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The developmental state: Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan compared

Taiwan is 81 miles off the coast of mainland China and was expected to have the second highest number of cases of coronavirus disease COVID due to its proximity to and number of flights between China. Given the continual spread of COVID around the world, understanding the action items that were implemented quickly in Taiwan and assessing the effectiveness of these actions in preventing a large-scale epidemic may be instructive for other countries. Taiwan quickly mobilized and instituted specific approaches for case identification, containment, and resource allocation to protect the public health. Taiwan leveraged its national health insurance database and integrated it with its immigration and customs database to begin the creation of big data for analytics; it generated real-time alerts during a clinical visit based on travel history and clinical symptoms to aid case identification. Persons with low risk no travel to level 3 alert areas were sent a health declaration border pass via SMS short message service messaging to their phones for faster immigration clearance; those with higher risk recent travel to level 3 alert areas were quarantined at home and tracked through their mobile phone to ensure that they remained at home during the incubation period.

Why many countries failed at COVID contact-tracing — but some got it right

A year into the pandemic of the COVID coronavirus disease, the global effort to develop and distribute an effective vaccine has already produced several promising options. The accelerated development of multiple vaccines is unprecedented; the process typically takes eight to fifteen years. Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines. Public Health Threats and Pandemics. Several vaccines have been approved for general or emergency use in countries including China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As of February , over one hundred million doses had been administered worldwide. Several countries—such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates—are making swift progress immunizing their citizens, while the vast majority have either vaccinated only small fractions of their populations or are yet to start.

Innovation has been a source of comparative advantage for Taiwan historically. It has also been an important basis for U. Despite a freewheeling startup culture, internationalization has been a persistent challenge for Taiwan-based firms. In this context, it is essential that Taiwan get back to basics if it is to assure its innovation advantage. One piece of this will involve taking a hard look at the domestic policy environment in Taiwan to ensure a steady pipeline of next-generation engineering talent. Yet Taiwan also needs to address several structural and policy factors that, over the last decade, have eroded its enviable innovation advantage. Many of the new systems in these industries do require advanced hardware.

A Guide to Global COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

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    In almost all accounts of Taiwan, the state has been described as the major impetus of economic development and technological upgrading.

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    PDF | The growth performances of the Israeli economy during the years –​ were excellent by any criteria, and are comparable to the.

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    Excellent economic performances in the three countries were accompanied by the presence of an autonomous and an interventionist state as well as by strategies of governed development in the spheres of finance, investment, and international trade.

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