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Binodini Dasi — , also known as Notee Binodini , was a Calcutta -based, Bengali -speaking renowned actress and thespian. Born to prostitution, she started her career as a courtesan and at age twelve she played her first serious drama role in Calcutta's National Theatre in , under the mentorship of its founder, Girish Chandra Ghosh. During a career spanning twelve years she enacted over eighty roles, which included those of Pramila, Sita , Draupadi , Radha , Ayesha, Kaikeyi , Motibibi, and Kapalkundala, among others.

Binodini Dasi

My father, Milton H. Greene, passed away in Milton met Marilyn in the fall of on an assignment for Look magazine. They had an immediate, relaxed rapport and, like two children in a sandbox, began to create images together with playful abandon.

A close and endearing friendship quickly grew. The following year, Milton met up with Marilyn at the Los Angeles home of producer Joseph Schenck, with whom Marilyn was involved at the time. Also present was screenplay writer Ben Hecht. Besides doing a series of candid pictures, still considered favorites, the four spoke of Marilyn doing a book about her life story, the result of which is the book in your hands.

Marilyn and Ben Hecht spent time together over the next few months, and they began working on her biography. Before leaving California for New York to live with the Greene family, Marilyn had dictated her own words and Hecht put them to paper.

Rick Rinehart and I selected the pictures for this edition, and I want to thank Rick for his assistance in this project. Many of these are favorites that have been digitally restored from the original transparencies and negatives. When my father passed, he thought that most of his ,image collection had faded and been lost to time.

I started the Archives in to salvage his collection. Ever since I have embraced digital photo restoration. This was a very special evening. Nobody knew where Marilyn had been for the last year and a half. She had moved to New York and with the help of my father, and his attorney had successfully sued Twentieth Century Fox to get her released from her slave contract.

It was a star-studded, high society affair with Milton Berle as Master of Ceremonies dressed in riding boots and tails. At the end, when the performers came out for their final bow, Marilyn appeared riding on top of a pink elephant wearing this flamboyant outfit. It brought down the house. On Sunday afternoons when not filming Bus Stop , Milton and Marilyn would run over to the wardrobe department and rummage through the costumes, looking for something to spark their imaginations.

On pages 33 and 39, Marilyn is wearing a corduroy peddle-pusher suit, very much en vogue at the time, which was sold recently at an auction.

I always wonder how these clothes turn up after all these years. I love the picture on the haystack because of the off-center composition and the fact that Marilyn has her head down. Look at how her left wrist is at an angle opposite to her right ankle. This was one of the first sittings Milton did as an experiment at his studio in New York rather than on assignment. The two pictures on page 54 and 58 came from the very first sitting Milton and Marilyn did together in The picture on page 54 captures an innocent Marilyn in an evening dress.

A sister image from this sitting was digitally restored specifically for Hugh Hefner and appeared on a commemorative cover of Playboy.

On page 69 is a fun photograph with Maurice Chevalier and his accompanist on the keyboards. Milton had three favorite props that turn up in many of his images: a cigarette, a hat, and some soft fabric like a scarf or a boa.

On page 75 is a candid shot during the filming of Bus Stop. Milton created the look of the makeup for Cherie, the character Marilyn played. Milton decided that this character, who sleeps during the day and is inside at night, would never get any sun so she would be paste white. Lighting on movie sets is extremely bright, and actors usually have to wear a lot of makeup, darkening their skin to create contours with rouge and pancake. There are no accidents. Other images from Bus Stop appear on pages 11, 27, 47, 71, 81, 91, , , and Taken in the morning light, this beautiful image reminds us of the woman rather than the actress.

The candid on page 88 is a sultry image of Marilyn, taken on the set of Prince and the Showgirl. MMP was the first production company where a woman was principle and had controlling interest.

Marilyn had 51 percent and my father 49 percent. Though the shooting for Prince was much more tense and complicated than Bus Stop , the lighting, costumes, and the way Marilyn looked on the screen was beautiful. Other images from the film appear on pages 12, 99, , , , , and The picture on page with the red sweater stretched over her knees and the pictures on pages 6 and wearing a tennis sweater were both done in that natural light environment.

Marilyn, Milton, and Murrow met in a penthouse suite at the Hotel Pierre. This candid photograph on page was one of a few taken while the trio met. In those days, television transmission had to be done by line of sight. It took men two weeks to build a foot antenna in the backyard to prepare for the broadcast.

This was state-of-the-art technology of the day, and it allowed Murrow to have a live feed in his studio at Rockefeller Center and the subjects to have a live feed seeing Murrow talk to them over a TV. Now go out and rent Good Night and Good Luck. It will give you a more profound understanding of how important Murrow was to the broadcast community. The pictures on pages and are very important to the collection because they are from the last official sitting Milton and Marilyn had together.

The setting included brown velvet, a bank of tungsten lights, an extremely sheer red dress, a big fan, and multiple bottles of champagne.

The net result: only 36 exposures and the rest is history. On page is another picture of Marilyn on the back lots of Twentieth.

This time she is wearing a gypsy fortune-teller costume taken from wardrobe. They shot in two different locations—one captured her on a staircase and the other in a storefront window for a palm reader.

As you can see, they were always having fun. This image was restored from an 8x10 transparency. Milton never showed Marilyn these pictures until after he printed one up where he cropped in on her face. He gave it to her to make up for the graduation picture she never received.

After Marilyn wed Arthur Miller in , the newlyweds took a brief few days off before Marilyn went to L. She usually borrowed clothes from designers or from the wardrobe department. But one of the few items she always owned and carried with her was a white terry-cloth robe. The candid on page captures a happy moment.

If you know otherwise, feel free to contact us. This image was done in as part of the first sitting for Look magazine. Again note the simplicity of the props that never detract from the expression captured in the moment. In the early days it took as many as sixty hours to digitally restore one image. Now, with the newest technology, it takes only fifteen hours. In the digital realm, we share our knowledge and experience with each other in order to expand our capabilities.

Lastly I need to thank Stephen Weingrad, my brother Anthony, my mom Amy, and of course my father Milton, whose work lives on through such efforts as this project. I thought the people I lived with were my parents. I called them mama and dad. You just board here. You can call her mama if you want to.

I said, thank you. He was a letter carrier. I used to sit on the edge of the bathtub in the morning and watch him shave and ask him questions—which way was east or south, or how many people there were in the world. He was the only one who had ever answered any questions I asked.

The people I had thought were my parents had children of their own. They were just poor. And there was nothing left over for me. I was seven, but I did my share of the work. I washed floors and dishes and ran errands. My mother called for me the next day. She was a pretty woman who never smiled. She had never kissed me or held me in her arms or hardly spoken to me. When I think of her now my heart hurts me twice as much as it used to when I was a little girl.

It hurts me for both of us. My mother was married at fifteen. She had two children before me and worked in a movie studio as a film cutter. One day she came home earlier than usual and found her young husband making love to another woman. There was a big row, and her husband banged out of the flat. While my mother was crying over the collapse of her marriage, he sneaked back one day and kidnapped her two babies.

My mother spent all her savings trying to get her children back. She hunted them for a long time. Finally she traced them to Kentucky and hitchhiked to where they were.

My Story and My Life as an Actress

The first two, Miss Keller's story and the extracts from her letters, form a complete account of her life as far as she can give it. Much of her education she cannot explain herself, and since a knowledge of that is necessary to an understanding of what she has written, it was thought best to supplement her autobiography with the reports and letters of her teacher, Miss Anne Mansfield Sullivan. The addition of a further account of Miss Keller's personality and achievements may be unnecessary; yet it will help to make clear some of the traits of her character and the nature of the work which she and her teacher have done. For the third part of the book the Editor is responsible, though all that is valid in it he owes to authentic records and to the advice of Miss Sullivan. Edward Bok and Mr.

In return take my body,. Myself,. Life itself. Here lies the bank where we lay the same flowers wild,. But where the shining eyes, lips smiling,. Why are bright eyes.

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My Story And My Life As An Actress

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Rimli Bhattacharya's analytical introduction to this volume examines the world of theatre in 19th-century Bengal, and locates the pressures and misfortunes which​.

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