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Cinema 4D Lite for After Effects

Please tell me I'm wrong. I know this isn't Red related directly, but I am very interested in the Cinema 4D Lite included with the next version of After Effects. Adobe guys, is this true? If it is, it needs to be communicated very clearly that HD is not supported I hope I'm wrong because this would make it essentially worthless. It's the free "Lite" version. Once you determine that the effects work for you, you buy the version that renders to your target resolution.

It's exactly the same as the "free" Davinci Resolve software being limited to 2K. Again, I'm waiting for final word from an Adobe rep, but the "claim" is that Lite and Prime are nearly the same except for a few subtle differences Adobe, do you care to clarify? It wouldn't surprise me. After Effects uses a lot of limited licensed software. Mocha is a stripped down version, Timewarp is a stripped down version of Foundry's Kronos, and so on. I cant render more than x inside of C4D Lite, but if you open your scene in AE it will render any resolution you like.

You already have C4D Lite Valentine? I didn't think that version was going to be release until June. Thanks for the info though. No, i dont. This info is from one of close to maxon guy. Anyway i dont think this feature is so cool as it sounds. If you can render any resolution you like from within AE If not Element 3d is looking like it was a smart investment.

I'm a C4D artist, and I have Element as well. I'm not really too pumped about the cineware thing, as it seem slike it will just slow down the process, actually. It is delaying the need to make creative decisions to the last minute. I find that my problem when I am trying to create something is indecision.

I fear the thought of choosing a path to go down, then regret it later and have to go back and redo things. The chinaware workflow allows someone to put off those creative decisions to allow more "flexibility" in the creative process.

But in my mind and my workflow, that will always allow me to second guess what I've done, and not to concentrate on moving forward with the concept. This may work wonders for some people, but the idea of rendering a preview frame every time I change frames within AE does not sound like a quick way to work, even if its a low red render.

Might be good for small simple scenarios, but then again that is why Element was made. Once that happens, the gloves are off between Element and Cineware.

User manual Focal Press Book: After Effects and Cinema 4D 9781138777934

Ever wished you could work with more realistic 3D for After Effects or find the After Effects 3D layers and workspace limiting? Due to popular demand, this one-day project-based intensive class takes you into the world of Cinema 4D Lite which comes bundled with all versions of After Effects CC. One of C4D Lite's most exciting features is the MoGraph animation system which makes it easy to create complex animations with just a couple of keyframes. You will learn how to send information back and forth between After Effects and C4D Lite, how to create and modify objects, materials and textures, how to animate text, use lights and cameras, and integrate 3D objects into existing footage. Not sure which version?

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Adobe After Effects

Please tell me I'm wrong. I know this isn't Red related directly, but I am very interested in the Cinema 4D Lite included with the next version of After Effects. Adobe guys, is this true?

We will show you how to create realistic objects and surfaces, and then render and export the results. This course is a brilliant 3D primer for anyone with a grounding in After Effects. After we give you a complete tour of the Cinema 4D environment, we will show you the basics of modelling, texturing, animation, and rendering.

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Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects , motion graphics , and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of film making , video games and television production.

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    In this book author Chris Jackson demonstrates how the new 3D workflow bridges the two application together to take your designs and motion graphics to the next level.

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    One of the most exciting new features in After Effects is the integration of Cinema 4D using the CINEWARE plug-in and a free version of Cinema 4D Lite.

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    After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite: 3D Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Using CINEWARE pdf$ Book Details Author: Chris Jackson Pages.

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