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An eighth Harry Potter book is to be released this summer - containing the script for a new stage play telling the wizard's story.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Amruta Marpakwar. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. IntroductionIn February, , Pottermore, the official digital publishing website by J. Rowling announced that Rowling will publish the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for Potter fans who cannot watch the play in London.

Within three days of its release, the script book became "the fastest-selling playscript ever, and the fastest-selling book published this decade" Flood. However, some fans and readers were disappointed with the script commenting on social networks that it was horrible and they wish they had not read it at all Rajeshwari.

This paper tries to examine the reasons that make this sequel a debatable part of the Potter Canon. Problems with their father and the burden of their fathers" actions bring young Albus and Scorpius together. Albus who is not happy with his father decides to save Cedric by going in the past but we never get to understand the logic behind his actions. He gives different reasons for his actions but as a reader one fails to Indexed : Google Scholar, Research Gate , Academia. Albus first explains to Scorpius that he "needs" to bring Cedric back because he died only because Harry could not save him and because Harry lied to Amos that he did not have the Time-Turner: "He lied to an old man who just wanted his son back-who just loved his son.

And he did it because he didn"t care Everyone talks about all the brave things Dad did. But he made some mistakes too. Some big mistakes, in fact. I want to set one of the mistakes right. I want us to save Cedric" CC 57 2. Though one can say that Albus acted in such a manner because he was not getting love from his father, it remains elusive as to why Albus thinks that saving Cedric will change Albus"s relation to Harry.

It is not clear even here what Albus wanted to change exactly. It also seems like Albus wanted to show Harry how wrong he is. Scorpius realises this and tries to admonish Albus saying that " Even then Albus refuses to abandon his plan. Later when Albus wonders why he wanted to save Cedric he says: "And why was I so determined to do this?

I had something to prove. My dad"s right-he didn"t volunteer for adventure-me, this, it"s all my fault Yet, as it is clear from the above lines, we never understand what he wanted to prove. There are other ambiguities in the script too. It is mentioned that Delphi prepares the portion CC 75 but to prepare the potion one needs " It is not mentioned how the three managed o get the hair of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Here however, the extraction of this important ingredient of the potion is not mentioned. Gillyweed again is an unusual substance in this case as it is not used on daily basis in Hogwarts. In Goblet of Fire, Dobby steals Gillyweed from Snape"s personal store in his office and gives it to Harry for the underwater Second task.

In the alternative reality where Harry is dead, Scorpius finds that Snape is alive. But this alternative reality gives no reason as to why Snape is alive. Snape"s murder is not related to Neville"s death or Cedric becoming a Death Eater and hence, his being alive in the alternative reality seems illogical. Another strange development is related to the Trolley Witch. This does not have any basis in the original Harry Potter Series.

Of course a sequel can develop plots that can be based on only an implication present in the original series but there no implication of this at all in Harry Potter. Here Fred and George notorious attitude is supposed to be justifiable for such an action but there is no reason ever implied that the twins or Sirius had any reason to leave the train.

Sirius who did not like his home and family, loved to be with his friends in school OP and even if these three did try the escapade just to have some fun, readers of Harry Potter can be sure that at least Fred and George would have boasted about it at some point in time.

There is again no proper reason provided for why the three kept it a secret in the original series or as to why it is nothing was ever known about their manoeuvre.

We would also like to point out another scheme in the plot that the writers develop and forget later to bring it to fruition. Albus realises that it is his fault that Rose is not born in the first alternative reality he has created. He goes back in time to humiliate Cedric and after performing magic throws fireworks which again we are not told how he managed to procure that say "Ron loves Hermione" CC His childish logic is here at work again as he thinks some fireworks can bring the two together.

The fireworks of course do not bring them together as the alternative reality indicates and when Scorpius tells Hermione and Ron that they are married in the Voldemort-Free-World, they are shocked CC They do not mention the firecrackers when they confess their love to each other CC The plot starts with a concept but does not give it any trajectory.

It is forgotten and is left hanging without any culmination. In a similar way, Act Four, Scene Thirteen is completely unimportant to the play. As Act Four, Scene Twelve ends with Harry going in the future, it does not make sense to add a scene just to show how Hagrid reacted when he rescued Harry from James and Lily Potter"s house. As many other scenes are brought to a close even when they could have been easily amalgamated into one like Act Two, Scene Thirteen and Act Two, Scene Fifteen , inserting a scene just for comic relief seems illogical.

Act Four, Scene Fourteen starts with Scorpius telling Albus that he has asked Rose out and this itself provides the comic relief needed after witnessing the deaths in Act Four, Scene Twelve. Hagrid crying at the death of Potters does not calm the readers in any way. Another development that needs explaining is how Cedric become a Death Eater. As Jack Shepherd accurately states, "Cedric Diggory becoming a Death Eater from merely being humiliated was another contentious point, fans believing the noble wizard wouldn"t turn to evil just because Hogwarts laughed at him" Shepherd.

The plot does not provide enough motive for Cedric to turn evil, to kill Neville. Whatever readers have read about him, it is clear that he is good at heart and Cursed Child simplifies the change the heart of " CharactersWe have already remarked how Albus is a character that is built without any clear motive. His inspiration for certain actions remains vague throughout. Another character which needs consideration is Rose Granger-Weasley.

She is pitched as over ambitious by her mother as soon as the kids board the train: "Rose is worried whether she"ll break the Quidditch scoring record in her first or second year. And how early she can take her O. Ls" CC But we see that she over ambitious even when it comes to personal relations.

She wants to choose her friend on the first day itself because according to her that is what happened to Hermione, Harry and Ron CC She fails to realize that true friendship emerges from trails and needs time. She clearly loves her status in the wizarding world: "On the contrary, it"s exciting. I"m a Granger-Weasley, you"re a Pottereveryone will want to be friends with us, we"ve got the pick of anyone we want" CC This is highly reminiscent of Draco"s advice to Harry, "You"ll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter.

You don"t want to go making friends with the wrong sort" PS As a child of Muggleborn mother and a father who has been looked down upon by rich wizards, Rose"s attitude does shock the reader. Her pride comes not from the struggle her parents went through but from the status that struggle has brought. She treats Scorpius as villain throughout and does not give him a chance to prove or even show his true self. All in all she comes out as a prejudiced status conscious girl which seems strange as it only shows that all that the Trio fought for is wasted because their own children have become the new high class.

This is of course an animal farm situation but this is something readers do not expect from a series like Harry Potter. As a reader commenting on Facebook rightly pointed out, "I was a little disappointed in Rose"s character too. Just because I don't think Hermione would have raised Rose to behave like that" Casey. A lot of readers also commented that they could not believe that Cursed Child is Canon. Many commented that they are going to pretend that this book does not exist.

Apart from the loose vague plot and not well developed characters that are introduced, what is the most striking problem with Cursed Child? What is it that readers have so strongly disliked this book? It is the way Harry is portrayed in Cursed Child 3. Though some readers felt that they could connect to Harry as "we face the same struggles of parenthood now" Klein many very upset with how Harry was depicted as a bad father.

Harry fails to understand Albus and his situation and even his friendship. The play here does not give us any initial conversations that took place between Harry and Albus after Albus was sorted into Slytherin and thus we have no idea as to why things have gone wrong between them.

In spite of Dumbledore"s advice " You must see him as he is CC " Harry fails to see what makes Albus happy. Albus"s actions with time-turner erase the logic behind Albus and Scorpius"s friendship hence Harry commenting: "I don"t" know how you became friends with him in the first place CC " but asking Albus to stay away from his friends is something that is very strange to Harry"s character as seen in original series.

In James Potter Series, a fan fiction sequel, James befriends a Slytherin, Ralph Deedle and though the Slytherin-Gryffindor conflict does influence their friendship at times, Harry is never seen to be rude to Ralph or seen as interfering with James relationship with others.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to be eighth book

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Not only is the book on the way it is also the first Harry Potter book to be presented as a play. We also have an early synopsis to share with you! Harry is now an adult and a husband, and they have three children. The Ministry of Magic is overworking Harry and trying to manage with his family duties. While Harry past refused to stay irrelevant, both father and son must learn the uncomfortable truth. Sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

True fans of the Harry Potter series, have already witnessed the adventures of Harry and his friends at Hogwarts. They have walked step by step, as Harry and friends were forced to play a game of chess for their lives, rode in a magical flying car, survived the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament and even attain victory in their battle against the dark lord himself! We this time board the Hogwarts Express, to join Harry and friends as they face the trials of parenthood. If you are a parent yourself, you can possibly agree that this may be his greatest challenge yet. Rose is full of laughter and brimming with confidence. All aboard! The train departs with the next generation of wizards.

Cursed Child Books

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Rowling , John Tiffany , and Thorne.

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