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A network of brain regions have been linked with episodic memory retrieval, but limited progress has been made in identifying the contributions of distinct parts of the network. Here, we utilized continuous measures of retrieval to dissociate three components of episodic memory: retrieval success, precision, and vividness. In the fMRI scanner, participants encoded objects that varied continuously on three features: color, orientation, and location.

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Visual-spatial working memory measures are widely used in clinical and experimental settings. Furthermore, it has been argued that the male advantage in spatial abilities can be explained by a sex difference in visual-spatial working memory. Therefore, sex differences in visual-spatial working memory have important implication for research, theory, and practice, but they have yet to be quantified. The present meta-analysis quantified the magnitude of sex differences in visual-spatial working memory and examined variables that might moderate them. Multilevel meta-analysis was used on the overall data set to account for non-independent effect sizes. The data also were analyzed in separate task subgroups by means of multilevel and mixed-effects models. All the tasks produced a male advantage, except for memory for location, where a female advantage emerged.

Men and women show distinct brain activations during imagery of sexual and emotional infidelity. Neuroimage 32, — Takahashi et al. Given the paucity of studies in the literature, their finding helps to understand sex-specific biological underpinnings of romantic jealousy and broadens the knowledge of this field. They explained their results in terms of arousal associated with emotional information, hormonal transmission, and evolutionary perspective. Participants were provided with 18 short sentences for each category neutral, sexual infidelity, and emotional infidelity. They were required to read the sentences silently and were told to imagine the situation described in sentences.

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Distinct neural mechanisms underlie the success, precision, and vividness of episodic memory

Men and women may use alcohol to regulate emotions differently, with corresponding differences in neural responses. We explored how the viewing of different types of emotionally salient stimuli impacted brain activity observed through functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI from 42 long-term abstinent alcoholic 25 women and 46 nonalcoholic 24 women participants. Analyses revealed blunted brain responsivity in alcoholic compared to nonalcoholic groups, as well as gender differences in those activation patterns. Brain activation in alcoholic men ALC M was significantly lower than in nonalcoholic men NC M in regions including rostral middle and superior frontal cortex, precentral gyrus, and inferior parietal cortex, whereas activation was higher in alcoholic women ALC W than in nonalcoholic women NC W in superior frontal and supramarginal cortical regions. The reduced brain reactivity of ALC M , and increases for ALC W , highlighted divergent brain regions and gender effects, suggesting possible differences in the underlying basis for development of alcohol use disorders. More than million people worldwide are thought to have alcohol use disorder, also known as AUD, alcohol dependence or alcoholism.

The mental contents of perception and imagery are thought to be encoded in hierarchical representations in the brain, but previous attempts to visualize perceptual contents have failed to capitalize on multiple levels of the hierarchy, leaving it challenging to reconstruct internal imagery. Recent work showed that visual cortical activity measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI can be decoded translated into the hierarchical features of a pre-trained deep neural network DNN for the same input image, providing a way to make use of the information from hierarchical visual features. Here, we present a novel image reconstruction method, in which the pixel values of an image are optimized to make its DNN features similar to those decoded from human brain activity at multiple layers. We found that our method was able to reliably produce reconstructions that resembled the viewed natural images. A natural image prior introduced by a deep generator neural network effectively rendered semantically meaningful details to the reconstructions.

Media portraying violence is part of daily exposures. The extent to which violent media exposure impacts brain and behavior has been debated. Yet there is not enough experimental data to inform this debate. The source of the variability, we further hypothesize, is reflected in autonomic response and brain functioning that differentiate those with aggression tendencies from others. To test this hypothesis we pre-selected a group of aggressive individuals and non-aggressive controls from the normal healthy population; we documented brain, blood-pressure, and behavioral responses during resting baseline and while the groups were watching media violence and emotional media that did not portray violence.

As fertilization occurs internally in women, men can never be certain that the and photographs to induce detailed sexual imagery of a partner infidelity. or had been in a serious committed relationship because reports show they can Men and women show distinct brain activations during imagery of.

Alcoholism gender differences in brain responsivity to emotional stimuli

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Sex differences in visual-spatial working memory: A meta-analysis

Even though intimacy has been broadly defined in terms of romantic love and sexual desire , the neuroanatomy of intimacy needs further explanation in order to fully understand their neurological functions in different components within intimate relationships, which are romantic love, lust , attachment , and rejection in love.

Distinct neural mechanisms underlie the success, precision, and vividness of episodic memory

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    During jealous conditions, men demonstrated greater activation than women in the brain regions involved in sexual/aggressive behaviors such as the amygdala​.

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    Recent neuroimaging studies on mental imagery of human body parts suggest that the left hemisphere is dominant in body processing.

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