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Capacitor Smoothing Circuits & Calculations

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Power Supplies

Power is the backbone of any electronic system and the power supply is what feeds the system. Choosing the right supply can be the critical difference between a device working at optimum levels and one that may deliver inconsistent results. Direct current power supplies are either unregulated or regulated. Regulated supplies come in several options including linear, switched and battery-based. A power supply takes the AC from the wall outlet, converts it to unregulated DC, and reduces the voltage using an input power transformer, typically stepping it down to the voltage required by the load. For safety reasons, the transformer also separates the output power supply from the mains input.

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors are ideal for for acting as smoothing capacitors as many electrolytics are able to provide a sufficiently high capacitance and withstand the level of ripple current needed to smooth the waveform. Essentially the smoothing circuit fills in the major dips in the raw rectified waveform so that the linear regulator or switch mode power supply circuitry can operate correctly. They change the waveform from being one that changes from zero to the peak voltage over the course of the cycle of the incoming power waveform and change it to one where the changes are very much less. Essentially they smooth the waveform out, and this gives rise to the name. As smoothing capacitors are used in both linear regulated power supplies and switch mode power supplies, they form an essential part of many of these electronic circuits.

The resistor and capacitor act as alow pass filter and the high frequency electric current is blocked. Finally some more smoothing is done with a voltage regulator.

Power Supply Filters and Regulators

A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current AC to direct current DC , a process known as rectification. Rectifiers have many uses including as components of power supplies and as amplitude modulation detectors envelope detectors of radio signals. Rectifiers are most commonly made using solid state diodes but other type of components can be used when very high voltages or currents are involved.

Embed Size px x x x x Power Supply Filters and RegulatorsA power supply filter ideally eliminates the fluctuations in the output voltage of a half-wave or full-wave rectifier and produces a constant-level DC voltage. Filtering is necessary because electronic circuits require a constant source of DC voltage and current to provide power and biasing for proper operation. Filters are implemented with capacitors. Voltage regulation in power supplies is usually done with integrated circuit voltage regulators.

6.1 Rectifier

Ripple specifically ripple voltage in electronics is the residual periodic variation of the DC voltage within a power supply which has been derived from an alternating current AC source. This ripple is due to incomplete suppression of the alternating waveform after rectification. Ripple voltage originates as the output of a rectifier or from generation and commutation of DC power. Ripple specifically ripple current or surge current may also refer to the pulsed current consumption of non-linear devices like capacitor-input rectifiers. As well as these time-varying phenomena, there is a frequency domain ripple that arises in some classes of filter and other signal processing networks.

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    The main purpose of a voltage regulator is to maintain the output voltage at a certain level irrespective of the variation in the input voltage due to.

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    Power Supply Filters and Regulators: We know that a pulsating dc wave is the output of the rectifier circuit. Our ultimate aim is to obtain a constant dc output.

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