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Drafting Pleading & Conveyance

The aim of this blog is to epitomise the concept and basic principles of drafting. There are various principles which are specified to the Lawyers so that they can use it in the legal field. The duty of the advocate is to tell his clients all the details regarding the case. It is an art which can be gained only by continuous practice. The main feature is to represent all the relevant statements and issues.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law education institutes including national law schools. It will also be an interesting reference for practitioners and law researchers. The text presents an interesting and fresh approach to the subject while covering the syllabus prescribed by the Bar Council of India. It deals with the principles of and procedure for drafting various notices, plaints, written statements, civil applications, marriage petitions, petitions under succession law, consumer law, criminal complaints and applications, appeal and revision and writ petitions. It also covers drafting of various deeds under the law of conveyancing such as mortgage deed, gift deed and adoption deed, supported by specimens. For the benefit of the readers, at the very beginning of every draft, the relevant substantive and procedural laws are discussed in detail.

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The written word is one of the most important tools of the legal profession. Words are used to advocate, inform, persuade, and instruct. Every word you write should be tailored to the needs of the reader. For example, a brief submitted to the court must advocate and persuade. A memorandum to a client must analyze the issues, report the state of the law, and recommend an appropriate course of action. Always keep your audience in mind when crafting any piece of writing.

Current's Guide to Drafting of Legal Deeds and Documents (in Marathi) by Adv. Girish Kulkarni

Drafting Legal is an art of legal writing which is one of the main element of any legal proceedings. Good drafting creates a valuable positive impression in the mind of the judge. You will also have Drafting Sample, Example, Formate with downloadable pdf or word file. June 25, When the elements of plaint are missing or where the proper process is not maintained, the court shall reject the plaint.

Legal drafting is the most important instrument of legal communication. A professional need to have a very good hand at drafting as the skill to draft well is the skill to think and communicate well. Drafting is the collection and placing of all aspects of the matter in a logical manner and a lucid style so that the contents of the documents can be understood without any ambiguity. It becomes essential for a draftsman to draft all legal documents with precision, to clearly depict all essential facts as well as engage a layman to its content. Let us focus now on drafting of deeds, since in our day to day lives, we come across drafting of various deeds, such as partnership Deed , LLP deed, gift deed , trust deed, Share Purchase Deed, Lease Deed and so on.

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This laudable work is a comprehensive study on Pleadings civil and criminal , Drafting and Conveyancing. The book is written in simple and lucid language and provides essential and useful material on this subject. Model forms have also been provided, wherever necessary, for better guidance and understanding of the subject.

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    Pre-requisites of drafting of legal documents are the skills of draftsman, the Thus, conveyance is an act of conveyancing or transferring any property whether.

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    Paper: LB – - Drafting, Pleadings and Conveyance. Note: This is a kind of practical paper, related to purely procedural aspect of the legal profession.

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    Lesson 4-Drafting and Conveyancing Relating to Various Deeds and Documents (I). An agreement which is enforceable at law is called a contract. Generally.

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    Power learning strategies for success in college and life 6th edition pdf introduction to computing and programming in python 3e pdf download

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