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The implications for first and second language acquisition are discussed. In particular, it is suggested that different parametric settings may lead to a learnability problem if adult learners do not retain access to sensitivity to underlying semantic organization and morphological differences between languages provided by Universal Grammar. An experiment with Chinese-speaking learners of English is presented which shows that learners initially transfer L1 semantic organization to the L2, but are able to retreat from overgeneralisations and achieve native-like grammars in this area.

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Before Steven Pinker wrote bestsellers on language and human nature, he wrote several technical monographs on language acquisition that have become classics in cognitive science. Learnability and Cognition , first published in , brought together two big topics: how do children learn their mother tongue, and how does the mind represent basic categories of meaning such as space, time, causality, agency, and goals? The stage for this synthesis was set by the fact that when children learn a language, they come to make surprisingly subtle distinctions: pour water into the glass and fill the glass with water sound natural, but pour the glass with water and fill water into the glass sound odd. How can this happen, given that children are not reliably corrected for uttering odd sentences, and they don't just parrot back the correct ones they hear from their parents?

Language Learnability and Language Development (1984/1996)

Reviewed by: Language acquisition and learnability ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN In his opening statement, the editor provides a rationale for combining linguistics, psychology, and learnability theory into a theory of natural language learnability, claiming that each discipline contributes a different and necessary piece of the puzzle. The introduction further develops this rationale and provides the framework upon which the remaining articles are based, with three main goals: 1 It acknowledges the role that the principles and parameters hypothesis plays in the development of theory in the subsequent articles; 2 It identifies five essential components of the learning problem presented as questions ; 3 It provides the working definitions upon which the rest of the book is based. M artin A tkinson continues this dialogue with his contribution on the learnability of syntax. He goes on to discuss subset principles and parameters and then concludes with the TLA triggering learning algorithm and its applicability to the setting of parameters.


Learnability is the formal study of language acquisition in a mathematical and computational setting. It attempts to precisely specify the mechanisms of language learning, characterize the conditions that make language acquisition feasible, and provide guidance for the empirical research on child language development. In a typical setting of formal learnability Gold , the learner is presented with a sequence of examples drawn from an unknown target language, which can be viewed as a set of strings composed of an alphabet. These results are very general and hold irrespective of the specifics learning Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Language Learnability and Language Development, With New Commentary by the Author: With New Commentary by the Author Read Online · Download PDF In the mathematical study of language learnability, a learning model is said to.

Language learnability and language development

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Second-language acquisition

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PDF | In this paper, I summarize an approach to language acquisition that has become extremely influential: language learnability. I argue that.

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    This classic study is still the only comprehensive theory of child language acquisition—one that begins with the infant, proceeds step by step according to explicit learning algorithms, mirrors children's development, and ends up with adult grammatical competence.

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    Second-language acquisition SLA , sometimes called second-language learning — otherwise referred to as L2 language 2 acquisition , is the process by which people learn a second language.

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