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Cultural products that are both mass-produced and for mass audiences. Examples include mass-media entertainments—films, television programmes, popular books, newspapers, magazines, popular music, leisure goods, household items, clothing, and mechanically-reproduced art. In the affirmative sense, synonymous with popular culture the preferred term in cultural studies and where the focus is on uses rather than production , although some theorists distinguish it from traditional folk culture because it is oriented toward profit and is organized according to the laws governing commodity exchange.

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Popular Culture and the Mass Media, Sociology of

Popular culture is a movement that was started in order to give voice to the common masses through different forms of media, such as television shows, technology, magazines, folklore, sports, movies, contemporary books, paintings, sports, fashion, pop music, and so on. It was initiated against the pre-existing culture of the upper class of the society. Interdisciplinary in nature, the journal pays attention to the interconnection of popular culture with ethnicity, gender, identity, and social class. This is an ongoing process with social media and the internet being an integral part of present society that has magnified the scope of the journal. It engages with the social, economic, historical, cultural, religious and political aspects of the global population. The journal aspires to contribute to the existing research and its promulgation by offering a platform to researchers for further discussion. Sarah K.

The Second Edition of this bestselling text takes a unique approach to the study of mass communication and cultural. Charles Whitney, and J. Macgregor Wise contend that mass communication cannot be studied apart from the other. MediaMaking: Mass. Media in a Popular Culture explores the variety of ways in which the media are involved in our social lives, including the. Macgregor Wise contend that mass communication cannot be studied apart from the otherinstitutions in society and the other dimensions of social life - each is shaping and defining the other.

Media culture

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mass culture

In cultural studies , media culture refers to the current Western capitalist society that emerged and developed from the 20th century, under the influence of mass media. The alternative term mass culture conveys the idea that such culture emerges spontaneously from the masses themselves, like popular art did before the 20th century. Another alternative term for media culture is "image culture. Media culture, with its declinations of advertising and public relations, is often considered as a system centered on the manipulation of the mass of society. The news media mines the work of scientists and scholars and conveys it to the general public , often emphasizing elements that have inherent appeal or the power to amaze.

The Role and Influence of Mass Media

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