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After Solomon the kingdom was divided into two parts and separate kings ruled over Judah and over Israel. The reigns of these kings are described in the books of Kings and Chronicles in a very interesting way: The reign of each king is given by the length of the reign and by the beginning of the reign as it compares to the regnal year of the ruling king in the opposite kingdom.

Each chapter is translated from the original Hebrew into an English that is both faithful to the original and easy for the modern reader to follow. Extensive footnotes provide full explanations of the translator's choices and of linguistic and literary issues, taking note of alternative versions offered by a wide array of ancient and modern versions and translations. The comprehensive commentary on each section provides historical background and explains the text both on a literary and a historical level, making full use of the most up-to-date research on the text, literature, history, geography and on the archaeological background of the biblical world.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Archaeological discoveries continue to prove the Bible is an amazing historical record. Correctly interpreted, the historical records of Egypt and Israel show a remarkable consistency with the Bible records, which we can accept as not only inspiring but also entirely reliable. Unearth the history of Israel and see the devastating periods of loss and exile through the lens of archaeology. David Down, a field archaeologist who excavates regularly in Israel, shares his research to help you explore the accuracy of Christian history from the Global Flood through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. With 20 fascinating chapters, you can study the real evidence related to the remarkable people and pivotal events you have read about in the Bible.

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The Chronicles of the Kings of Israel is a book that gives a more detailed account of the reigns of the kings of ancient Kingdom of Israel than that presented in the Hebrew Bible , and may have been the source from which parts of the biblical account were drawn. The book was likely compiled by or derived from the kings of Israel's own scribes, and is likely the source for the basic facts presented in the Bible. The book is referred to a number of times in the Hebrew Bible, but was either not included in the corpus of the biblical text or was removed from it at some stage. The book is counted as one of the Lost books of the Old Testament. A complementary book detailing the reigns of the kings of ancient Judah is the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah , a book which has also been lost.

Despite considerable scholarly efforts for many years, the last two decades of the Kingdom of Israel are still beneath the veil of history. Who conquered Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom? When did it happen? One of the primary reasons for this situation lies in the discrepancies found in the historical sources, namely the Hebrew Bible and the Assyrian texts. Since biblical studies and Assyriology are two distinct disciplines, the gaps in the sources are not easy to bridge. Moreover, recent great progress in the archaeological research in the Southern Levant provides now crucial new data, independent of these textual sources. This volume, a collection of papers by leading scholars from different fields of research, aims to bring together, for the first time, all the available data and to discuss these conundrums from various perspectives in order to reach a better and deeper understanding of this crucial period, which possibly triggered in the following decades the birth of "new Israel" in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, and eventually led to the formation of the Hebrew Bible and its underlying theology.

The Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel was separated into the two books of I Kings and II Print/export. Download as PDF · Printable version.

The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah

Why was the Book of Kings written and what was its message? Various opinions concerning this issue have been suggested by scholars. It is also clear that the author was intensely interested in the fulfillment of the word of God in history. However, one should ask whether the author of Kings presented the destruction of Jerusalem as a final end or as a new beginning?

They were expected to observe his covenant and laws, to defend the nation and engage in offensive war when deemed necessary, and to rule the people with justice mishpat and righteousness tsedaqah. Although they were granted wide powers to carry out these tasks, the ancients believed that the kings would suffer divine punishment if they violated the covenant and laws. Biblical authors claim that the kings of Israel and Judah were divinely chosen and that they were expected to abide by the covenant see, for example, Deut , 1Sam , 1Kgs Since Yhwh was in charge, he was responsible for protecting the king of Israel from threats by enemies 2Sam 7 , Ps 2 and for punishing him and even removing him if he did not fulfill divine expectations 1Sam , 2Sam 7 , 1Kgs Ps 72 calls upon G-d to grant the king divine justice and righteousness so that he might rule the people properly, and Isa calls upon the king to rule in righteousness so that his officers will govern with justice see Isa , Isa

The historian of Kings refers to these works as his source, where additional information may be found. These references show how the historian of Kings used extensive sources selectively. The Israelite annals are mentioned 18 times I Kings 17 ; ; ; et al. Of all the kings of Israel, only Jehoram and Hosea are not mentioned as referred to in the Israelite annals. It is uncertain whether these books were royal records themselves or edited annals based on the records.

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    According to the biblical account found mainly in I Samuel, Saul was chosen king both by the judge Samuel and by public acclamation.

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    34 And let Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anoint him there king over. Israel: and blow ye with the trumpet, and say, God save King Solomon. IVI. LI. LL.

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