we say about this person's arrows? In this example there is only one negative arrow going diagonally from top left to bottom right, the Arrow Of Willpower.

As it is a negative arrow this shows that the person struggles with getting what he wants when he wants it. And another example. What about this grid? In this example we have two positive arrows, the Arrow Of Will from top to bottom and the Heart Arrow from left to right. So we have someone who is able to get things done but at the same time shows great compassion - this person gets what he wants by helping others at the same time.

You may have noticed that when there are two arrows I have combined their meanings when I talk about them. For instance 'You have the willpower shown by the Arrow of Willpower but sometimes struggle because of your negative outlook shown by a negative Arrow Of Outlook '.

Chinese Numerology

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All rights reserved. Copying any image and other content on MysticBoard. Hsia Yu was a famous Chinese personality. One day he came across some very interesting markings on the shell of a giant tortoise. The giant tortoise came out from the River Lo in Central China. This became Lo Shu. The word Lo means river and the term Shu indicates books.

With The Lo Shu Square. PDF Edition Other books in the 'Speed Learning' series by Julian Moore Comparing The Arrows On All Three Grids! Three Grid the Lo Shu Square and the numbers from 1 to 9, the. Lo Shu Square's magic.

Chinese Numerology

He has been honing and refining his natural gift throughout his life, and continues to do so. He is extremely experienced with the Lo Shu Square, the Tarot, as well as with the use of pendulums in divination. Dennis currently has a private practice in the area of Longmont, Colorado. He is active in the psychic and healing community in that region, and enjoys a life of continuing learning and growth in the spiritual realm.

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The Lo Shu is part of the legacy of ancient Chinese mathematical and divinatory cf. A magical turtle emerged from the water with the curiously unnatural Lo Shu pattern on its shell: circular dots representing the integers 1 through 9 are arranged in a three-by-three grid. Early records are ambiguous, referring to a "river map", and date to BCE, but clearly refer to a magic square by 80 CE, and explicitly give one since CE.

Lo Shu Square

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    The original Luo Shu, a 3 × 3 magic square, was not unique in ancient China but the extension of it to In his book, on pages 5 and 6, Ho discussed the impor- charts or grids or palaces, not as magic squares anymore, but.

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