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Metrics come in very handy when it comes to quantify usability during the usability evaluation of software, websites and applications.

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Measuring usability: Are effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction really correlated

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There is no usability thermometer to tell you how easy to use a website or software application is. Instead we rely on the outcomes of good and bad experiences which provide evidence for the construct of usability. Combining multiple usability metrics into a single usability metric SUM is something we proposed seven years ago [PDF] and we wrote about in Chapter 9 of Quantifying the User Experience. Here are 10 things to know about single measures of usability. Usability is the intersection of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction ISO pt One of the best measures of usability is a combination of metrics that describes each of these aspects.

After standardized training, 10 patients performed representative tasks and were assessed on individual task success, errors, efficiency time on task , satisfaction System Usability Scale [SUS] and user characteristics. Results Tasks of exporting and correcting values proved the most difficult, had the most errors, the lowest task success rates, and consumed the longest times on task. The average SUS satisfaction score was Data trends showed males were more successful in task completion, and younger participants had higher performance scores. Educational level did not influence performance, but a more recent diabetes diagnosis did. Patients with more experience in information technology IT also had higher performance rates.

Measuring usability: are effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction really correlated?

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Usability comprises the aspects effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Usability comprises the aspects effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. The correlations between these aspects are not well understood for complex tasks. We present data from an experiment where 87 subjects solved 20 information retrieval tasks concerning programming problems. The correlation between efficiency, as indicated by task completion time, and effectiveness, as indicated by quality of solution, was negligible.

Usability Metrics – A Guide To Quantify The Usability Of Any System

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Satisfactory graph tool

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