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The use of plant-based medicines is even more prevalent in developing countries, where for many they constitute the primary health care modality. A less-discussed phenomenon, antagonism, in which effects of active constituents are masked by other compounds in a complex mixture, also occurs in natural product mixtures. Synergy and antagonism are notoriously difficult to study in a rigorous fashion, particularly given that natural products chemistry research methodology is typically devoted to reducing complexity and identifying single active constituents for drug development.

Synergy is an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. In Christian theology , synergism is the idea that salvation involves some form of cooperation between divine grace and human freedom.

European leadership in cultural synergy

Christopher Barrington-Leigh. Factors such as meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose and belonging have been shown to be essential to human well-being; indeed, they contribute even more than income. The happiest societies foster dignity for all, in part through robust investment in public goods and a holistic approach to education. This converging body of research indicates that well-being and ecological sustainability, goals sometimes viewed as contradictory, are in fact complementary. Emphasizing social drivers of well-being counters the conventional focus on economic growth and fosters the pro-social attitudes and behaviors necessary to live in better balance with nature.

In this age of emerging antibiotic resistance, limited therapeutic options exist for treating multidrug-resistant organisms. Combination therapy is commonly employed to manage these infections despite little laboratory guidance as to the efficacy of this approach. Synergy testing methods have been used to assess the interaction of antibiotic combinations in vitro. This review will discuss the four primary methods used to assess synergy, as well as the data that exist for testing of cystic fibrosis. In the final analysis, this review concludes that there is not enough evidence to endorse synergy testing for routine clinical use. One of the most important functions of the clinical microbiology laboratory is to provide predictive information regarding the use of antimicrobials for the treatment of infectious diseases.

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When Does 2 Plus 2 Equal 5? A Review of Antimicrobial Synergy Testing

Forensic Science International: Synergy is a gold open access journal - the first ever gold open access journal in forensic science - which welcomes significant and insightful cross-disciplinary research. The journal's aim is to advance and support forensic science while exceeding its expectations for excellence. By being freely available to anyone, we seek to promote and support open discourse across diverse areas of interest, avocation, and geography. Papers are invited from all forensic sciences and influencing disciplines, including but not limited to the humanities, biomedical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the law. Cross-disciplinary collaboration promotes innovative approaches, encourages systems-level perspectives, and seeds the literature with insightful opportunities. Because the good management of science can be as important as the science itself, the journal welcomes articles on issues related to forensic science policy and management.

The final product of new synergies is an increase in individual autonomy of an organism that achieves increased emancipation from the.

Desperately Seeking Synergy

This paper explains the concept of cultural synergy and provides a contrast of societies that could be characterized as having high or low synergy, as well as organizational culture that reflects high and low synergy. Within organizations, the research insights reported here center on behaviors and practices that contribute to synergy and success among teams, particularly in terms of international projects. Real European leaders actively create a better future through synergistic efforts with fellow professionals. The knowledge work culture favors cooperation, alliances, and partnership, not excessive individualist actions and competition. In an information or knowledge society, collaboration in sharing ideas and insights is the key to survival, problem solving, and growth.

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Synergy and groupthink

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Download full-text PDF · Read full- of the management issue and its individual parts. Specific knowledge of synergy, its evolution and current role in society.

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