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The Impact of Microfinance Banks on the Growth Of Smes in Fct Nigeria (2005-2016)

Show all documents This was done by investigating the impact of transaction costs on access to credit from both MSMEs and financial institutions commercial banks and microfinance banks. We used the questionnaire survey method, in-depth interviews and case studies, as well as the annual financial statements of the banks.

We identified interest rate and collateral value as constraints to access to finance for MSMEs. We also found that banks with the highest active portfolio efficiency and portfolio profitability, has the least team productivity. This shows that bank institutions in Nigeria are not all that cost effective.

Financial institutions need to do more to bring down transaction cost of lending. This hopefully can be achieved by investing more in agent banking which would lower operating costs, as well as spreading risk, and ultimately increase credit intermediation to small businesses.

As of June , commercial banks had invested N10 billion out of a possible N24 billion that these banks have collectively set aside to invest in micro enterprises Anyanwu, Arogundade opined that the conventional retail banking system might not be able to provide required form of loan facility to meet the peculiar needs of the Nigeria Small and Medium Enterprises SME , considering so many factors such as collateral and security adequacy, administrative processing bottlenecks, high cost interest rates on loans and so on.

Zohir and Matin developed a theory that microfinance can have spillover effects to many aspects of the community such as transportation and health. Mushtaque, Chowdhury and Mosley suggest that MFIs have broad impacts like stabilizing volatile financial sectors, using derived demand to increase employment, and providing institutional inspiration.

But Mohammed and Hasan observed that as microfinance continues to grow as an alternative source of funding certain challenges must be overcome. In addition, lending tends to be made largely to the commercial sector at the expense of poorer individuals in the agricultural industry majority of Nigerians.

Managers of MFIs may also have incentives to avoid the very poor since their goals are to be sustainable, and the poor are more costly to serve than those nearer to the poverty line Murdoch and Armendariaz SMEs play a vital role in economic, social and cultural development.

Studies indicate that microfinance services and products over time have positive effects on SMEs. Conversely, other scholars have highlighted that microfinance has impacted negatively on SMEs, especially, those owned or operated by women.

Thus, the study sought to establish the effects of microfinance on SMEs. The study adopted a case study approach. It examined the effects of microfinance services and products provided by Multi Credit Savings and Loans Limited on the performance of SMEs in the Sunyani Municipality of Ghana and also examined the problems encountered by both in dealing with each other. The study found that the main challenges faced by SMEs include short duration of loans repayment, high interest rates and request for collateral among others.

Also, the study established that the effect of microfinance institutions on SMEs was positive. Revenue, profit and assets base of SMEs increased over time when they patronised the services of microfinance institutions. The study, therefore, recommended that microfinance institutions should make their products more SME friendly, institute more business advisory services, and ensure the proper application of loans contracted from them through effective monitoring systems.

SMEs on the other hand, are to diligently keep record books for self-assessment and hire competent staff to improve their management capacities. The entrepreneurs could also be linked up with other commercial banks who will service the entrepreneurs through the MFBs based on social capital.

Also, greater emphasise should be place on non-financial services provided by the MFBs. The non- financial services such as, technology related training, entrepreneurial training, pre-loan training, group membership are the main tools traditional microfinance institutions use to enhance their sustainability. The Government should urgently tackle the problem of infrastructure development and maintenance. These include electricity, water and efficient transportation system which impact greatly on MSE operations.

The bureaucratic bottleneck involved in small business registration should also be removed. Indeed, this sentiment is shared by the bank of Nigeria, which in actual fact is why the central bank makes public banks deposits and borrowing rate in the first place as less than subtle way of pressurizing to demand narrower interest margin. Another constraint for Small Medium businesses in access to credit is the security requirement of the banks.

Small Medium businesses often do not have assets that qualify as security for a loan, or if they have the assets they do not have proper titles.

Again, the banks requirements are different according to different market segments. The institutions specialized in micro finance have group facilities that rely on peer pressure without any other form of collateral.

But also the participation in a group poses certain constraints on an enterprise. Although many have stated or grown their businesses using small loans, credit is still quite expensive and inaccessible to millions of Nigerians. But the study was limited to Olorunda local government, Osogbo. Self - designed questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. Both correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data collected.

Paper recommends that MFBs should increase the size and the duration of their clients' asset loans and the repayment should be spread over a longer period of time which will enable the entrepreneur to have greater use of the loan over a longer period for the acquisition of capital assets.

More also, Deposit Money Banks should complement MFBs in financing Small scale business and entrepreneur should be encouraged to source fund from second tier capital market in the country. Training in financial management practices especially credit repayment and savings according to the SMEs has supported the SMEs to recover from shocks quickly. However, the MFIs expressed concern about the lack of insurance policies for the SMEs but were quick to indicate that educational programmes are being rolled out to educate SMEs on the importance of insurance to better cushion SMEs in event of natural disasters.

This situation has sustained the activities of SMEs. It was noted that SMEs which have operated over the past 5 years. This also increased marginally from The merchant bank loan to SMEs as the percentage of total credits decreased from Adofu and Audu assessed the influence and effectiveness of commercial banks in improving commercial growth in Nigeria.

Annual report statistics was extracted from CBN statistical bulletin and found that credit facilities issue to agriculture increase GDP of the country. The study adopted ordinary least square method. The variable used was commercial bank credit loans to agriculture SMEs. Ijaiya also found that the low impact of the SMEs to GDP was as a result of inadequate credit facilities, the acute shortage of entrepreneurial techniques, poor infrastructural amenities, and incompetence of small and medium businesses to transform ideas into reality, the low demand of finished product and restricted access to land.

Empirical Analysis of Challenges of Microfinance Banks in Financing Small Scale Enterprises in Nigeria Descriptive survey research design was employed to investigate the main challenges facing microfinance banks in financing small scale enterprises in Osun State, Nigeria.

This study was carried out in Osun State of Nigeria. The study area was chosen based on geographical proximity and preparedness of the respondents. The main ethnic group in these states is Yoruba.

Agriculture is the predominant occupation of the people in the study area. The small scale entrepreneurs in the state are farmers, artisans, traders and others who engaged inweaving and dying.

These people need micro credit assistance to boost their businesses. Population of the study was ninety 90 management staff of the thirty MFBs in the study area comprising the microfinance bank managing directors, heads of operations and heads of credit for thirty microfinance banks.

The whole population was sampled. The instrument has a section for problems encountered by microfinance operators in financing small scale enterprises. Cronbach method was used to measure the consistency of the instruments. The instrument obtained a. The operation of the fund however started in July with the appointment of a Chief Executive, the inauguration of a member Board and the establishment of a secretariat.

This came to light as a result of the fact that direct financial support for the sector was left to banks. The situation was worsened by the exorbitant interest charges which were not attractive enough to give significant boosts to export.

EDIF came as relieve to players in this industry. However, in recent times, beneficiaries of EDIF are still faced with the challenges of accessing credit facilities from the Banks that have been authorized to provide credit facilities to industries and businesses under EDIF. The causal effect of bank management ratios on rural lending and small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria The lending behaviour of deposit money banks is crucial for the transmission of monetary policy in Nigeria mainly because of the elevated function which banks play in conveying monetary policy impulses.

Exchange rate is pivotal with respect to determining money supply in Nigeria for the fact that monthly monetization of the foreign exchange earnings is a major source of funding for government expenditure. It is therefore, arguable that fiscal actions of government, through exchange rate movements, might have definite bearing on loan behaviour of banks particularly for oil exporting economy like Nigeria. Currently, it is a burning issue, especially in Nigeria how the global economic melt down has impacted on the Nigeria economy.

Deposit money banks are the most visible players in the Nigeria financial system. Their lending activities are a major influence on economic activities like rural lending to small business, that is small business financing. They also show that change in banking focus example cutting down of branches in local areas , otherwise referred to as the restructuring effect,.

For SMEs' to operate in these sub-sectors of the economy, they are not left without controls. Federal government through the apex bank CBN monitors the activities of SMEs to ensure that they work in line with the set standards in other countries.

They are set to moderate, monitor, finance and control SMEs' to ensure that they are resurrected to be the major driver of our economic development and growth Onugu, These were genuine attempts by the Federal Government to make sure that Nigerians play an active and worthwhile role in the development of the economy. In the National Development Plan, the Federal government gave special attention :o the development of small scale industries particularly in rural areas. This was in recognition of the roles of small and medium scale industries, as the seedbeds and training grounds for entrepreneurs.

Nigerians need to take a cue from economic history, which is well stocked with enough insight into the humble beginnings of the present day giant conglomerates which started as small scale outfit. Within this decade, the government policy measures placed emphasis on the technological development of small scale industries in Nigeria.

Various governments embarked on corrective measures to focus efforts towards the maximum exploitation of natural resources, and tried to discourage capital intensive mode of production in the light of the abundant resources available. Entrepreneurship Development and Unemployment in NigeriaAdebobola Zakariyah Olotu Corruption, which has pervaded the entire social structure of Nigeria, has raided the country of developing a vibrant economic base.

Funds meant for development projects have been misappropriated, diverted, or embezzled and stashed away in foreign banks , while some ineffectual and corrupt bureaucrats cum administrators in the public parastatals have discharged these establishments Okafor, As such, this cripples the economy and intensifies unemployment that generates abject poverty, hunger and frustration which is killing the zeal and means for entrepreneurship development in the Nigerian youths.

The objective of social tourism is to ensure that it is accessible to all people. Social impact of tourism refers to the changes in the quality of life of residents and of tourist destination Sebastian and Rajagopalan Many tourism projects have been proven to be economically feasible but have not been developed because of the lack of the right amount of type of financing. The number of government agencies which provide specific financial incentives for tourism projects play dual roles as stimulators and entrepreneurs.

The main objectives of the most of these incentive programs are to help business carry out tourism-development projects that may have been delayed because of lack of assistance SLTDA, In Nigeria, a poor economic condition, which also implies poor finance and inadequate infrastructure, poor managerial competence have been identified as the most crucial factors affecting small scale business enterprises Ihua, Despite their critical role in the country, small scale enterprises in Nigeria experience a high failure rate due to the existence of large scale business enterprises which might serve as a competitive force to them, further escalating an already bad situation in the country.

While the contributions of small businesses to development are generally acknowledged, entrepreneurs in this sector face many obstacles that limit their long term survival and development.

The Impact of Microfinance Banks on the Growth Of Smes in Fct Nigeria (2005-2016)

The initial efforts were government-led through the vehicle of large industries, but lately emphasis have shifted to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises SMEs following the success of Small Scale and Medium Enterprises in the economic growth in the Asian countries. See Ojo, as cited in Babajide, However, the growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises over the years has been stunted because they have not been able to meet the requirements for obtaining financial services from the conventional commercial banks, thus their opportunity for expansion has been greatly limited. This shortcoming of the formal financial institution is what initiated micro financing. The Microfinance Policy Regulatory and Supervisory Framework MPRSF was launched in with the core objective of making financial services accessible to a large segment of the potentially productive Nigerian population.

Small businesses play significant role to the economic stability and development of emerging economies, and access to financial services is crucial to their growth and performance. This study seeks to ascertain whether microfinance products such as loans, savings, insurance, and education effects small business growth in Ghana. The study uses descriptive and inferential statistics on responses of small business owners for data analysis. Using a multiple linear regression analysis, the study found that all the microfinance product or services positively affects small business growth, and the greatest influence is micro loans. This study contributes massively to exact literature to the growth of microfinance institutions MFIs and small businesses in emerging economy, Ghana.

The impact of microfinance on the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in Namibia

Introduction 1. Background 1. Statement of Problem 1. Objectives of the Study 1. Research Question 1.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Simple random sampling technique was employed in selecting the SMEs that constituted the sample size of the research. Structured questionnaire was designed to facilitate the acquisition of relevant data which was used for analysis. Save to Library.

The impact of microfinance on the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in Namibia Login. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Many governments around the world have recognised the vital role that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises MSMEs play in promoting economic growth and restoring economies.

Show all documents This was done by investigating the impact of transaction costs on access to credit from both MSMEs and financial institutions commercial banks and microfinance banks.

Impact of Microfinance on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Nigeria

Items in UDSspace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. Ali, R. Using structured questionnaires, the study compared SMEs that accessed microfinance and SMEs that do not access microfinance for business operations with respect to savings culture, employment generation, increased incomes, improvement in household welfare and poverty reduction.

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