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All Rights Reserved. Policy Statement. Our employee recruitment and selection policy describes our process for attracting and selecting external job candidates.

This Procedure is sufficiently flexible to cover all posts within the University including senior management, support and academic posts including Academic Tutors other than for very short term appointments of less than three months duration and limited cost, where it may not be deemed appropriate to follow the full Recruitment and Selection Procedure. Human Resources advice should be sought as to the most appropriate cost-effective method of meeting those short-term requirements. My Sunderland Staff Students. Accessibility Sitemap. Home Policies Recruitment and Selection Procedure.

Rochdale Borough Council

The KSF forms part of the appraisal process. Individual Interview - In an individual interview, the interview takes place on a one to, one basis. Organizations inspire employee referrals, the reason being, it is lucrative and saves time as, compared to hiring candidates from external sources. When the members of the organization are, aware of proper recruitment and selection processes, then they are able to make selection of. Recruitment and selection policy The Ogilvie Group is committed to ensuring that the appropriate calibre of people is selected to join our organization. In particular, the valuable and would be dedicated towards the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

10+ Recruitment Policy Templates in PDF | MS Word

It should be adapted to your local needs and circumstances. Our company is committed to an effective recruitment process that attracts the best talent while adhering to company and legal policies of equal opportunity employment. The Employee Recruitment Policy outlines the guidelines for our managers and recruiting officials to enable them to attract and select the best candidates and preserve the integrity of the hiring process. All employees who are involved in hiring for the company, including potential candidates, are affected and bound by the policy. These stages can be merged or may overlap at the convenience of the hiring managers. However, the first five stages are mandatory for the hiring process. An opportunity can be advertised internally before the company seeks external candidates.

One of the aims of our strategic document 'Aiming High' is to make the borough a place where people want to come to live and work. The Recruitment and Selection Policy supports this aim by seeking to appoint employees with appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to identified vacancies to be able to deliver council services to the community effectively. The policy is set out within a framework of 12 core principles, supported by further written guidance, advice available from officers within the HR Service and an ongoing programme of training. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Skip to main content Skip to accessibility.

Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy Sample

Managers are encouraged to first consider applicants from within their department or others from within the University who express interest in the position. If the position remains unfilled after campus-wide recruitment, the Office of Human Resources assists departments by coordinating all aspects of the employment process to present hiring departments with qualified applicants from a variety of sources external to the University. The recruitment process, application review, reference and background checking, and the selection and hiring processes for all Staff positions are subject to pertinent Federal and State laws and regulations.

As a business, you need to be responsible with how you decide on certain matters, recruitment and hiring included. The importance of human resource management in any company is truly essential to be highlighted. Your decision to whether hire an individual or not can affect his or her professional career.

recruitment and selection policy pdf

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    This policy applies to the recruitment and selection process for all RCSI appointments. Policy Statement. It is the policy of RCSI that recruitment and selection is.

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