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Acute Effects of Cannabis on Breath-Holding Duration

Potency trends of delta9-THC and other cannabinoids in confiscated marijuana from Journal of Forensic Sciences 45 1 : , Operating a motor vehicle after marijuana use: Perspectives from people who use high-potency marijuana. Substance Abuse 39 1 : , Influence of marijuana potency and amount of cigarette consumed on marijuana smoking pattern.

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Scores ranged from 0 not at all to extremely. Error bars indicate SEM. Horizontal axes are not accurate time scales and represent the time points at which subjective drug effects were assessed. A and B, Higher scores indicate poorer performance relative to baseline. C-F, Lower scores indicate worse performance relative to baseline.

Response to marijuana as a function of potency and breathhold duration

It is unknown whether a bio-behavioral index of distress intolerance, breath-holding duration, is acutely influenced increased or decreased by cannabis. Such information may further inform understanding of the expression of psychological or physiological distress post-cannabis use. This within-subjects study examined whether smoked marijuana with 2. Controlling for baseline breath-holding duration and participant sex, THC produced significantly lower breath-holding durations relative to placebo. There was a significant interaction of drug administration x frequency of cannabis use, such that THC decreased breath-holding time among less frequent but not among more frequent users. Findings indicate that cannabis may be exacerbating distress intolerance via breath-holding duration. Objective measures of distress intolerance are sensitive to contextual factors such as acute drug intoxication, and may inform the link between cannabis use and the expression of psychological distress.

In clinical and research settings, self-report of substance use, in the form of daily diaries or the Time-Line Follow-Back method 1 , is essential in monitoring baseline substance use and change over the course of treatment or research involvement. For alcohol and nicotine, completion of such self-reports is straightforward, with individuals reporting number of alcoholic beverages consumed and number of cigarettes smoked. Marijuana is more difficult to quantify for several reasons. It is consumed in a number of ways, including joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, and vaporizers, each potentially containing different amounts of marijuana per unit. Additionally, marijuana is very commonly shared, so that one joint may be divided between several people. While money spent on marijuana may be a reasonable proxy for potency, prices among dealers and geographic regions vary.

The present study examined the effects of systematic manipulation of breathhold duration (0 and 20 s) on the physiological and subjective response to activ.

Marijuana Constituents and potency trends

Cannabis is a fast-growing, flowering plant native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For thousands of years, it has been cultivated around the world for use in textiles, medicine, and spirituality, and it now grows on every continent except Antarctica. Cannabis is the only known source of the psychoactive cannabinoids THC and CBD, which are proving therapeutic for a variety of physiological and psychological issues. Cannabis comes in a variety of forms for consumption, the most popular being dried buds, which are usually consumed in a joint, bong, pipe, or vaporizer. The resin may also be extracted to make hashish hash , dabs shatter, budder, etc.

The War on Drugs is losing, and pot is winning. Here in New England, every state has legalized medical marijuana; every state but New Hampshire has decriminalized recreational pot; and Vermont and Massachusetts now are poised to fully legalize pot use by adults. And time for us to learn how to reduce the health hazards of smoking pot. All drugs pose risks. Whether medicinal or recreational, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, whether legal or illicit, every drug produces undesirable side effects.

First Aid for Cannabis Smokers

The present study examined the effects of systematic manipulation of breathhold duration 0 and 20 s on the physiological and subjective response to active M; 2. During the eight-session experiment, subjects were exposed twice to each of four experimental conditions P0, P20, M0, M20 , scheduled according to a randomized block design. A controlled smoking procedure was used in which the number of puffs and puff volume were held constant. Expired-air carbon monoxide CO levels were used to monitor smoke intake. Heart rate was minimally affected by the breathhold manipulation. Effects of marijuana on mood were not consistently affected by breathhold duration.

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The actual influence of breathhold duration on response to marijuana smoke has not been studied. little evidence that response to marijuana was a function of breathhold duration. Article Download PDFView Record in ScopusGoogle Scholar Comparison of effects of marijuana cigarettes of three different potencies.

Being stoned: a review of self-reported cannabis effects

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Challenges in Quantifying Marijuana Use

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