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A Brief History of Cyber Threats and the Emergence of the APT Designator

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The era of cyber warfare is now upon us. What we do now and how we determine what we will do in the future is the difference between whether our businesses live or die and whether our digital self survives the digital battlefield. Cyber Warfare — Truth, Tactics, and Strategies takes you on a journey through the myriad of cyber attacks and threats that are present in a world powered by AI, big data, autonomous vehicles, drones video, and social media. Chase Cunningham uses his military background to provide you with a unique perspective on cyber security and warfare. Moving away from a reactive stance to one that is forward-looking, he aims to prepare people and organizations to better defend themselves in a world where there are no borders or perimeters. He demonstrates how the cyber landscape is growing infinitely more complex and is continuously evolving at the speed of light. The book not only covers cyber warfare, but it also looks at the political, cultural, and geographical influences that pertain to these attack methods and helps you understand the motivation and impacts that are likely in each scenario.

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According to news sources, it may have taken Aramco almost two weeks to fully restore its network and recover from a disruption of its daily business operations caused by data loss and disabled workstations resulting from the incident. Computer security research community dubbed the virus reputed to have spread across Aramco s network Shamoon. While reports of a virus on a major multinational firm s computer network is not a rare event, an incident against a company that holds so much of the world s spare oil production capacity is not a non-issue. Saudi Aramco is critical to the world's petroleum markets. Although there was no apparent oil spill, explosion or other major fault in Aramco operations, the incident impacted production and business processes of the company as at least some drilling and production data were likely lost.

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The computer security research community dubbed the virus reputed to have spread across Aramco's network Shamoon. Although there was no apparent oil.

3 Cyber-Threat

Dan S. Jacob A. Joseph K. Theodore Book Square, Inc.

These attacks are wide-ranging, global and do not seem to discriminate among governments and companies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

3 Cyber-Threat

An alternative view is that "cyberwarfare" is a suitable label for cyber attacks which cause physical damage to people and objects in the real world. While there is debate over how to define and use "cyberwarfare" as a term, many countries including the United States , United Kingdom , Russia , India , Pakistan , [4] China , Israel , Iran , and North Korea [5] [6] [7] have active cyber capabilities for offensive and defensive operations. As states explore the use of cyber operations and combine capabilities the likelihood of physical confrontation and violence playing out as a result of, or part of, a cyber operation is increased. However, meeting the scale and protracted nature of war is unlikely, thus ambiguity remains. The first instance of kinetic military action used in response to a cyber-attack resulting in the loss of human life was observed on 5 May , when the Israel Defense Forces targeted and destroyed a building associated with an on-going cyber-attack. There is ongoing debate regarding how cyberwarfare should be defined and no absolute definition is widely agreed.

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