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Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world and share a historical traditional connection, with some major theological differences.

Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world and they have many points of contact. Both inherited from Judaism a belief in one God monotheism who created the world and cares about the behavior and beliefs of human beings.

Christianity and Islam

Two major theological themes occupy this chapter. First, at the heart of the formation, reception, and history of interpretation of their sacred texts, the Christian and Muslim traditions exhibit several noteworthy similarities as well as important differences. Though both came eventually to revolve around a unique sacred text, the Muslim community grew even as the scripture was being revealed. For the Christians, the multiauthored New Testament was relatively delayed, by contrast, in its formation as a unified canon. Second, the earliest communities of Christians and Muslims bore very different relationships to their sacred sources but also showed some intriguing analogies in the ways the core circles of original adherents related to their founding figures. As the two largest "Peoples of the Book," Christians and Muslims are keenly aware that their traditions are rooted in authoritative sacred texts. Both global communities have also generated complex histories of scriptural interpretation.

Looking for Similarities Where Others See Differences

Analyzing religion isn't just for the pious anymore. Since the World Trade Center towers were blown away in the name of God four years ago, since the journalist Daniel Pearl and numberless others have been murdered by men and women who seem to believe that heaven will reward their actions, Americans have been forced to acknowledge that religious differences kill, even or maybe especially in the 21st century. Some people believe that basic tolerance of others' religions is the answer. Sam Harris, the author of the current best seller "The End of Faith" Norton , recommends abolishing all forms of religion. It sets out to prove that the three world faiths involved in current global conflicts are really one big religion. So let's just call ourselves Abrahamic, shake hands and relax. Armstrong delves into those similarities, as do almost three dozen other experts, from Harvard, Yale and other universities and organizations like the Progressive Muslim Union of North America, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance and the Church of England.

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Both are monotheistic religions who believe in one eternal creator God. Religion is a very important part of life. The Concept Of God — both of these religions are monotheistic. There are obviously similarities between the Hebrew, Christian and Islamic versions. Another important similarity between the three monotheistic religions is that their sacred scriptures are believed to have originated from the same sources.

1. Surprising Comparison between. Christianity and Islam. Dudley Woodberry Pre-Islamic Religious Setting. (7th Century). Pagans: Difference and Denials.

Similarities and Dissimilarities between Islam and Christianity

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Similarities and Dissimilarities between Islam and Christianity

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