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Ronald Jay Cohen Psychological Testing and Assessment

Unlimited access to the largest selection of audiobooks and textbooks aligned to school curriculum on the only app specifically designed for struggling readers, like students dealing with dyslexia, blindness or other learning differences. Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introduction to Tests and Measurement is the standard-setting text that through seven editions has overviewed measurement in psychology with unrivaled depth, breadth, and clarity. Logically organized and lucidly written, this book acquaints readers with important historical, legal, ethical, and cultural issues, and then proceeds to provide readers with the information necessary to understand psychometric concepts such as reliability, validity, and utility. Through writing that effectively anchors abstract concepts to real-life applications--and through the use of innovative teaching tools such as "Just Think" questions and the "Everyday Psychometrics" features in the text--readers will come away with a well-rounded, working knowledge of psychometrics and the assessment enterprise in a contemporary, real world context. Add to Bookshelf. What's an Audio Format Audio format refers to the way an audiobook is recorded. Not all audiobooks have the same formats.

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The role of psychological testing in forensic assessment

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Scales of Measurement Describing Data Measurement Distribution - The act of assigning numbers or symbols to characteristics - Set of test scores arrayed for recording or study. Raw Score Scale - Straightforward, unmodified accounting of performance - A set of numbers whose properties model empirical that is usually numerical. Interval Scales Arithmetic Mean - Contain equal intervals between numbers. Measurement Scales in Psychology - Middle score in a distribution, is another commonly used measure of central tendency. Chapter 3 Statistics Refresher Mode Normal Curve - Bell-shaped, smooth, mathematically defined curve - Most frequently occurring score in a distribution.

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Psychological Testing and Assessment

Psychological testing is the administration of psychological tests. Scores are thought to reflect individual or group differences in the construct the test purports to measure. According to Anastasi and Urbina, psychological tests involve observations made on a "carefully chosen sample [emphasis authors] of an individual's behavior. Psychological tests can include a series of tasks or problems that the respondent has to solve. Psychological tests can include questionnaires and interviews , which are also designed to measure unobserved constructs.

Despite the apparent widespread use of psychological tests in evaluations performed by psychologists to assist legal decision makers, there has been little critical but balanced examination of the appropriate parameters for the forensic use of such tests. The following discussion examines the nature of legal decision making, and concludes that the primary legal criterion for the adminissibility of psychological testing is relevance to the immediate legal issue or to some underlying psychological construct. Assuming that accuracy is a more consistent concern for psychologists performing such evaluations, the criticisms of various commentators are discussed. Some criticisms appear appropriate and are incorporated into a set of proposed guidelines for the use of psychological tests in forensic contexts.

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Part 1. An Overview

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