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Electrical Wiring Estimating And Costing Pdf

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Tech Dissertation. Federal University of Technology Akure, Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. O Professor D. Ogunsemi Dr. I specially thank my project supervisor, Professor D.

Ogunsemi for his unflinching support. The guidance, suggestions and kind disposition of Mr O. Ogunsina towards the success of this research work is highly commendable. Aje, Dr. Awodele, Dr. Ayeitan, Mr. Makanjuola, Mr. Akinola, Mr. Ibironke, Mr. Oke, Mr I. Famakin, Mr. Adeniyi Onaopepo and Mr. Oladirin, Sirs, I am extremely grateful.

Also, to my wonderful family, I sincerely take a perfect but humble bow to you all in total respect, greetings, submission, acknowledgement and appreciation for your support, love, encouragement and prayers thus far. Dad and Mum; Dr. O Olawumi, you are inestimable, and my wonderful siblings; Isaac and Stephen Olawumi for their love, care and support throughout this project and majorly throughout my five 5 year career pursuit in FUTA My warmest regards also goes to Mr.

Awosika Seyi for his unflinching assistance in the course of this research, also to Prof. Afolayan, Prof. Arogunjo, Pastor Ogundele Kayode, and their wives for their love, prayers, interest and support.

Also to all the members of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship for their prayers and words of encouragement during my research and my friends; Akinnagbe Femi, Ojo Stephen, Adebusoye Busayo, Babatunde Olufemi, Oladejo John, Adebanjo Damilola, Akpan Glory and other colleagues for contributing to the success of this research work.

I appreciate you all. God bless you all. Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop a cost model for predicting the costs of final sub-circuits in residential electrical installations using multiple regression techniques and linear regression techniques, based on data generated from 33 sets of drawings- Architectural and Electrical drawings of Bungalows 17 bungalows and Duplexes 16 drawings from which also, priced bill of quantities were generated.

In achieving the aim of this research work, six 6 cost models were developed; of which 5 of the 6 models will fit in real life cost prediction works. The first two 2 models was developed using multiple regression analysis to determine the final sub-circuit cost of electrical installation with Coefficient of Determination, R2 of 0. The other models were developed using linear regression analysis technique. The third model assesses the influence of GFA on final circuit cost with R 2 of 0.

The fourth model uses the number of lighting points to determine the length of cable with R2 of 0. The fifth and sixth models use the length of cable to determine the length of conduits with R 2 of 0. In assessing the predictive power of the cost models, model validation was carried out using seven 7 floors of 3 bungalows and 2 duplexes.

Within the Nigerian construction industry, the installation cost of an electrical system in a building is significant. The complexity of building services installations has increased in recent years as demand has grown for intelligently operated environments, driving innovation to improve occupier comfort and extend building performance.

Meanwhile, building services contracting is distinct from most other trades in terms of the role of direct labour, the relevance of the job undertaken by sub-contractors, the extent of co- ordination required between trades and the extent of design work that can be shared between consultants and specialists. Electrical installation in a general term means any fixed appliances, wires, fittings, apparatus or other electrical equipment used for or for purposes incidental to the conveyance, control and use of electricity in a particular place, but does not include any of the following; subject to any regulation made under Electricity Consumer Safety Act subsection 4 — any electrical equipment used, or intended for use, in the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity that is: owned or used by an electricity supply authority, or located in a place that is owned or occupied by such an authority ; Any electrical article connected to, and extending or situated beyond, any electrical outlet socket; Any electrical equipment in or about a mine; Any electrical equipment operating at not more than 50 volts alternating current or volts ripple-free direct current; Any other electrical equipment, or class of electrical equipment, prescribed by the regulations.

Electrical wiring work means the actual physical work of installing, repairing, altering, removing or adding to an electrical installation or the supervising of that work. Electrical wiring composes of electrical equipment such as cables, switch boards, main switches, and miniature circuit breakers MCB or fuses, residual current devices RCD , lighting points, power points, lightning arrestors, etc. The electrical work in residential houses must be made, taking into account the particular interior design.

In some cases, cables can be laid under the ceilings, while in others you will need to drill walls and floor. That is why execution of electrical works here requires an integrated professional approach that takes into account the requirements of operation, safety and aesthetic perfection as well.

Part P of the building regulations limit what electrical work may be carried out by anyone other than a professional electrician who is a competent person registered with an electrical self-certification scheme. An electrical licence is required before any electrical wiring work can be undertaken, regardless of the cost of the work and regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial or industrial.

When work is carried out by a professional electrician, they will deal with the necessary paperwork to comply with the Regulations. Electrical symbols are used to show the lighting arrangement desired in the home.

This includes all switches, fixtures, and outlets while the electrical plans display all of the circuits and systems to be used by the electrical contractor during installation. Rough-in happens after the structure is framed and covered with roofing.

The electrical meter and permanent service can also be installed at this time; Finish electrical, this is when the light fixtures, outlets and covers, and appliances are installed prior to occupancy. Finish electrical is one of the last construction phases. The building regulations set out overall criteria and requirements to ensure electrical safety in and around the home. It should be bear in mind that any electrical work carried out within the home, garden, garage, shed and other storage buildings may need to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Essentially, electrical works falls into two categories: Non-notifiable and Notifiable. Non- notifiable electrical work, some work is classed as 'non-notifiable', and this work can be carried out by a non-certified individual without notification although, obviously, the individual does need to be competent.

Non-notifiable electrical work covers: Replacement of fittings such as sockets, switches and light fittings; Replacement of the cable for a single circuit where it has been damaged; Work that is not in the bathroom or kitchen and consists of: Adding additional lighting, light fittings and switches, to an existing circuit; Adding additional sockets and fused spurs to an existing ring or radial main; Installing additional earth bonding.

All this 'non-notifiable electrical work' is conditional upon the use of suitable cable and fittings for the application for which they are intended, that the circuit protective measures are unaffected and suitable for protecting the new circuit, and that all work complies with all other appropriate regulations. The classification was based on functions of the installations which could be likened to elements in the case of building.

Thus to measure installation that performs a particular function, requires a combination of trades. Each of these categories comprise of several key accessories.

Due to the diversification of availability of different types of accessories, a systematic approach should be adopted in the process of building the model. Several procedures can be adapted to this effect and the following three steps will be followed in building this particular cost model: 1. Identification of the Cost Variables 2. Collection and analysis of cost data 3. Also, the non-availability of electrical drawings for residential buildings could lead to variations and loads of claims by the contractors in situations in which the estimated allowances for such electrical installations is found to have been underestimated; therefore, the desire and requirements by the clients to get accurate estimate in order to enable them to take a right decision regarding the feasibility of proposed building services such as electrical works in residential buildings becomes unrealisable.

Therefore, a cost model will provide an acceptable solution within this scenario. What are the productivity constants of electrical installation technicians? What are the influences of floor area on final sub-circuit costs?

What is the predictive power of the cost model? The following objectives are proposed in achieving this aim. To assess the productivity of electrical installation technicians. To assess the influence of floor area on final sub-circuit costs. To assess the predictive power of the cost model. A contractor who estimates poorly will ultimately fail, no matter how well his technical skills. If he underestimates his costs, he will find himself either using his own funds to complete a job, returning to his client to ask for more money or leaving the job incomplete or completed poorly.

Overestimating will put him at a competitive disadvantage and cause him to lose work to better estimators, Robert The study findings will therefore be of use to both clients and contractors alike in the determination of preliminary cost estimate for electrical installation works thereby helping in setting budget in client organization.

Also, the study will help the clients and electrical services contractors in the aspect of cost planning and budgeting for the electrical installation works by ensuring that the cost of building services does not varies uncontrollably for this aspect of building services work, through the determination of cost significance and cost distribution of electrical items for electrical installation works.

The cost model so derived will be of great to the client organizations, consultants and contractors respectively. Such residential buildings to be considered include bungalows and duplexes. Such residential buildings were categorized on floor basis. This expectation is found in both the public and the private sectors in all client industries, locations, and financial situations. Owners also have in expectation that a budget prepared early in a project will be accurate and that the project will be completed to the required scope, quality, and performance within that budget in terms of cost and time factors.

Owners invariably place a high priority on cost issues, regardless of the quality or other attributes of the project. They may even judge success or failure exclusively in terms of cost. During the past decade, professional organizations, educational institutions, government and private entities have supported the development of building cost models and provided seminars and other educational programs on this subject.

The success of these efforts has varied, but one issue has become clear: Achieving high-quality design and implementing effective cost analysis and management are not contradictory objectives. Nearly every decision an architect makes during the design stages and construction affects project costs.

Some decisions have direct effect on project costs and as such, straight forward because they affect building quality or performance. Others are more subtle or have indirect influence on project costs; affecting ease of construction, complexity of building elements, or availability of materials.

A Course in Electrical Installation Estimating & Costing epub free

These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Estimating and Costing is a core subject in civil engineering courses. Students need a clear understanding of this subject as it teaches them various aspects of civil engineering requirements that go into costing, studying and filling tender documents, and procurement of materials. Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering comprehensively covers every aspect of the subject and the syllabus for all diploma, certificate, or degree courses in civil engineering and draftsman courses. It covers many topics like determining the quantities of materials required, estimating labour costs, studying and preparing tender documents, preparing specifications of construction items, and procurement of materials.

List of ebooks and manuels about Electrical estimating and costing by jb gupta. Reference books Raina Jivraj Mehta Institute. Raina and Dr. Allagappan, S.

Types of wires, wiring system. Estimation and estimation tools. Layout for domestic Wiring, Load calculation. Transmission lines, Line supports, Factors governing height of pole, Conductor materials, size of conductor for overhead, Transmission line: cross arms, pole brackets and clamps, guys and stays, conductors configuration spacing and clearances, span lengths, overhead line insulators, insulator materials lightning arrestors, erection of supports, setting of stays, Earthing of lines, Guarding of overhead lines, Clearances of conductor from ground, Spacing between supports conductors, I. Estimation of repairing cost and overall cost. The theory should be taught and practical should be undertaken in such a manner that students are able to acquire different learning outcomes in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains to demonstrate the following course outcomes: i. Prepare an estimate of quantity and cost of the material for a electrical project following IE Act

A Course in Electrical Installation Estimating and Costing book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A course in electrical i.

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Eee viii electrical design,estimation and costing 10ee81 notes electrical substation electrical wiring. A course in electrical installation estimating and costing. A person experienced in estimating construction costs should have little water to the surface; of course, the costs involved must be considered in the estimate. Designer's choices in mechanical and electrical systems and in the choice of Find out more about the role of an electrical estimator and what skills, and personal attributes to move into this area of construction engineering. License and Electrical Course Certification from N.

Embed Size px x x x x Raina S. C GARG. Electrical wiring, estimating and costing. Uppal- Khanna Publisher.

Call , Sir please send this book PDF on whatsaap sir actually this downloading link not in working. Engineering in Industrial Engineering. Industrial engineering cost reduction and productivity improvement is applicable in all engineering branches.

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Electrical estimating and costing by jb gupta

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