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Orders delivered to U. Learn more. Troubleshooting the power supply basically means isolating the supply as the cause of problems within a system and, if necessary, replacing it.

Switch mode power supplies SMPS are now standard for the majority of our home appliances. Old fashioned linear power supplies based on mains frequency transformers are disappearing, mainly because of their cost, their large size and weight. Switch mode power supplies are everywhere; here are some pictures of their guts.

How to Repair SMPS Power Supply

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Those skilled electronic repairers understand that getting the correct method to troubleshoot and fix power supplies is a key element to continued success. SMPS Troubleshooting. All you require is a professional to maintain your hand over the process. Begin fixing SMPS as a specialist at this moment! Click here to download the preview eBook. Simple to follow step-by-step guidelines pages.

Repairing Switching Mode Power Supplies

The complaint of this ATX power supplies was no power. As usual one has to remove the 4 screws in order to remove the top casing. The first thing I do was to look at the circuit board for any sign of component failure. All the filter caps in primary and secondary side looked good except the main fuse. There was a slight burnt mark in the glass fuse. Whenever the main fuse have problem, one has to check on the semiconductors such as the bridge rectifiers, power Fet, transformer primary winding and etc.

PDF Supply has a large inventory of GE parts, and we've created this article to assist users with troubleshooting techniques. When the green power LED on the power supply is on, it indicates that all power in and out of the power supply appears to be functional. Note: The Series has 7 different power supply modules. See all the modules here. If this LED is off, first check the fuse inside the power supply door. If your fuse is good, then most likely you will need to replace the power supply. If the power supply is good, then move to the CPU located next to the power supply.

With the information provided in the photos, I m sure you will be well prepared in troubleshooting and repairing SMPS in the future. Figure 2. The function of the bridge rectifier is to convert the incoming AC voltage into DC voltage and the filter capacitor usually have the value of uf Volt to remove the ripples and this will provide a nice DC voltage source to the primary winding of switch mode power transformer. The DC voltage that you get is measured across the two pins of the filter capacitor using a multimeter. In some power supply design, you could see that there are capacitors connected across each diode in the bridge rectifier as seen from figure 4.

Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies

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GE Fanuc Series 90-70 Troubleshooting

Knowledge is power. The guide will teach you all you need to know on how to repair SMPS power supply. To learn more, swing by the site you see below. How to repair SMPS power supply with the most detailed instructional guide ever!

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Troubleshooting switch mode power supplies

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