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Death and the Compass

We read The Death and the Compass, an amazing short story, that messes around with everything we talked about last time on the Analytic Detective! It's a very fun conversation, and despite having lots of literature talk, we managed to get into politics, of course. We hope you have fun, just like we did in various labyrinths of language, together with detectives and criminals. Please support our Patreon if you're interested and want to join the Poetry Club! A podcast about Literature and Leftism! Understanding literary works, themes, authors and more from a Left perspective! Login Email Password Having trouble logging in?

This topic is about Gnomon. Feb 27, PM. I'm a bit of a Borges nerd my MA thesis included a chapter on a Borges story where, funny enough, someone inherits someone Shakespeare's memories , so when I saw the name Lonnrot, I immediately thought of the Borges story "Death and the Compass" from the great collection Ficciones. I'll be spoiling the story from here on, of course. The main character, Erik Lonnrott, is a detective that has to solve a series of murders that seem to be connected to the kabbalistic investigation of the name of God. The brilliant detective ties the pieces together after three murders, only to realize there will be one more, so he goes to stop it. It turns out, however, that it was a trap set by the killer, who knew the detective would overthink it and go for the deeper meaning the first crime was not meant to be part of a pattern.

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Published in Sur in May , it was included in the collection Ficciones. Appearances are misleading, however. By following what seem to be clues, the detective falls victim to his belief in abstract reason and to the man whom he presumes to be a criminal mastermind. In this way, "Death and the Compass" both observes and inverts the conventions of detective fiction.

In Death and the Compass by Jorge Luis Borges we have the theme of revenge, murder, mystery and deception. Taken from his Collected Fictions collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and from the beginning of the story the reader realises that Borges is writing a mystery.

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