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I was only four then.

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Jeanne Willis is interviewed by Julia Eccleshare. Thanks to Andersen Press for their help with this May cover. Gaarder is best known as the author of Sophie's World, a fictionalised tour of philosophy.

His new book questions the purpose and value of ephemeral human life in the face of an infinite universe. Fortunately, he embeds this sometimes gloomy meditation into a romantic little story which is jointly told by the year-old Georg and his deceased father. The latter part takes the form of a deathbed letter, recounting how as a young man the writer pursued a beautiful girl, dressed in orange and mysteriously laden with oranges, around Oslo.

This quest is intriguing, but after its resolution we encounter much ontological agonising. Nevertheless, the book is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and ultimately optimistic enough to recommend safely to adolescents of all ages.

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The orange girl

The Orange GirlMy father died eleven years ago. I was only four then, I never thought Id hear fromhim again, but now were writing a book together. To Georg Red, his father is no more than a shadow, a distant memory. But then oneday his grandmother discovers some papers stuffed into the lining of an old redpushchair. The pages are a letter to Georg, written just before his father died, and astory, The Orange Girl.

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The orange girl

It is based on a book by author Jostein Gaarder ; a book translated to 43 languages. The film is based on a novel by the same name, written by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. The main character is the young boy Georg who one day finds a long letter from his deceased father in his old red stroller. The letter tells, among other things, about the father's youthful love for the mysterious " orange girl" appelsinpiken , and leaves a mystery for Georg to solve. The story leaps back and forth between the father's letters to the future, the young boy's thoughts and the events of the father's life.

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Jostein Gaarder The Orange Girl - .Jostein Gaarder In 1991, when Jostein Gaarder wrote Sophie’s

The Orange Girl

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The novel was adapted into a film in The original Norwegian title, appelsin , refers specifically to the fruit and not the colour. Eleven years later, Georg's grandmother finds letters addressed to Georg from Jan Olav, written before his death, along with a story titled "The Orange Girl. As Georg soon discovers, "The Orange Girl" is not simply a story, but a riddle from the past that centres around an incident from his father's youth. In the story, it is revealed that Jan Olav had once boarded a tram and had taken notice of a beautiful girl who had been clutching a bag of oranges. When tram abruptly jolted, the girl's oranges were dispersed.

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The orange girl

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