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Comparing Numbers. Daily Math Review. Division Basic.

Scissor Skills

Viewing this page on your device? Please adjust your settings to enable images! I use small photos to illustrate the information and activities that I share, and you will have a much better experience on this website if you can view the images. It is so easy to create fun cutting activities for your kids! This page contains a free cutting template download with simple shapes to cut out, and lots of photographed ideas to help your child master scissor skills. They are designed for children who have mastered the basic cutting motion but still need lots of practice cutting on lines and cutting out shapes. Make sure your child is cutting with an appropriate scissor grasp , and preferably on paper that is about double regular thickness.

Our preschool drawing pages help young children develop a interest in art, entertain their imagination, and develop their creativity while practicing their fine motor skills. Following rules and daily routines are one of the many concepts they need to grasp before starting school. They are a wonderful way for kids to learn the fundamental aspects of life. Use my teaching station free drawing printable worksheets to inspire your child to explorer their creativity. Easy Triangle Worksheet. Learn more about why drawing is an important stepping stone to literacy.

Scissor Skills

Fine Motor Skills is one of the main areas I sought to improve in my Pre-K classroom this past year I think fine motor is an area which is often overlooked, yet it is so important. Fine motor skills are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting, in order to have proper pencil grasp and control of a writing instrument. My goals were to increase the fine motor materials available in our classroom environment, and to plan activities and materials that are interesting and fun so that children would be motivated to use them and would choose them during their free choice time. Below are several of the fine motor skills activities my class did this year. The little suction cups on the bottom of these bathtub shapes become mini bowls when turned upside down and used in this activity. These were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Fine Motor Skills

These simple and creative ideas and activities for teaching scissor skills are the perfect addition to your classroom or therapy bag! Kids will love learning this skills through unique, hands-on, interactive activities. Printable cutting skills checklist for preschool and kindergarten. Here's a set of free printable cutting skills worksheets for your preschoolers to practice their scissor skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Beads with Suction Cups

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