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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance is a succinct guide to the key characteristics of Islamic banking highlighting how these differ from conventional banking. This detailed book illustrates how Islamic banking is consistent with the Sharia'a, a key element of which is the prohibition on collecting and paying interest.

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The Essentials of Islamic Banking, Finance, and Capital Markets

Add to GoodReads. This book provides comprehensive analysis in the areas Islamic financial institutions and society. It starts off with the integration of the Islamic socio-economic and socio-political systems with the Islamic financial sector; with a view to help in removing some of the stereotype views that people have on the Islamic society and religion. In doing this, it provides the readers with an understanding of the Islamic society, characteristics of an Islamic society, and Islamic economics thoughts and theories. It goes further to make the readers to understand the sources, evolution, and guiding principles and practices of the Islamic finance and commercial jurisprudence.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book demonstrates how the global market for Islamic financial services has shown strong growth in recent years and shown remarkable resilience during the global financial crisis. Drawing on a range of international perspectives from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia and Europe, this book explores the characteristics and performance of Islamic finance and banking and discusses future prospects. The challenges and opportunities for the expansion of Islamic finance and banking into Europe are explored through the contexts of the UK, Germany and Italy. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

With an emphasis on engaging readers through the use of relevant and applicable material and activities, this book gives students an excellent.

Islamic Banking and Finance

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The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance is a modern American take on what it means to incorporate Islamic finance principles into everyday banking and investment techniques by introducing a new brand of banking for all people of all faiths: The Riba-Free RF banking. The author is considered the father of RF Islamic banking in America. This is the first book ever in the field to trace the origins of prohibiting the renting of money at a price called interest rate and over-indulging in debt.

Learners, teachers, researchers, and those practically involved in the burgeoning financial industry will derive value from this book. Readers from all disciplines will become familiarized with the key differences between the principles and practices of two distinct banking systems: the interest-free Islamic banking and the interest-based conventional banking. With the inclusion of citations from authentic references, a well-defined methodology of research, relevant data, tables and figures, coupled with the extensive field work and experience of the author in this sector, this book will serve as a reliable resource to understanding Islamic banking and finance as they function in the general world of finance, and in particular, Bangladesh.

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practice

Download E-book Now! I recently downloaded your Handbook of Islamic Finance and I have just begun to read it. I am so pleased that my eyes have had the chance to read some of the words within it. I have for many decades been part of the Western finance system and over the years I have become more and more aware of the greed and corruption that exists within it. For many years I have thought of the damage this greed and corruption has done to the lives of millions of innocent people. Now I have started to educate myself on the fundamentals of Islamic finance and am quite excited to one day become part of the Islamic finance system that places the good of many above the greed and self interests of a few as Western finance has proven to do. I firmly believe that if the Western banking system had been operating under the ethical guidelines of Islamic finance, then there would never have been a global financial crisis.

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PDF | It is a testimony to the success of Hans Visser's book that it has the Islamic financial world and the Institute of Islamic Banking and.

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

7 Day Free Islamic Finance Course

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Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

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