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“Fractal Time” by Gregg Braden

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Patrick Mukosha. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Abstract "We're living the end of time.

Not the end of the world, but the end of a world age-a 5,year cycle of time-and the way we've known the world throughout that time" -Gregg BradenThe present is a mirror of our past -Gregg Braden. Gregg Braden's explanation of how our present mirrors our past cycles of time provides a fundamental view point of life cycles to modern discoveries. Throughout the book, Gregg has depicted how we can make sense of today's world and its constant changes in order to guide ourselves away from destructive choices we have made in the past and move towards the greatest possibilities of our lives.

He has elaborated on how our present is a mirror of past. Discoveries made in the late 20 th Century have made us aware that all those things in nature, which appear to be complicated, are in actual fact made up of simple patterns fractals which are capable of repeating themselves in such a manner that it is possible to predict them, and can be determined and measured.

Our ancestors managed to pass through the changes in rising sea levels, dwindling resources, and climate change, which come alongside the end of time. They managed to do so without the use of modern Information and Communication Technology ICT , and they lived long enough to tell the storya clear testimony that they survived the end of World Ages.

Not only that, our ancestors did not merely survive, they managed to learn from the difficulties that came with the changeduring their era. Thus, the present world age cannot be expected to pass and disappear into oblivion in future.

Our world age has a start and an end date. It is expected to end on a very specific day, and that day was clearly marked more than 2, years ago, on the calendar, with a specific event, at a specific timeas calculated by the Maya, inscribed and preserved as an indelible record for future generations. The challenge we have now is to make sense of the constant changes in today's world in order to come up with a way to marry traditional and modern western philosophies of learning about doing business successfully and in an environmental friendly manner, thereby creating the much needed wealth in this world of constant change.

This is possible only if all make our way towards "the greatest possibilities of our lives"as explained by Gregg Braden. Introduction"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". This article looks at the interesting perspective of life cycles to modern discoveries, and attempts to find a way to make sense of the constant changes taking place in today's worldhaving realised that the present is a mirror of our past cycles of time. I have looked at my life and that of my surroundings in an attempt to visualise those destructive choices and decisions we made in the past and focus on how to move towards the greatest possibilities of our lives.

Braden marries ancient views of the cyclic universe with recent discoveries of nature's patterns; fractals. This culminates into a very strong model of time; fractal time, which gives a more realistic perspective of what mankind, could expect our lives to be at the World Age Cycle, and beyond. Braden demonstrates how everything from conflicts between nations to our very best and worst life experiences is a function of our past, and he argues that, as each pattern re-appears, it possesses the same characteristics and shape of previous cycles fractal patterns which could be determined, predicted and measured.

This he achieves through blending the very old concepts of cycles with modern laws of fractal patterns. This model is so powerful and strong because it is argued that the returning cycles give us a perspective through which we are able to select a new pattern for the cycle.

He goes on to argue that if we are able to visualise time from this perspective, we are able to see what options we have for the future, and may be able to do away with the mistakes of our past.

The author successfully enumerates and discusses many ancient situations that prove the correctness of fractal time calculations and moves on to answer the most pertinent questions that go beyond the boundaries of spirituality and science, such as; What message does fractal time give us about , and beyond?

The Mayans did not only calculate this date but also inscribed it onto stone monumentsas a permanent record on permanent structures made to last until the end of time. FindingsThe Braden is the bestselling author for the New York Times and has received numerous awards in recognition of his innovations and insights, and is Nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award.

Time of Extremes: Embracing ChangeBraden shared his expertise in wisdom traditions and leading-edge science and explained how important it is find ways of being resilient, recognise the powerful heart-brain connection and embrace change. He mentions that we live in times of extremes, and the world is changing faster that many people can cope with.

However, Braden says we are able to convert these extremes into life-affirming points of transformation. This entails that mankind must start thinking and acting differently, now than before, through accepting scientific discoveries as they are unfolding. Braden explained that the world is undergoing various extremes mainly because of the convergence of three cycles based on natural rhythms conflict, economic, and climate which have an effect on human kindand that the cycles of war or conflict run in periods of Braden says we entered the upturn of these cycles in , and it will peak in Gregg says, in order for us to gain an understanding of why all these things are taking place now, we need to fully understand and appreciate cycles of time.

He then outlines two fundamental discoveries that govern these changes:a. Discovery 1:There is a powerful source of energy; where very powerful magnetic field is emitted -that affects all life on earth -at the centre of the Milky Way.

Discovery 2:Our position in relation to this core determines the influence it has over the planet -the Earth's orbit is elliptical. This means, as the earth travels round the orbit, we are sometimes closer and sometimes far away from the centre of the galaxy. This position is said to have different effects on the peopledepending on where they are located at any given time. Our Ancestors knew this, and left a lot of clues in terms of preparation. We are just learning about it.

He points out five key false assumptions that are still being taught in schools; a Civilisation only began about 5, years ago, b the space between things is empty, c consciousness in separate from our physical world, d evolution explains life and human life, and e nature is based on survival of the fittest. Braden argues that there is new scientific evidence to refute all these ideas.

Instead, studies have shown that cooperation, nature, and mutual aid is the way to go as it serves as better survival strategies, instead of competition. Earth's Journey through the OrbitThe passage used by our solar system uses the shortest possible part of the orbit which resembles a circle that is flattened, an eclipse whose furthest end takes us to the furthest position away from the centre of our home galaxy -the Milky Way.

At any given time, our position in this orbit has a huge bearing in determining the impact of our experience of the strong source of energy. This has been confirmed by both ancient traditions as well as modern science.

Studies conducted in recent years have suggested that through such cycles, we are able to explain and understand the mysterious patterns of biodiversity. In addition, recent studies have pointed to the fact that the position of the Earththroughout the journey -creates cycles that are ever-changing, resulting in influencing all things ranging from climate, to temperature, magnetic fields of the earth and polar ice.

Similarly, when the night passes towards the new day, the earth rotates in such a way that the darkest hour appears just before dawnwithout losing the polarities of compassion, love, peace and healing. In my village; Foloko Changwe Village, Chief Muchinda, in Serenje District, in Central Province of Zambia, we have a saying that "Umweshi Nawingila"referring the weird behaviour exhibited by some eccentric people when the moon "disappears" from the face of the Earth, until it emerges as a half-moon after some dayswhen their weird behaviour suddenly comes back to normal.

The Time Code AlgorithmBraden explains that time is viewed as a pattern of cycles dotted with what he refers to as "Choice Points", vital times when change takes place, which may be good or baddepending on the choices made by us as individuals or society collectively. To this effect, he has developed a Time Code algorithm which is based on the Phi ratio, and uses it to determine these cycles. I have used my own life as a basis to ascertain how this algorithm works and the results were fascinating.

In my life, I have had big opportunities, big win and near misses, memorable love, heartbreaks, radical course changes, and I have also made some not so popular decisions. I have realised that pattern recognition forms the basis of human intelligence. Braden argues that everything; ranging from personal, business, economic, social, emotions and seasons comprise an element of observable patterns. When nature is carefully observed and the echoes of animals and birds are aptly listened to, one is able to notice the encoding of time into nature.

For instance, when a Cock crows at dawn is a clear sign that it is now early morning. Similarly, Wet and Dry seasons, coupled with their climatic changes clearly indicate to us what time in the year season we are in. In Zambia, whenever you see mango trees flowering, it is an indication that the rain season is eminent and farmers begin to prepare their fields in readiness for the farming season.

This occurs every year, at the same timearound mid-October, and the first rains usually come towards the end of October. Therefore, the key, according to Braden is that; the present is a mirror of our past. Given accurate references of our past, you can easily determine the next pattern if they come bearing the same conditions, now and in futureusing the Time Code Calculator.

You are able to discover yourself through basic science and step by step instructions. How do we learn from Constant Changes in Today's World? What type of system or framework is most suited in today's world to enable us make sense of modern western philosophies and tradition of learning about doing business and creating wealth in this ever-changing world? The 21 st Century culture of learning can be viewed as comprising two components: a the massive information network that avails us almost unlimited access to information and resources to learn b Structured and bounded environment that avails us unlimited access to information and resourceswithin the confines of these boundaries and structures.

Why then have we failed to embrace these ideologies? The answer lies in the fact that none of these two ideologies can support effective learning. It is indeed the combination of the two schools of thought that creates an enabling environment for effective learning.

Thus, we need to find a good education system that is in sync with the modern world. The educational requirements of the 21 st century present numerous challenges for existing educational systems. Firstly, the global village views the 21 st century as characterised by change constantly taking place all the time.

This poses a huge challenge on education systems that depend on transferring static knowledge because they cannot cope. In contrast, the global village has observed that educational practices or systems which rely on reaction to change or adaptation perform better. However, they too are not quite moving at the same pace as that at which an environment that demands that content to gets updated at the same rate as it is being shared or disseminated. In line with this, there ought to be an understanding of the process of learning which supports the practices emerging from the use of Information and Communication Technology ICT which can enable us design learning environments that embrace the power of digital participation for education.

The 21 st century global village communities have become rich constructs that blend co-presence, technological infrastructure, and notions of interest, into the concept of "networked imagination". Therefore, the sense of becoming is both embraced and magnified by participation in the networked imagination. This was further modified by Learning Theorists who placed emphasis on "Learning to be"whereby learning was put into a situated context that addressed not only identity and systems, but also transmission of knowledge.

Now, society needs to embrace the theory of "Learning to become"where Learning Theorists view becoming as a transitional state towards becoming something.

Therefore, in this modern world of flux, knowing, playing and making emerge as vital ingredients of becoming. It's a good way of learning about things that do not change frequently; such as dates in history, the periodic table and spellings. The challenge with memorisation is that we often memorise things that we do not use very often in our daily lives. The basis of the "Harry Potter phenomenon" is largely in 'how' the children were learning, as opposed to 'what' they were learning because there was no presence of a teacher in that setting.

Instead, they were heavily relied upon deep, sustained learning from one another through their interactions and participation in discussions. There was no need for classrooms type of learning as it was less important than interaction and discussions within their social groupings and networks. The 'teacher-to-student' type of learning is rapidly losing its potency as it cannot cope with the rate of change of the 21 st Century.

Time has come for us move away from this type of learning and adopt a new model of discovery learning. The first picture quality was poorwith showersbut we have picture-perfect flat screen television sets today.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

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Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, social policy and human potential. From to Gregg worked as a problem solver during times of crisis for Fortune companies, including Cisco Systems, where he became the first Technical Operations Manager in He continues problem-solving today as his work reveals deep insights into the new human story, and how the discoveries inform the policies of everyday life and the emerging world. To date his research has led to 15 film credits and 12 award-winning books now published in over 40 languages. I love you!! Your Resilience From The Heart is a special book for our times now here and throughout the world community. I picked up and read your book on Kindle and then bought the book for a more complete study.

Fractal Time 4 CD: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age by Gregg Braden (2009 03 15)

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, social policy and human potential. From to Gregg worked as a problem solver during times of crisis for Fortune companies, including Cisco Systems, where he became the first Technical Operations Manager in He continues problem-solving today as his work reveals deep insights into the new human story, and how the discoveries inform the policies of everyday life and the emerging world.

Today the shelves in bookstores are richly abundant with all kinds of researches and books dedicated to the issue of the Mayan calendar and the year of As is the case with any topic that is very interesting for people, these new books offer very different and often contradictory points of view: from scientific forecasts which took many years to complete up to stream of consciousness, which often implies a kind of manifestation of extraterrestrial intelligence. All of them dwell upon a joint moment, which forms at the approach of the winter solstice December 21,

As the world approached the year , controversy theorist made significant impacts on what people would expect, among them, was the end of the world as humanity has known it. The actual event that will erase life from the planet remained a subject of debate, to same an asteroid would strike the earth while others proposed ideas of mystical proportions. Although the Mayan calendar ended, its prediction of the end of the world did not become physically accurate. However, a new understanding of the year begun to surface, Braden Gregg come up with a reasoning that the old world ended and a new world started, not in the physical form of ending, but in form time Braden,

Is there a Time Code Calculator that can predict the future? Is the year in which the fate of humanity might hang in the balance? Can we work together to address the critical issues facing our world in time to re-write the doomsday scenarios and create a better future? The man behind the questions and their provocative answers is scientist and seer, Gregg Braden.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

The main precept is, Does the past hold the blueprint for the future? Braden reasserts many times that the date is does not predict an Armageddon.

The main precept is, Does the past hold the blueprint for the future? Braden reasserts many times that the date is does not predict an Armageddon. He presents cosmologic data that pretty much confirms that earth is a part of fractal time—a moving piece in cycles that have been going on since the universe was formed. December is when the earth will reach end of an oblique circling of the sun that has encompassed centuries.

Gregg Braden born June 28, [ citation needed ] is an American New Age author, who is known for his appearances in Ancient Aliens and his show Missing Links , and other publications linking science and spirituality. He became noted for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the Earth was about to reverse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American author. Retrieved January 15, — via NYTimes.

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Fractal Time. Past, Present and Future as a Continuous Rhythm
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