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08.804 Software Testing

Since the first edition of this book in , which saw 13 reprints to date, software testing discipline has evolved significantly. The thoroughly revised content presents these developments in a comprehensive manner. The book motivates readers to delve deeper into the application aspects of software testing. It targets graduate students and IT professionals aiming to work in software testing engagements. Chapter 1.

India Testing Awards will recognise those organisations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create Testing programs that define the future of IT Software Development, services and support. Executives and teams leading IT and testing at these companies will be recognised amongst their peers at the India Testing Awards ceremony co-hosted with World Conference Next Gen Testing on Thursday, 15 October Rahul Verma is a serial testing entrepreneur from Bangalore. He is the author of RahulVerma. An awarded thought leader for his contributions to Indian testing community, he is known for his practical and unified view of software testing. He has presented, published articles and educated thousands of testers in the said areas. Adam Leon Smith is Chief Technology Officer of Dragonfly, a European consultancy, training and products firm that specialises in quality and test engineering, and particularly in AI.

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Testing activities occur after software changes and regression testing usually refers to testing activities completed during the software maintenance phase. The key objectives of regression testing include retesting the changed components or parts and then checking the affected parts and components. Regression testing is performed at different levels: unit, integration, functional, and system. Choosing test cases for regression packs is not a trivial exercise. Careful thought and attention must accompany the selection of test sets for the regression pack.

second edition of a book on Software Testing along with Ms Renu Rajani. The book is titled – “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques ”.

BOOKS - Renu Rajani, Pradeep Oak, (2004), “ Software Testing – Effective methods, tools and...

By Renu Rajani. This book is targeted at those working in the QA and Testing areas. The book does not cover testing basics, which QA professional are already familiar with—for example, writing a test plan or test case, and so on. QA organizations would follow hybrid QA teams centralized and decentralized.

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Book on Software Testing – authored by Pradeep Oak

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Testing Practitioner Handbook

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