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It is a basic building block of any digital components. The very first transistor invented was a point contact transistor.

Basic Electronics - Transistors

The arrangement of the three terminals affects the current and the amplification of the transistor. The behavior of Bipolar junction transistors is also very different for each circuit configuration. The three different circuit configurations produce different circuit characteristics with regards to input impedance, output impedance and gain. These characteristics affect whether the transistor exhibits voltage gain, current gain or power gain. One of the primary operations of a bipolar junction transistor is to amplify the signal of the current. Bipolar junction Transistors are able to regulate the current so that the current magnitude is proportional to the biased voltage applied at the base terminal of the transistor.

While the first transistor was invented 70 years ago but till now it changed the world from mysterious big computers to small smartphones. The invention of transistor changed the concept of electrical circuits to integrated circuits IC. Bipolar junction transistor BJT is a bidirectional device that uses both electrons and holes as charge carriers. While Unipolar transistor i. BJT is a current controlled device. The current flows from emitter to collector or from collector to emitter depending on the type of connection.

Transistor working, construction and Symbols

After having a good knowledge on the working of the diode, which is a single PN junction, let us try to connect two PN junctions which make a new component called Transistor. A Transistor is a three terminal semiconductor device that regulates current or voltage flow and acts as a switch or gate for signals. Suppose that you have a FM receiver which grabs the signal you want. The received signal will obviously be weak due to the disturbances it would face during its journey. Now if this signal is read as it is, you cannot get a fair output.

PNP Transistor

Transistors are one of the very important components used in electronic circuit constructions. These humble components can almost be found everywhere; from simple relay driver circuits to complex motherboard circuits, transistors prove their presence. In fact, your microcontrollers and microprocessors are nothing but a collection of a large number of transistors synthesized to perform a collective operation.

The second important type of transistors, next to the field-effect transistor, is the bipolar transistor. Its mode of operation is based on both charge carriers thus bipolar , electrons and holes. Bipolar transistors are faster than field-effect transistors, however, they require more space and are therefore more expensive in mass production. Bipolar transistors consist essentially of two mutually connected p-n junctions with the layer sequence n-p-n or p-n-p. The connections of the bipolar transistor are emitter E , base B and collector C.

NPN Transistor

Well, with modern-day transistors like the BC, 2n, 2n, etc.

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