Play The Hits

I was a big Foo Fighters fan back in the day, specifically the nineties, where their first three records – “Foo Fighters”, “The Colour And The Shape” and “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” – were very important to my teenaged constantly-priapic bum-fluff life. They combined straight forward pop rock with elements of metal, lotsContinue reading “Play The Hits”

Don’t Lets Chart 111 – What Night Is Space Bins?

Hello space fans and fellow mutants everywhere to the latest podcast from ‘Moon’ Ben Baker and Phil “G-Balls” Catterall! In this one: sub-par superheroes, Royal Variety rave ups and stuff shot into space (but not necessarily stayed there…) Plus: the majesty of Les Dawson, hero Bottle Opener makes his debut, American puppets, we find outContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 111 – What Night Is Space Bins?”

Don’t Lets Chart 110 – Trying To Swallow A Former Member of Bananarama

We all know what its like. You record a smash hit song but accidentally mention a brand name leading to a ban from the BBC so you have to fly 6,000 miles across the Atlantic to record two words then fly back again. To celebrate Ray Davies from the Kinks‘ marathon jaunt for a minorContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 110 – Trying To Swallow A Former Member of Bananarama”

Ten Forgotten Number One UK Box Office Films Of The 90s

When we think back to “90s cinema”, Trainspotting is probably one of the films that stands out from the decade as a truly iconic, huge movie that swiftly entered the national consciousness regardless of whether you’d seen it or not, much like Reservoir Dogs, The Matrix or Fight Club. Those slightly older readers will rememberContinue reading “Ten Forgotten Number One UK Box Office Films Of The 90s”

Don’t Lets Chart 109 – No-One Voted For ALF

(right click to download) We’ve taken the bin box time machine back to 1987 again for the second and final part of our entirely listener-voted chart.  Along the way, we pump up the volume, drown some Pound Puppies, chart the rise of Jonathan Ross, make Phil listen to Big Black for the first time, failContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 109 – No-One Voted For ALF”

Don’t Lets Chart 108 – McKellen For Robocop

Download it here. Presenting The First Annual 32 Fabulous Years of 1987 Show.  Why? Dont worry about that. Just be dazzled and wowed by the bright colours and flammable materials of the era as Ben and Phil run down the first half of our listener’s selections for the best things of ’87 – thats right,Continue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 108 – McKellen For Robocop”

Now, Then

Last year I was asked to take part in TV Cream‘s lookback over all the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations in their wonderful weekly mailout Creamguide (subscribe here). However, being a bit stupid, I misunderstood the intitial request – pick one song from each of the pop music collections from NOW 26 toContinue reading “Now, Then”

Don’t Lets Chart 107 – Slimer Stinks Of Onion IDST

Sponsored by Nixon’s Crisps. “The crisps that are crisps”. It was the philosopher Ian Reelbigfish who once sang “Sell out / with me oh yea / sell out / with me tonight”. And never has a truer word been skanked as your hosts Ben Baker and Phil Catterall decide it’s time to cash in onContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 107 – Slimer Stinks Of Onion IDST”

Don’t Lets Chart 106 – Rotating Hannigans

It’s a bank holiday special as for the first time Ben and Phil are in the same room to record one of these. We enter “The Meet Zone” (or is that “the Meat Zone”?) for a rundown of what Nottingham has to offer, the strange world of beer naming and our second listener-voted chart asContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 106 – Rotating Hannigans”

Confidentially Speaking: Jasper Carrott’s Walks To Work

Maybe its his ubiquity on TV in the 80s and 90s or the repetition of those bloody Australian car insurance forms. Perhaps its the later years presenting the most baffling game show on British television or maybe its simply just the fact “The Detectives” was a bit bobbins but nobody really discusses Jasper Carrott muchContinue reading “Confidentially Speaking: Jasper Carrott’s Walks To Work”