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Ghana and Nigeria are in the midst of government-initiated democratization programs. This paper compares the different settings, reasons, strategies, procedures, and implementation of democratization efforts in these two countries. While Nigeria's comprehensive approach to democratic planning has enabled elite continuity, it has neither assured regime stability nor enhanced state capacities.

Sub-Saharan Africa. South Africa. Elections and Voting. Jendayi E.

Functions of elections

In fact, turnout for Nigerian presidential elections has been dropping at an alarmingly consistent rate since So why are increasingly fewer Nigerians feeling the need to vote in elections that decide the most powerful political office? Poor organisation is one reason. The last three elections were all postponed at the last minute, causing frustration as well as suspicion that politicians were delaying things to perfect their rigging strategies. Voting itself often involves waiting long hours, in a cumbersome and inefficient process.

Then there is the ever-present fear of violence on election day. Indeed, violence erupted in several places across the country in this election. Politics is a high-stakes game anywhere; in Nigeria the rewards of victory are particularly high. Nigerian legislators are among the highest paid in the world, while the president controls a huge oil-money fuelled patronage system that can transform you into a billionaire overnight.

Also, top Nigerian officeholders enjoy the highest prestige within society because they have money and power. Suffice it to say, the motivation to win is significant. Considering that the Nigerian state is too weak to have a monopoly on violence, some political actors take advantage of this and deploy it as a tool for competitive advantage.

However, it is likely that the largest contributing factor to the extremely low turnout was the feeling that whoever won, nothing would change. The system is so corrupt that it makes no difference whether X or Y is president. And so here we are.

The problem is that it is difficult for a system to maintain its legitimacy if only one in three citizens believe in it. This is the position Nigerian democracy now finds itself in. Buhari thus needs to keep his celebrations as short as possible and start focusing on restoring some faith in the system. A genuine and systematic effort to tackle corruption, including within his party, would be a good start. While having built a reputation of not being personally corrupt, during his first term Buhari was seen by many to have pursued a selective anti-corruption drive aimed solely at opposition politicians, while his own political friends conducted business as usual.

Incidents like this only fuel the cynicism of Nigerians, who see Buhari as hypocritical for turning a blind eye to such brazenness from his allies. He also needs to make his second-term cabinet as diverse and competent as possible.

Voter turnout was particularly low in the southern states where Buhari, who hails from the north, is seen by many to favour his kinsmen and those loyal to him in political appointments while competence takes low priority. Like a marriage, democracy cannot survive without trust. The relationship between the Nigerian government and its people is broken. Apathy prevails. Trust is scarce. Otherwise, the future of Nigerian democracy looks very bleak indeed.

Opinion Nigeria. This article is more than 2 years old. Remi Adekoya. A dismally low turnout in the presidential elections revealed the fractured relationship between politicians and populace. Fri 1 Mar Read more. Reuse this content.

Full Anonymous Responses: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age

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democracy does not deliver improved livelihoods. Kenya and Nigeria exemplify the. limitations of electoral democracy –. politics is about who.

Is There a Future for Democracy?

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Police forces present on the streets of Nairobi during election violence. Election-related violence has been a growing trend in African countries since the wave of democracy that swept across the continent in s. The election in Angola led to a year civil war in the country that resulted in thousands of deaths.

Powered by WP Bannerize. In some parts the prospects for democracy have never been brighter, but in others there have rarely been so many problems and doubts about its effectiveness, especially in dealing with inequality, economic distress, and global issues. The focus of democratic interest has recently been on the Arab Spring. The lessons for democracy are so far mixed, its prospects here ambivalent. On the one hand, the initial revolutions in North Africa benefited greatly from new communications technology, which made it almost impossible to stop information getting out and being shared, allowing for greater co-ordination by the revolutionaries.

First, it examines the theoretical, legal and constitutional basis for e-voting. Second, drawing lessons from other jurisdictions, it analyses practical challenges for the implementation and adoption of an e-voting system in Nigeria. These challenges include the possible compromise of e-voting devices, by viruses or other malicious software; manipulation by people with privileged access to the system, either system developers, system administrators or malicious hackers; denial-of-service attacks attacks that result in the e-voting facility being disabled or otherwise unavailable for voters to use ; lack of adequate supervision mechanisms; and the difficulties of proving electronic attacks in courts of law among other things.

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