Yogi Bear – The Worst?

Tuesday, 23rd December, 1986 4.10pm: Yogi Bear’s All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper (BBC One) “This Christmas special has Yogi, Boo Boo and all their friends causing chaos in the big city, but also bringing happiness to a lonely little rich girl and her father.” I bet we can have them for at least one of thoseContinue reading “Yogi Bear – The Worst?”

Don’t Lets Chart 204 – Terr Yand Ju-Ne

Download it here. A special young person’s episode of Don’t Lets Chart in which…oh god, I’m so tired. I mean…YOUNG PEOPLE’S THINGS. WOO! SOME FORTNITE! EMOJIS! POPULAR CHART MUSIC! We’re all over those today. Now fetch me 20CCs of slippers stat. Dad needs his special time.If you would like to support our Patreon click hereContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 204 – Terr Yand Ju-Ne”

Don’t Lets Chart 203 – 65 Fabulous Years of Phil Catterall

Download it directly here. Your favourite facts ‘n’ fannying about podcast returns with an all star tribute to six decades of Phil Catterall (aged 39). There are messages from his friends – also Ben is there. Plus Phil’s top 20 things of all time ever (that arent giant fighting robots) including some nifty 90s shootouts,Continue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 203 – 65 Fabulous Years of Phil Catterall”

Don’t Lets Chart 202 – I’m So Tired, Why Are You Doing This?

Sexual swear words and adult situations ahoy this week as Ben and very under the weather Phil play a game of Birthday Top Trumps pitting unlikely duos born on the same day against each other, including a horror writer vs. a puppeteer, Johnny Marr‘s neck strength, Corbyn‘s collection of video nasties and Simon Bates inContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 202 – I’m So Tired, Why Are You Doing This?”

Don’t Lets Chart 201 – Objectively Better, Morally Superior

Bigger, Better, Stronger, the other one. Yes, Dont Let’s Chart is back back BACK! And with the same great taste you remember – vinegar and tyres – mmm mmm, just like Uncle Grandma used to make. If you’re new to the show, its a crazy race against time as charts on the fun life ofContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 201 – Objectively Better, Morally Superior”

I Am What I Play

Did you know Frank Sidebottom played Wembley? How about two of Madness making a hip hop electro dance song about Judge Dredd? Or which alcoholic drink has featured in the titles of the most chart hits? All that and loads more can be found in my new book “Death Death Death Stereo Stereo Stereo” whichContinue reading “I Am What I Play”

The Best of Don’t Lets Chart (Volume Two)

To whet your unwhetted areas for series 2 here’s a breezy run-through episodes 5 to 9 of “Don’t Lets Chart” in which we ran down the worst Hanna-Barbera jerks, despaired at On The Buses, steamed a good ham, tarted ourselves out for sponsorship, disagreed over the worst double acts of all time, took a tripContinue reading “The Best of Don’t Lets Chart (Volume Two)”

Don’t Lets Chart 120 – That’s A Good Point

Download it here. And so we reach the final destination of the Don’t Lets Chart Summer Roadshow and also the final episode of series one. We hope you’ve enjoyed the past five months of facts and nonsense and we’re going out with our biggest adventure yet. Yes, even bigger than the Nottingham Industrial Museum ofContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 120 – That’s A Good Point”

Don’t Lets Chart 119 – Do You Like Dickens?

Another jump on the increasingly stupid Don’t Lets Chart Summer Roadshow as Ben and Phil travel back in time to visit The Book Tower in order to promote Ben’s new book. If you dont know, its probably best not to ask. Just strap in for what the Mr Men did next, a celebration of goodContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 119 – Do You Like Dickens?”

Don’t Lets Chart 118 – The Popular Humanoid Bear

A bit of a relativity jump on the Don’t Lets Chart Summer Roadshow this week as we visit Beanotown. Or Gotham. Or wherever Whizzer and Chips incorporating Scouse Mouse took place as its a comics special. Which were best – the good old British weekly or yer American “comical book”? Do we find an answerContinue reading “Don’t Lets Chart 118 – The Popular Humanoid Bear”