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Diesel Generator Operation and Maintenance Manual HYUNDAI ENGINE Series

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Sisay Negese. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Thanks to their good performance, the generator sets are widely used in the fields of construction, communication, banking business, mining, leasing industry and other special sites.

As what you are expecting, HYUNDAI generator sets endeavor to meet your needs for the concept of individual design through the excellent features of more safe, more reliable and more clean.

The advantage of low noise level, energy conservation, and stable performance has made a credible assurance for many enterprises. Our generator sets supply the following power service: Continuous serviceUsed as main power supply to generate electricity for several purposes: motion force, lighting, heating etc.

Standby service Used as standby power supply to provide continue electric power for non-invariable loads. The generator set is suitable for the area where must ensure continue power supply, such as hospitals, industrial facilities, airports etc. Keep the generator set standby state at any time and start to run when the mains supply is abnormal. The generator set can start in short order to provide steady electric power for the loads when the mains supply happen abnormity, and switch to stop after the mains supply becomes normal.

Generally the generator set continues working for several hours. And furthermore, HYUNDAI Power pay special attention to the technical advantage of engines in the aspects of reducing exhaust gas, decrease fuel consumption rate and good noise level control.

Cooling SystemThe engine cooling system is water cooled. The water cooled system is comprised of a radiator a pusher fan and thermostat. The alternator has its own internal fan to cool the alternator components.

This system includes an electric engine starter, a battery and a battery charging alternator. For DC 12 volts electrical system one battery is given. For 24 volt system two lead-acid batteries are given. Other types of batteries may be fitted if they were specified. CouplingEngine and alternator are firmly joined by a coupling cone that guarantees the proper assembly coaxiality Single-support machines are also used a special flexible disk is used in place of a flexible coupling.

Fuel Tank and Base FrameThe engine and alternator are coupled together and mounted on a heavy duty steel base frame. This base frame includes a fuel tank with capacity of approximately 8 hours operation under variable loads. The tank is complete with filling cap and fuel level gauge and is connected by flexible joints to the intake piping and to the overflow piping containing fuel from the injector drain. Big capacity generator's fuel tank is separate from generator set.

The core of control panel is an imported digital diesel engine control module, which has been facilitated with more complex functions such as further monitors, demonstration, people-module dialogue, distance communication and protection etc. HYUNDAI Power generator set control panel use steel plate structure, which ensures security and reliability, and the surface of it has been treated with static powder painting.

The outside appearance is beautiful. Special lock has been used to fix it. It has been designed for easy maintenance. Optional for Canopy Generator Set External antifreeze adding holeOur generator sets has been facilitated with external antifreeze filling hole.

When user intends to add antifreeze, He only needs to open the antifreeze filling hole on the roof of canopy and the radiator's pressure valve cap to directly add antifreeze to the hole, and easily watch the anti-freeze level. General OutlineCorrect installation of generator set is the precondition which ensure the normal working status of the generator set. The working room for generator set shall be designed specifically to meet the expected functions and maintenance operations, and at the same time the design of generator set working room shall conform to local government's laws and regulations on architecture, fire protection laws and other applicable regulations.

TransportationDuring the period of shipment, protection shall be made for the generator set. In addition, the generator set shall be tightly secured in the loading truck so that to avoid any vibration during shipment which will cause the generator set's components loosen and even damaged. During the process of shipment of generator set, no people or other material is allowed to place above the generator set so that to avoid damage to generator set caused by weight. When loading or unloading the generator set to the truck, forklift or hoisting device shall be used to avoid the generator set become tilted or fell to the ground, which causes damage.

Lifting holes have been designed on the common base frame of our generator sets. Some of the specifically designed generator sets has been facilitated with lifting holes on the roof and forklift openings on the base frame etc. Users can transport the generator set according to the guidance specified on the specific labels sticked on the generator set. Please do not use the lifting lugs on the engine or on the alternator to hoist the whole generator set.

Design for Generator Set Working RoomThe installation of generator set shall be designed, so that to meet the demand of planned operation and maintenance. The complete installation shall conform to local architecture laws, fire protection laws and other applicable regulations. The silencer and exhaust pipe shall be supported by the roof, the supporter shall allow the exhaust pipe to expand.

It is not permitted to install the exhaust system directly on the generator set. Below is the layout for the open system generator set working room. Below is the layout for the canopy system generator set working room. If users wants to operate the generator set indoor, above diagram can be taken as reference. Installation of Generator Set Locate the position of generator setVibration reduction units have been installed on our generator sets except a few generator sets don't have this kind of facility.

Users can take reference on the installation diagram, correctly install the generator set on a flat and hard foundation, use the expansion bolts to tightly fix the generator set to the concrete foundation through the installation holes on the base frame.

When no special requirement is needed, we don't suggest customers to install additional vibration reduction units. Soft connection is needed to connect the parts of the generator set to outside.

For example: corrugated vibration reduction pipe has been used to connect exhaust pipes, air exhaust path, fuel inlet pipe, fuel return pipe and busbar cable etc. Only in this way we can reduce the adverse effect caused by the vibration of generator set to the minimum extent. VentilationWhen a generator set with a complete set of radiator assembly has been installed in the working room, the basic principle is to discharge the hot air in the working room to outside and let in the low temperature air from outside, and try you best to avoid the hot air come in from outside.

The diagram in the right side demonstrates the ideal position of a generator set in the working room. The purpose of this arrangement is to get cold air from the lowest point as much as possible, and force them to pass through the radiator core, and then lead them out.

Users can use metal plate or canvas to make a wind guide cover, the connection between wind guide cover and the radiator shall be soft connection, so that to cut off the transmission of vibration from the generator set, and also ensure the hot air exhaust to outside thoroughly.

The effective circulation sectional area inside of the wind guide cover shall be bigger than 1. And the wind guide cover shall be smooth, no sharp angle and camber so that to reduce the resistance to the wind. At the same time, the effective circulation sectional area in the air inlet opening shall also be bigger than 1.

Under normal conditions, the air volume generated from the radiator's fan is enough to meet the requirement of the working room ventilation. The air inlet temperature of the engine shall be below 30 degree Celsius. If the air inlet temperature keep rising above 30 degree Celsius, the engine's output power will be reduced, and therefore fresh air from outside shall be introduced into the generator set's working room in a timely manner.

If the generator set is furnished with a remote radiator, forced air circulation for the generator set working room is a must. The forced air circulation need two fans, one fan is responsible for air intake, another is air exhaust, which exhausts hot air to outside. When the engine is furnished with propelled fan, it is recommended that a separate pipe is needed to exhaust the gas which generated from the crankcase to outside.

Otherwise the exhaust gas from the crankcase will accumulate on the radiator, which will cause the radiator stuck by dirty material, and as a result, the heat-sinking capacity will be reduced. ExhaustOur standard configuration diesel generator sets provide accessories such as industry heavy silencer, soft corrugated pipe and elbow etc.

Users can design the exhaust system of generator set working room by themselves. If no separated exhaust pipe is allowed, under the condition that the total backpressure will not exceed the generator sets' total backpressure a moveable separate panel shall be installed inside of the branch exhaust pipe so that to prevent the gas from return. If the diesel generator set is installed on the anti-vibration base frame, the corrugated pipe can compensate sideway movement when engine start or stop.

Serious damage will occur when rain or condensed water enter into engine's exhaust system. Therefore, one water discharge opening shall be installed in the long exhaust pipe, the position of which shall be close to the generator set. In order to meet the noise level standards established by the local environmental protection bureau and to prevent the noise pollution caused to ambient environment, which will affect people's normal life, to reduce noise level of diesel generator set is also very important.

Noise reduction engineering is a comprehensive and professional engineering. Otherwise, the noise reduction project will seriously affect generator set's output power, and make generator set' s temperature rise, cause frequent malfunction of the generator set, and even it will shorten the life expectancy of generator set. Cooling systemOur standard configuration diesel generator sets are closed cycling water chilling units with fan and radiator installed.

Closed water chilling engine drive the cooling pump to generate circulation power, which keep the anti-freeze in the paths of cylinder body and cover continuous circulation and heat elimination. Engine's cooling pump, radiator or heat exchanger forms a closed, pressure cycling and cooling system. The most common cooling system is cooling fan directly driven by radiator and engine, which can be replaced by heat exchanger, remote radiator or remote cooling tower etc.

If the installation position of the remote cooling fan is relatively higher, transmission radiator is needed to prevent the damage of heat exchanger caused by too big internal pressure. Note:The dirty material stay in the radiator's core will greatly affect radiator's cooling capacity. And therefore it is necessary to clean the radiator often. CoolantCooling system shall use the coolant which can protect the engine from contamination and freezing.

Coolant shall be a mixture of pure water and anti-freeze or pure water and anti-rust fluid. The specific mixing ratio shall be according to local weather, and that of the coolant recommended by the engine supplier, and reference to the operation preparation manual of the coolant. Mix the liquids in a separate container evenly and then add the mixture into the radiator, ensure the anti-freeze will not freeze under low temperature. In the area when there is low possibility of freezing, the coolant can be a mixture of water and anti-rust, according to the anti-rust which recommended by the engine supplier and refer to its operation manual, mix the liquids in a separate container evenly and then add the mixture into the radiator.

At the first time when anti-rust is added, the generator set shall be kept running until it get to hot so that to achieve the best effect of anti-corrosion. To choose the anti-freeze which is recommended and approved by the qualified engine supplier is the critical point to ensure engine's normal running. Do not mix the anti-freeze and anti-rust of any types, this will generate a large amount of bubble and reduce the coolant's performance.

generator maintenance procedure pdf

The generator sets can only be started under safety conditions. Before operation and maintenance for the generator sets, please read carefully about this manual and make sure a good understanding of this operation manual and other documents which attached with the engine. Processes will be established for a generator failure and for when replacement parts are needed. This data is used by Western Power and AEMO to conduct generation system modelling for power system planning, design and operations. No more than 1 hour in every 12 hours.

documentation, the “Operation and Maintenance Manuals” for your “Diesel Engine”, “Alternator” and “Generator. Set” must have been delivered to you together.

generator maintenance procedure pdf

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