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The Oracle Certification Program certifies candidates on skills and knowledge related to Oracle products and technologies.

This certification is based upon JSF 2. It's a good certification for JSF developer because It will give recognition on that slightly niche technology. The ideal candidate is also experienced with developing web applications. If you're an Application Development Framework developer you will also have the skills to make the short jump to getting certified on this technology. Becos of that i have known many things daily.


This certification is based upon JSF 2. It's a good certification for JSF developer because It will give recognition on that slightly niche technology. The ideal candidate is also experienced with developing web applications. If you're an Application Development Framework developer you will also have the skills to make the short jump to getting certified on this technology. Becos of that i have known many things daily. Thanks in Advance Hello AlexPandiyan.

C, Thanks for being a regular reader and supporting my blog. If you are looking for books, I have already shared couple of them in this blog, and if you are looking for mock exam, I would suggest using Whizlabs Simulator for Java SE 7, that would be more than enough to get a good score. Thanks for your reply paul. Please share link of that article about books. I want to know if there any free websites conducting mock exam for OCA? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the beta is closed from 15th November and you need to wait for 10 weeks to give this exam, once production version is available. As I said before, if you don't hold any previous SCJP exam then you need to first clear associate level and then professional level.

Also passing any Oracle beta exam is the same as passing a production exam. As said in Oracle site, if you were to pass all the beta versions of the exams required within an Oracle Certification path, you will earn your Oracle Certification credential.

Since beta exams has more questions than production exam they allow more time to complete it, it's more of a feedback gathering process, but you will only be judged on the questions which make to production exam, that's why scoring of beta exam and production exam is same. Hi, Have you completed your certification? Please share your experience and highlight about the difficulty level of exam.

Hi , May I know what is difference in exam 1Z and 1Z? Anonymous, You can see this article for my recommend books for Java SE 8 certification. They are essentially the books which you will use to learn Java 8. Exam topics are not much difference then content covered on those books. So if you are a certified Java developer you can take 1Z exam to become Java 8 certified Professional. This is similar to 1Z upgrade exam for Java 7 Professional. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your 1Z exam notes.

It's now available as full exam. Hello guys, apologies for the my rather naive post , but I am getting quite lost about the 1Z Is it me , or there are just not so many available books to study? In comparison to SE7 exams, seems that the SE8 is not "there" yet. However, if you have "the" book for 1Z to recommend please do.

Thanks, Alex. Please suggest I should go for 7 or 8 and why? I have recently changed job and looking to get some certifications to upgrade my profile for future. You can also take a loot at my another article on same topic. David thanks for update. I would say good time to get certified for what you know :. To learn more about discount offer see here. I have read your blog and all comments then I got to know that 1Z is certificate upgrade exam.

Could you please tell me in which certification exam I need to appear 1Z or 1Z I like to know that I am eligible to gice Java 8 Certification or not. Hello , apart from pass OCP Java 8 who i need to submit a coursework or something to oracle before i will have the certification? Only difference between 1Z and 1Z is that later is an upgrade exam and you must have a Java SE 6 or prior certification to appear on it.

All certifications are now available, they have come out of beta long ago. Hi, I haven't done done any java certification. I am an average student. Anonymous, if you are completely new to Java and you are not on programming job than you should at-least take 4 to 6 months to practice daily. Hari, Thanks for your price but not sure Unknown ask in terms of Indian rupees.

Unknown, price of Java 8 certification varies depending upon which country you belong or where you intent to give exam.

You can check the price in Official Oracle certification site mentioned in this article. Hello Everyone,Iam really confused which i have to opt OCAJP 7 or 8 Iam a fresher and had done core java and advanced java course and looking for a job. Could anyone please advice me which one to opt? Thanks in Advance Syed. Unknown, to remain competent and relevant, I suggest to opt for OCP 8 exams.

Java 8 has new features such as lambda expressions which represents a move to bring more functional programming abilities into Java, streams and parallel streams : Excellent example of applying functional programming in practice, and Java date and time API. How much average time will be required for its preparation?? On average you need atleast 3 good month of preparation to score anywhere between 80 to Thanks Javin Paul, and what books would you suggest?

You can use the Study guide for Java 8 and if you really want to learn Java 8, you can choose couple of books from my Java 8 book list. Hello sir, is ocajp 8 exam is compulsory for ocpjp 8 certification? If so then how i register for it? Hello Paul I am new in Java world.

Which book I should refer for preparation? Thanks, Rohit. I am Java 5 certified. I want to appear for Java 8.

Are there any dumps available for ocajp 8? I have read some books.. Any kind of help will be appreciated. Hi can u plz send some PDF and dumps for ocajp I'm gonna to prepare on this..

Post a Comment. I don't have much detail, so I still keep this post as it is, but once I have got more information. I will also update this post. This prompted me to browse through Oracle's certification website.

I know, you might be thinking about Java SE 11 certification , which is the latest Java certification available, but still many programmers are going for Java 8 because that's what they use in their production environment. Anyway, I said great, as programmers are still digesting changes from Java 8 now have a chance to be certified the on latest Java 8. The format of the exam is similar to the previous certification, e.

If you compare this with Java SE 7 exam, many questions are higher and difficult compared to, and you will get 2. Given this exam is available, I am sure programmers will start getting confused that whether should they go for Java SE 8 or wait for the more latest Java SE 9, 10, or 11 exams. My suggestion to all of them is that it depends on, if you are a fresh graduate from college and looking for a job, do Java SE 8 certification as soon as possible, it will help you to get a job faster.

On the other hand, If you already have a job and settling there, you can wait for some time until more updated Java SE certification exam is released. But, If you are not sure about the importance of Java certification itself, I suggest you read my article about why you should do Java certification.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. What about JavaServer Faces Developer? September 26, at AM javin paul said C said October 4, at AM javin paul said October 4, at AM Alexpandiyan. October 4, at AM Unknown said I just the registration website, the exam duration is only minutes. October 12, at PM Anonymous said November 11, at AM Unknown said November 27, at AM Anonymous said December 6, at PM javin paul said December 6, at PM Anonymous said March 29, at AM Unknown said May 18, at PM Anonymous said

Practice Quiz: Exam 1Z0-808 - Java SE 8 Programmer I

Practice questions help prepare students for not only the concepts, but also the manner in which Java certified professionals are certified individuals who specialize in Java information technology programs and applications. The Oracle 1z test engine creates a nearly actual atmosphere, which can boost your confidence in Oracle real exam. So, we inquired Oracle about their plans on Java certification updates. You can use the 1Z exam dumps in your free time from your smartphone for your 1Z exam preparation. Quickest easiest way to pass the java certification ocajp 8 exam is probably to cram the real exam questions and their answers. Our customers before you speak highly of the Oracle 1z exam dumps.

Sun Java Certification Questions And Answers Pdf

Back Java 8 Certification practice tests with answers. Start Full Test. Java 8 Certification tests chapter wise.

Only failed assertions are recorded. We would want to mock the DataService in our unit tests. There are 40 questions on the real ServSafe food handler assessment and also on this practice test.

Question about Sun Java certification | Oracle Community

Official website at a sun certification answers are using only one which question for the user. Include it to a sun java certification and answers pdf of the interview! Retaking the sun certification questions answers pdf format, not learn a feel of spring. Previous value of sun java certification pdf files on java, we do not belongs to master java and optimize its subclasses can not contain multiple choice in. Functions like about your certification and answers pdf contains questions and feel of digits in this was the quality content at taking exam quickly and answers on the type. Appear before taking sun certification questions answers on the exam and server? Injection for java certification questions and answers pdf files on this makes the mock exams, taking a different browser.

Featured Deal. This free quiz contains 15 Java programming questions with answer explanations to help you test your Java skills and prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer 1 exam 1Z All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation. Today's Deal.

What is the result? A) Pen Pencil Box B) Pen Pencil C) Box D) Compilation fails. The correct answer mentioned in the PDF is C. But this program.

There are several sites that offer OCP 1Z dumps or 1z real exam questions of various certification exams. However, we are not one of such sites. We do not sell brain dumps or pdf of actual exam questions.

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