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Based on a close study of the biopics devoted to writer Truman Capote, this article questions the expectations raised by films that feed on the voyeuristic desire to see into the personal lives of famous people beyond their public image.

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Not so very much, really, no more than any man wants. His whole body prickled when he thought of the implications of her coming to his house, alone, in the evening like this.

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An insight into a murderer's mind in Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood'

I n Cold Blood is a compelling nonfiction thriller about the quadruple homicide of the Clutter family in Kansas. It is plain exciting—and a little terrifying—guaranteeing student intrigue. Truman Capote, along with Harper Lee, traveled to Kansas to write about the murders, and took down hundreds of pages of notes. Six years later, Capote published what many consider the best nonfiction crime novel of all time. It is an excellent book to introduce students to the nonfiction novel genre, which Capote claimed to have invented with this work.

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Sociological and psychological aspects of crime in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

It details the murders of four members of the Herbert Clutter family in the small farming community of Holcomb, Kansas. Capote learned of the quadruple murder before the killers were captured, and he traveled to Kansas to write about the crime. He was accompanied by his childhood friend and fellow author Harper Lee , and they interviewed residents and investigators assigned to the case and took thousands of pages of notes. Killers Richard Hickock and Perry Smith were arrested six weeks after the murders and later executed by the state of Kansas. Capote ultimately spent six years working on the book.

When In Cold Blood was first published, critics had a hard time categorizing the book. The question will be raised as to whether or not a true account of real events is possible at all, and in what ways Capote and other writers of New Journalism, as the genre is most frequently called today, have tried to achieve such true accounts. The bulk of this paper will then deal with the way Capote sets up and brings across what he calls the truth. The analysis of the individual characters of the Clutter family will also go into the question whether their apparently ideal life is as perfect as it seems at first glance.

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How to Teach In Cold Blood

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