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Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in ’72

By Hunter S. Is This Trip Necessary? Outside my new front door the street is full of leaves. My lawn slopes down to the sidewalk; the grass is still green, but the life is going out of it.

Red berries wither on the tree beside my white colonial stoop. In the driveway my Volvo with blue leather seats and Colorado plates sits facing the brick garage. And right next to the car is a cord of new firewood: pine, elm, and cherry. I burn a vicious amount of firewood these days… even more than the Alsop brothers.

I have ordered more speakers to go with my new McIntosh amp—and also a fifty watt boombox for the FM car radio. One of the best and most beneficial things about coming East now and then is that it tends to provoke a powerful understanding of the Westward Movement in U. After a few years on the Coast or even in Colorado you tend to forget just exactly what it was that put you on the road, going west, in the first place.

You live in L. At in the morning I can walk outside to piss casually off my stoop and watch the lawn dying slowly from a white glaze of frost… Nothing moving out here tonight; not since that evil nigger hurled a three-pound Washington Post through the shattered glass coachlight at the top of my stone front steps.

He offered to pay for it, but my Dobermans were already on him. Washington is about 72 percent black; the shrinking white population has backed itself into an elegant-looking ghetto in the Northwest quadrant of town—which seems to have made things a lot easier for the black marauders who have turned places like chic Georgetown and once-stylish Capitol Hill into hellishly paranoid Fear Zones.

One of the most dangerous areas in town is the once-fashionable district known as Capitol Hill. The peaceful, tree-shaded streets on Capitol Hill look anything but menacing: brick colonial townhouses with cut-glass doors and tall windows looking out on the Library of Congress and the Washington Monument… When I came here to look for a house or apartment, about a month ago, I checked around town and figured Capitol Hill was the logical place to locate.

Crime figures for The District are so heinous that they embarrass even J. Edgar Hoover. Of the two hundred and fifty murders this year, only thirty-six have been solved… and the Washington Post says the cops are about to give up.

Meanwhile, things like burglaries, street muggings and random assaults are so common that they are no longer considered news. Getting into the Star to see somebody is almost as difficult as getting into the White House. Visitors are scrutinized by hired cops and ordered to fill out forms that double as hall passes. This kind of attitude is hard for a stranger to cope with.

For the past few years I have lived in a place where I never even bothered to take the keys out of my car, much less try to lock up the house. Locks were more a symbol than a reality, and if things ever got serious there was always the. But in Washington you get the impression—if you believe what you hear from even the most liberal insiders—that just about everybody you see on the street is holding at least a. Not that it matters a hell of a lot at ten feet… but it makes you a trifle nervous to hear that nobody in his or her right mind would dare to walk alone from the Capitol Building to a car in the parking lot without fear of later on having to crawl, naked and bleeding, to the nearest police station.

All this sounds incredible—and that was my reaction at first: "Come on! You wait and see, they said. And meanwhile, keep your doors locked. I immediately called Colorado and had another Doberman shipped in. Getting beaten in Congress is one thing—even if you get beaten a lot —but when you slink out of the Senate chamber with your tail between your legs and then have to worry about getting mugged, stomped, or raped in the Capitol parking lot by a trio of renegade Black Panthers… well, it tends to bring you down a bit, and warp your Liberal Instincts.

There is no way to avoid racist undertones here. The simple heavy truth is that Washington is mainly a Black City, and that most of the violent crime is therefore committed by blacks—not always against whites, but often enough to make the relatively wealthy white population very nervous about random social contacts with their black fellow citizens.

After only ten days in this town I have noticed the Fear Syndrome clouding even my own mind: I find myself ignoring black hitchhikers, and every time I do it I wonder, Why the fuck did you do that? And sometimes I do, but not always….

My arrival in town was not mentioned by any of the society columnists. It was shortly after dawn, as I recall, when I straggled into Washington just ahead of the rush-hour, government-worker car-pool traffic boiling up from the Maryland suburbs… humping along in the slow lane on U. They had blown a tire east of Everett, but nobody would stop to lend them a jack. They had a spare tire—and a jack, too, for that matter—but no jack- handle; no way to crank the car up and put the spare on.

Shit, they said. All you need is cash, man; people are desperate! Shit, I can sell any car I can get my hands on around Detroit for twice the money in Baltimore. I said I would talk to some people with capital and maybe get into that business, if things were as good as they said. They assured me that I could make a natural fortune if I could drum up enough cash to set up a steady shuttle between the Detroit-Toledo-Cleveland area and places like Baltimore, Philly and Washington.

All you need, they said, is some dollars in front and some guys to drive the cars. They laughed. Yeah, a jack-handle or so might save a lot of trouble. Here I was all alone on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on a fast downhill grade—running easily, for a change—when suddenly out of the darkness in a corner of my right eye I glimpsed what appeared to be a white gorilla running towards the road. I hit the brakes and pulled over. What the fuck was that? At this time of the morning I was bored from bad noise on the radio and half-drunk from doing off a quart of Wild Turkey between Chicago and the Altoona exit so I figured, Why Not?

Check it out. But I was still curious. So I set the blinker lights flashing on the Volvo and started walking back up the road, in pitch darkness, with a big flashlight in one hand and a. My instincts were purely humanitarian—but what about that Thing I was going back to look for? Maybe Manson, or the ghost of Charley Starkweather.

You never know… and that warning works both ways. A vision like this is enough to make a man wonder about the wisdom of calling for help.

For all they knew I was half-mad on PCP and eager to fill my empty Wild Turkey jug with enough fresh blood to make the last leg of the trip into Washington and apply for White House press credentials… nothing like a big hit of red corpuscles to give a man the right lift for a rush into politics.

But this time things worked out—as they usually do when you go with your instincts—and when I finally got back to the derailed junker I found these two half-frozen heads with a blowout… and the white bear rushing into the road had been nothing more than Jerry, wrapped up in a furry white blanket from a Goodwill Store in Baltimore, finally getting so desperate that he decided to do anything necessary to make somebody stop.

Lester, his friend, was too twisted to even get out of the car until we started cranking it up. Then he looked up at me while Jerry tightened the bolts and said: Say, man, you have anything to smoke? Lester eyed me for a moment, then shook his head. Well, shit, he said. Not here, I said. Jerry nodded. The waitress appeared with more coffee. The waitress smiled nervously as she filled our cups and then hurried back to her perch behind the counter.

We drank off the coffee and traded a few more stories about the horrors of the latter-day drug market. Then Jerry said they would have to get moving. What about you? I shrugged. We were standing in the parking lot while my Doberman pissed on the wheel of a big Hard Brothers poultry truck.

What happened is that I finally got a job, after twelve years. Twelve years on the dole! Man, you must have been really strung out! Now the Doberman had the driver of the Hard Brothers truck backed up against his cab, screeching hysterically at the dog and kicking out with his metal-toed Army boots. We watched with vague amusement as the Doberman—puzzled by this crazy outburst—backed off and growled a warning.

O God Jesus, screamed the trucker. Somebody help me! It was clear that he felt he was about to be chewed up and killed, for no reason at all, by some vicious animal that had come out of the darkness to pin him against his own truck.

OK, Benjy! I shouted. The trucker shook his fist at me and yelled something about getting my license number. Get out of here, you asshole! Lester screamed. Jerry laughed as the trucker drove off. Seriously—what kind of work do you do? I started down at the asphalt, not sure of what to say. Was The Stone into politics? Or was it just me? It sounds like a stinking goddamn way to get back into work, said Lester. Lester stared at me for a moment, then shrugged.

God damn! Why would anybody want to get hung up in a pile of shit like Politics? Jerry smiled. Like maybe you got off on it.

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in ’72

The following disconnected excerpts from Dr. The author assumes no final responsibility for whatever follows. Dawn is coming up in San Francisco now: AM. I can hear the rumble of early morning buses under my window at the Seal Rock Inn. About seals have been barking out there most of the night. Staying in this place with the windows open is like living next to a dog pound. One afternoon about three days ago the Editorial Enforcement Detail from the Rolling Stone office showed up at my door, with no warning, and loaded about 40 pounds of supplies into the room: two cases of Mexican beer, four quarts of gin, a dozen grapefruits, and enough speed to alter the outcome of six Super Bowls.

Fear and Loathing on the. Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S. Thompson () by Jack Loveridge. “How low do you have to stoop in this country.

Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72

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Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72

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Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

By Hunter S. Is This Trip Necessary?

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