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The roles of indigenous missionaries and Christians in the expansion of Christianity in Nigeria,

Slavery and religion

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. The fishermen and coastal dwellers of 17th-century Britain lived in terror of being kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa. Hundreds of thousands across Europe met wretched deaths on the Barbary Coast in this way. Professor Robert Davis investigates. I took boat to Youghal and then embarked on the vessel John Filmer , which set sail with passengers. So wrote the Reverend Devereux Spratt - carried off in April for several years' bondage in Algiers, while attempting a simple voyage across the Irish Sea from County Cork to England.

Historically, slavery has been regulated, supported or opposed on religious grounds. In Judaism , slaves were given a range of treatments and protections. They were to be treated as an extended family with certain protections and could be freed. They were property but could also own material goods. Early Christian authors maintained the spiritual equality of slaves and free persons, while accepting slavery as an institution. Early modern papal decrees allowed enslavement of the unbelievers, though popes denounced slavery from the 15th century onward.

Anti-Slavery Tracts. First Series, Nos. 1-20 (1855-56)

This, in essence, is what both the Arabs and Europeans did to Africans, to justify the shipping of millions of Africans as slaves to far-away lands in Asia in particular, the Middle East and the Americas. Slavery, in fact, was a central feature of life in the Mediterranean world, especially in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Greece, Imperial Rome and the Islamic societies of the Middle East and North Africa. Then, between and , another 1. The 19th century represented the highest point of the Arabian trade where 12, Africans were shipped out every year. The total figure for the 19th century alone was 1. Whichever clan gained a temporary upper hand was always willing to sell its captured rivals in exchange for the goods of the Mediterranean world in the markets of the ancient Romanised city of Ragusa present day Dubrovnik. From there, Slavs were shipped as slaves by Venetian merchants, to supply new markets in the Islamic world.

British Slaves on the Barbary Coast

Throughout the text she reminds readers that the English, Dutch, and some French colonists in the Caribbean were arguably shaped more by their Protestantism than any national attachments. That this was especially the case in their engagement with slavery is an important revelation. She is also good at exploring and imagining the response of slaves and free blacks to the evolving theology of slavery that was gradually strengthening slavery's grasp in every corner of the Atlantic world. Perhaps most of all, she shines a light on Christianity's complicity in the development of modern racism.

The Untold Stories of Slavery at Cape Town’s Iziko Slave Lodge

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Historically, slavery has been regulated, supported or opposed on religious grounds. of Ham has often been held to be an aetiological story, giving a reason for the enslavement of the Canaanites. Download as PDF · Printable version.

British Slaves on the Barbary Coast

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