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Bohr effect vs. Haldane effect

Protons and carbon dioxide are physiological regulators for the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin. The heterotropic allosteric interaction between the non-heme ligands and oxygen, collectively called the Bohr effect, facilitates not only the transport of oxygen but also the exchange of carbon dioxide. Several types of interactions can be thermodynamically formulated. The Bohr and Haldane coefficients and the classical Bohr and Haldane coefficients are thus explicitly defined, which will save confusion about the use of the term "Bohr effect" seen in the literature. Molecular mechanism and the physiological significance of the classical Bohr and Haldane effects are outlined.

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The Bohr effect and the Haldane effect in human hemoglobin.

NCBI Bookshelf. Andrew Benner ; Aakash K. Patel ; Karampal Singh ; Anterpreet Dua. Authors Andrew Benner 1 ; Aakash K. Patel 2 ; Karampal Singh 3 ; Anterpreet Dua 4.

The simplest way to differentiate the two effects is to identify which molecule is the cause of the change. For example, high oxygen concentrations enhance the unloading of carbon dioxide. The converse is also true: low oxygen concentations promote loading of carbon dioxide onto hemoglobin. In both situations, it is oxygen that causes the change in carbon dioxide levels. To further illustrate the difference, it might help to look at specific examples.

Keywords: Bohr effect, hemoglobin, oxygen equilibrium, Haldane effect, carbon dioxide Download PDF (K) M., and WYMAN, J. () The kinetics of the Bohr effect in the reaction of human hemoglobin with carbon monoxide. J. Biol.

Haldane effect

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The Bohr effect is a phenomenon first described in by the Danish physiologist Christian Bohr. Hemoglobin 's oxygen binding affinity see oxygen—haemoglobin dissociation curve is inversely related both to acidity and to the concentration of carbon dioxide. Since carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid , an increase in CO 2 results in a decrease in blood pH , [2] resulting in hemoglobin proteins releasing their load of oxygen. Conversely, a decrease in carbon dioxide provokes an increase in pH, which results in hemoglobin picking up more oxygen.

StatPearls [Internet].

The pH dependence of Octopus dofleini hemocyanin oxygenation is so great that below pH 7. Hill plots indicate that at pH 6. Thus, the low saturation of this hemocyanin in air is due to the very large Bohr shift, and not to the disabling of one or more functionally distinct O 2 binding sites on the native molecule. Experiments in which pH was monitored continuously while oxygenation was manipulated in the presence of CO 2 provide no evidence of O 2 linked binding of CO 2. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

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Erythrocyte morphology and hemoglobin

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Bohr effect
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