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The Discipline will continue to frame our organization until its next revision in Treat your PDF file as if it were a printed copy. Store it in a safe place on your computer.

The editors, in the exercise of their judgment, shall have the authority to make changes in wording as may be necessary to harmonize legislation without changing its substance. The editors, in consultation with the Judicial Council, shall also have authority to delete provisions of the Book of Discipline that have been ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Council. Errata can be found at Cokesbury. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The sad tale of the free Book of Discipline

The editors, in the exercise of their judgment, shall have the authority to make changes in wording as may be necessary to harmonize legislation without changing its substance. The editors, in consultation with the Judicial Council, shall also have authority to delete provisions of the Book of Discipline that have been ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Council.

Errata can be found at Cokesbury. All rights reserved. Used by permission. This book is printed on elemental, chlorine-free, acid-free paper. Scripture quotations, unless otherwise noted, are from the Common English Bible. The Discipline as the instrument for setting forth the laws, plan, polity, and process by which United Methodists govern themselves remains constant. Each General Conference amends, perfects, clarifies, and adds its own contribution to the Discipline.

We do not see the Discipline as sacrosanct or infallible, but we do consider it a document suitable to our heritage. It is the most current statement of how United Methodists agree to live their lives together. It reflects our understanding of the Church and articulates the mission of The United Methodist Church: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

The Discipline defines what is expected of its laity and clergy as they seek to be effective witnesses in the world as a part of the whole body of Christ. It asserts that all who are baptized and confirmed are ministers of Jesus Christ. It affirms the conciliar principle and connectionalism as distinctive v. It affirms with John Wesley that solitary religion is invalid and that Christ lays claim upon the whole life of those who accept him as Lord and Savior. We therefore commend this Discipline to all in our constituency and to friends beyond our bounds who would seek to understand what it means to be a United Methodist.

Communication is essential for understanding what the Church is and does. We expect the Discipline to be found in libraries of local churches, colleges, universities, and seminaries, as well as in the homes of ordained, diaconal, and licensed ministers and lay members of The United Methodist Church.

Brown, Jr. Hayes, Jr. The paragraphs are numbered consecutively within each chapter or section, but many numbers are skipped between parts, chapters, and sections in order to allow for future enactments and to fit with the following plan: 1— 99 — — — — — — — — Episcopal Greetings.

David Edwards. Thomas Coke. Wesley Matthias Stanford Christian S. Stephen Mason Merrill. Adna Wright Leonard. Samuel P. Samuel Ross Hay. John McKendree Springer. Otto Melle. Alsie Raymond Grant. Maynard Sparks. Charles Wesley Brashares. Stanley Coors. Roy Calvin Nichols. Goodrich Jr.. Dixon Jr. Wheatley Jr. Torney Otto Nall Jr. Bennie de Quency Warner. Kenneth Shamblin.

Dale White. Felton Edwin May. Kern Eutsler. Woodrow Hearn. Lloyd Knox. Sheldon Duecker. Brown Christopher. Dew Jr. Joseph Sprague. Chamberlain, Jr. Moncure Jr. Michael Watson. Max Whitfield. Brown Jr. Swanson Sr.

Hayes Jr. Gwinn Jr. Moises Domingos Fernandes. Clifton Ives. Arichea Jr. Lindsey Davis. Pennel Jr. Lawrence McCleskey. Richard J. Wills Jr. Grant J. Jonathan Holston. Theological traditions steeped in the Protestant Reformation and Wesleyanism, similar ecclesiastical structures, and relationships that dated back almost two hundred years facilitated the union.

In the Evangelical United Brethren heritage, for example, Philip William Otterbein, the principal founder of the United Brethren in Christ, assisted in the ordination of Francis Asbury to the superintendency of American Methodist work.

Jacob Albright, through whose religious experience and leadership the Evangelical Association was begun, was nurtured in a Methodist class meeting following his conversion. Roots, — The United Methodist Church shares a common history and heritage with other Methodist and Wesleyan bodies.

The lives and ministries of John Wesley — and of his brother, Charles — , mark the origin of their common roots. It was their only occasion to visit America.

Their mission was far from an unqualified success, and Both of the Wesley brothers had transforming religious experiences in May In the years following, the Wesleys succeeded in leading a lively renewal movement in the Church of England. As the Methodist movement grew, it became apparent that their ministry would spread to the American colonies as some Methodists made the exhausting and hazardous Atlantic voyage to the New World. Organized Methodism in America began as a lay movement.

Among its earliest leaders were Robert Strawbridge, an immigrant farmer who organized work about in Maryland and Virginia, Philip Embury and his cousin, Barbara Heck, who began work in New York in , and Captain Thomas Webb, whose labors were instrumental in Methodist beginnings in Philadelphia in African Americans participated actively in these groundbreaking and formational initiatives though much of that contribution was acknowledged without much biographical detail.

Two years later Richard Wright and Francis Asbury were also dispatched by Wesley to undergird the growing American Methodist societies.

Francis Asbury became the most important figure in early American Methodism. His energetic devotion to the principles of Wesleyan theology, ministry, and organization shaped Methodism in America in a way unmatched by any other individual. In addition to the preachers sent by Wesley, some Methodists in the colonies also answered the call to become lay preachers in the movement.

The first conference of Methodist preachers in the colonies was held in Philadelphia in The ten who attended took several important actions. They emphasized strong discipline among the societies and preachers. A system of regular conferences of the preachers was inaugurated similar to those Wesley had instituted in England to conduct the business of the Methodist movement. The American Revolution had a profound impact on Methodism.

Furthermore, a number of Methodist preachers refused to bear arms to aid the patriots. When independence from England had been won, Wesley recognized that changes were necessary in American Methodism. He sent Thomas Coke to America to superintend the work with Asbury. In December , the famous Christmas Conference of preachers was held in Baltimore at Lovely Lane Chapel to chart the future course of the movement in America, a gathering that organized the movement as The Methodist Episcopal Church in America.

Regrettably the church steadily retreated from that courageous stand. In the years following the Christmas Conference, The Methodist Episcopal Church published its first Discipline , adopted a quadrennial General Conference, the first of which was held in , drafted a Constitution in , refined its structure, established a publishing house, and became an ardent proponent of revivalism and the camp meeting. As The Methodist Episcopal Church was in its infancy, two other churches were being formed.

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church

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View The Latest Updates To The Book Of Discipline. Visit Cokesbury Now To Read The Full Free Version Today.

2016 Book of Discipline

The basic unit of reference in the Book of Discipline is the paragraph, not the page, chapter or section. The paragraphs are numbered consecutively within each chapter or section, but numbers are skipped between chapters or sections. The paragraph is often only a few lines, but many paragraphs are several pages long, and they can be divided into multiple subdivisions. Paragraphs are first divided using Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, Traditionally, a list of all the bishops with the year of their election is at the beginning of the book.

It was originally published in , in the Methodist Episcopal Church , and has been published every four years thereafter following the meeting of the General Conference, which passes legislation that is included in the Book of Discipline. The most recent edition is that of The basic unit of reference is the paragraph, not the page, chapter or section.

For six years, one of my projects in The United Methodist Church has been to free our doctrine, polity, and social statements from their paywalls. Recently, the project took two steps forward…and one step back.

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