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Greater Happiness for a Greater Number

Genova, Has Gemes refuted global scepticism? Ken Gemes presents a purported refutation of global scepticism whose lucidity is only exceeded by its brevity. He attributes this view of the SH to Descartes and provides the following counter-example: on the basis of one's sensory experience one could believe the claims 1 I have a hand. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Don't already have an Oxford Academic account?

Human Lives pp Cite as. I want to defend a position which I think deserves the name speciesism. So I had better start by defining it. Speciesism, as I shall use the word, is the belief that differences of species can, do and should provide sufficient reason, in themselves, to ground major differences in moral significance, in a way in which for example differences of gender, race, intelligence or sensitivity to pain do not and cannot ground such differences. Unable to display preview.

Is there something distinctive about humanity that justifies the idea that humans have moral status while non-humans do not? Providing an answer to this question has become increasingly important among philosophers as well as those outside of philosophy who are interested in our treatment of non-human animals. For some, answering this question will enable us to better understand the nature of human beings and the proper scope of our moral obligations. Some argue that there is an answer that can distinguish humans from the rest of the natural world. Many of those who accept this answer are interested in justifying certain human practices towards non-humans—practices that cause pain, discomfort, suffering and death. This latter group expects that in answering the question in a particular way, humans will be justified in granting moral consideration to other humans that is neither required nor justified when considering non-human animals. In contrast to this view, an increasing number of philosophers have argued that while humans are different in a variety of ways from each other and other animals, these differences do not provide a philosophical defense for denying non-human animals moral consideration.

John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism

Utilitarian philosophy holds that public policy should aim at greater happiness for a greater number of people. This moral tenet meets many objections, on pragmatic grounds it is denounced as unfeasible and on ideological grounds as undesirable. As a result the principle is marginal in policy making. In this paper I consider these classic philosophical qualms in the light of recent empirical research on life-satisfaction. The data show first of all that the principle is feasible; happiness of a great number is possible in contemporary conditions and it is also possible to create more of it. The data also show that the promotion of happiness fits well with other ideals; happiness requires conditions that we value, such as freedom, and happiness fosters matters that we value, such as good health and civil behaviour. Though happiness can conflict with these values in theory, it appears to match them in practice.

An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation is a book by the English philosopher and legal theorist Jeremy Bentham "originally printed in , and first published in Bentham was the first major philosopher to develop and defend a utilitarian theory of ethics. Like John Stuart Mill , whom he greatly influenced, Bentham believed that happiness or pleasure is the only thing that is good for its own sake. He believed that humans, by nature, are motivated exclusively by the desire for pleasure a view known as psychological hedonism , and that ethically they should seek to maximize pleasure a view known as "ethical hedonism". In The Principles of Morals and Legislation , Bentham seeks to determine what a system of laws would look like if it was constructed on a purely utilitarian basis. To that end, Bentham offers painstaking analyses of the various kinds of pleasures and pains, the sources of pleasures and pains, how pleasures and pains should be measured, the morally and legally relevant components of human actions, the negative consequences of harmful acts, types of behavior that are "unmeet" for punishment, and the various classes of offences.

Principles of Morals and Legislation. Jeremy Bentham. Chapter The Boundary around Penal Jurisprudence. 1. Borderline between private ethics and.

Legal History: Crime and Punishment Research Guide

The history of crime and punishment has roots back in time, to Roman and Greek times, to the Middle Ages, with its punishments of stoning, burning, quartering, whipping, drowning and other violent acts. The administration of justice, criminal law and codes, penal institutions, transportation and colonization, are all part of the history of crime and punishment. Outlined below are some of the more interesting and useful works on the history of crime and punishment in England, Europe, America and Australia.

General You can access the appropriate elements of the John Stuart Mill opus online here. Indeed, while you are there, you can check out Bentham as well.

Editor's Introduction to "More Nonsense on Stilts: Mr. Bentham Is At It Again"

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Classical liberals and political economists in the 19th century were divided in their views of the justification for economic intervention by the state. On the one hand, there were the followers of Jeremy Bentham and his theory of utilitarianism—James Mill, John Stuart Mill and the school of thought know as the Philosophic Radicals—who had an enormous impact on British political and economic reform throughout the 19th century. On the other hand, many classical liberals like Herbert Spencer in England and some Contintental political economists like Bastiat and Molinari in France , although sometimes using utilitarian arguments preferred to ground their defence of individual liberty on ideas of natural rights and justice. Jeremy Waldron London: Methuen, See the online book catalogue for details.

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Library catalog outage on Thursday, August 18th

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Bentham and the “Famous Footnote”

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The Moral Status of Animals

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