Don’t Lets Chart 105 – Runaway Puppy Massacre

‘Boogie Legs’ Ben and The All-New Some Biscuits Crew are sure in for a s-s-spooky time when they investigate Old Man Catterall‘s haunted mine to look for the secret hidden treasure of pop culture charts. And as they’ve just run past the same hallway twelve times, it must mean it’s an Animation Special! In today’sContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 105 – Runaway Puppy Massacre”

Parklife (En Plein Amour)

It is a terrifying-to-imagine 25 years since the album “Parklife” by Blur first appeared in old timey record shops like they had back then. Preceded by just one single – “Girls and Boys” released the previous month – the album went straight in at No.1 and has so far hung around for 119 weeks. AContinue reading “Parklife (En Plein Amour)”

Don’t Lets Chart 104 – Little Jenny Knives For Eyes

Ben‘s not content with the ratings for the last few episodes so he’s decided to refit the whole show to be one of those murder podcasts that are doing insanely well in the charts. However, neither him or Phil are comfortable with the whole “murder” aspect so instead pivot to dangerous toys, murderous songs, theContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 104 – Little Jenny Knives For Eyes”

Don’t Lets Chart 103 – Inhaling Some Chuckle Musk

Hey you! Are you interested in dead celebrities, Yorkshire heroes and ridiculous Happy Meal toys? Well stick around anyway as Ben and Phil look into why under no circumstances should you let someone fire a gun directly into your face, which action star is incomplete without his arm squirter and why Ben isn’t the greatestContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 103 – Inhaling Some Chuckle Musk”

Kill Your Television

TV. Can’t live with it, can’t watch “Cash In The Attic” on Yesterday +1 without it. My new book “Kill Your Television”, despite its nihilistic and indie disco hit borrowed title, is a love letter to all things televisual – taking in everything from ALF to Z Cars and paying tribute to the programmes, presenters,Continue reading “Kill Your Television”

Don’t Lets Chart 102 – I Thought You Said Rapid Rodney

And so it was that our brave idiots Ben and Phil returned for a second adventure that the law of sequels suggests will probably not be as good as the first. With that in mind they look at Rotten Tomatoes’ Worst Sequels Ever with guest appearances from Batman, Jaws and the actor Stan Collymore. There’sContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 102 – I Thought You Said Rapid Rodney”

Watching Russia Closely (Or “Putin The Telly On”)

Trump. Russia. Collusion. We keep hearing these terms so much on TV that they’ve started to lose all meaning. But what about the telly in Russia? Are they as obsessed with the same things as us? Or do they just show 23 hours of Putin‘s face and an hour of state-approved screengrabs from “Police Academy:Continue reading “Watching Russia Closely (Or “Putin The Telly On”)”

Don’t Lets Chart 101 – Clooney’s Catbox Comedy Company

We can all agree that pranks and April Fools’ jokes are invariably god awful and not in the slightest bit funny  – but what would you do if it was the Hollywood superstar George Clooney pulling them on you? Ben and Phil put on their best “the actor Richard Kind” masks to explore the comedyContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 101 – Clooney’s Catbox Comedy Company”