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Implementing the Peace Agreement in Colombia: between "territorial peace" and land disputes.

Land and Poverty Conference Catalyzing Innovation. However the first evaluations on implementation point at delays and shortcomings, specifically regarding those measures involving the rural dimension of the agreement Comprehensive Rural Reform including access to land, socio-economic rehabilitation of former combattants eradication of illicit crops. These are precisely the measures, programmes and plans that intended attacking the roots of armed conflict and thus laying the basis for a lasting peace as different from those sections of the final agreement relating to laying down arms and instauring a special justice system. A second explanation emerges from the analysis of the way in which the national government steadily added financial, institutional and organizational arrangements for implementation into the existing State apparatus, without questioning and rethinking its functioning thusfar.

MMP: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

Peace agreements are frequently violated. These violations can result in the resumption of armed conflict. Yet, while there is an entire body of political science literature on the factors that influence the success or failure of peace agreements, there are only few legal scholars who deal with the implementation and enforcement of peace agreements. Law has the potential to play a critical role in peace agreement enforcement. At present, however, it is prevented from fulfilling this potential due to controversies on the legal nature of peace agreements, and the limited number of available legal enforcement mechanisms.

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These talks, together with those nearing completion with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC in Havana, are the greatest opportunity to end 52 years of armed conflict. The parties must now build confidence not only mutually, but also with a still sceptical public, synchronise both sets of talks and move rapidly to specific agreements, with full international support, particularly from the guarantor countries Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Norway and Venezuela. Negotiations with the ELN face many challenges. The first is that they are to begin while fighting continues, thus risking that violence may disrupt them. President Juan Manuel Santos has said the government will not advance the peace process while the ELN holds kidnap victims. With a bilateral ceasefire still remote, early agreement on de-escalation is essential. The six-point agenda, while covering key issues for both parties, is still quite general: participation of society in peacebuilding; democracy for peace; transformations for peace; victims; the end of the conflict; and implementation.

The Impact of Peace Agreements on Development

In November , they signed what came to be called the final Peace Accord. Years-long struggles by Afro-Colombian and other human rights advocates helped infuse human rights discourse into the peace negotiations and initial accord. The agreement provided a gendered lens to all the Peace Accord provisions, from rural reform and poverty alleviation, to political participation and access to justice. It explicitly named rights for LGBTIQ persons and acknowledged discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In October , in a surprise twist, the draft of the Peace Accord narrowly failed in a national referendum, with

There is also a final part of Protocols and Annexes (p. ) mainly related to the Ceasefire Agreement document: Colombian Peace Agreement English benbakerbooks.org [] The National Government and the FARC-EP recognise that.

Colombia Peace Agreement

Negotiations began in September , and mainly took place in Havana , Cuba. Negotiators announced a final agreement to end the conflict and build a lasting peace on August 24, However, a referendum to ratify the deal on October 2, was unsuccessful after

Executive Summary. The FARC originally aimed to overthrow the government, and it financed its operations through the drug trade, kidnapping, extortion, and illegal gold mining. Following a peace deal with the Colombian government in , the FARC has officially disarmed and demobilized. Following the decade of civil war from to , known as La Violencia, PCC members organized groups of individuals who felt neglected by the Colombian government.

Colombian peace process

Adell, B. Development Dialogue, Vol. Agencia Nacional de Tierras.

The practice

Colombia constitutes one of the most open, enterprising and qualified societies of Latin America, a society that, simultaneously, has experienced an unparalleled state of violence in the continent due to its magnitude, ferocity and duration. Colombians have witnessed a complex sequence of civil strives, sometimes overlapped among each other, in which multiple actors have fought differently since the historic Bogotazo in Indeed, armed conflict in Colombia possesses very profound roots, which go beyond the emergence of the FARC guerrillas in the 60s Hopmann and Zartman, From the 19 th Century to the National Front period , the vehemence of a palpitating violence characterised the relationship between liberals and conservatives. To this must be added the repression against any alternative political choice. It is then in this context that the FARC emerges as a militant group which would later result in one of the central focal points of violence, struggle and conflict in the country. Under the umbrella of this cruel reality, Juan Manuel Santos was first elected as the President of Colombia in , and re-elected four years later, in

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Unmasking the Colombian Peace Accord: FARC Strategy in a Never-Ending Conflict

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Colombian peace process

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