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Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 3 Romeo and Juliet Themes A3 Poster. Teacher Editions with classroom activities for all titles we cover.

act ii romeo and juliet

Students will identify metaphors, similes, and personification in Romeo and Juliet and explain how and why these poetic devices are used to convey complex character emotions. Students will watch Act 3, scene 2 from three different film versions of Romeo and Juliet and compare the ways the directors depict the scene. They will consider the choices each director makes and how each decision affects the character of Mercutio. Students will apply a helpful note-taking strategy to summarize and dissect passages from Romeo and Juliet. Students will identify and analyze poetic devices used in key passages in the text and determine Shakespeare's purpose in using each device. Students will use this worksheet to explore the motif of fate and how Shakespeare foreshadows many outcomes of the play by finding and exploring several examples of foreshadowing in Romeo and Juliet. Students will update the setting of a chosen scene from Romeo and Juliet and then write a modern version of the dialogue.

We will spend the first 10 minutes of class today reviewing the answers to the study guide homework. I am having students exchange papers and grade their peers' responses. I usually don't have them do this, but I think we are at the point that we should be able to score our peers' work fairly and correctly. Also, when students grade their peers work, they can learn from them and correct any missteps in comprehension. This way, if any questions arise, I will be able to ask the person that scored it.

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare, W. Act 2, Scene 4. Romeo and Juliet Lit2Go Edition. Shakespeare, William. Lit2Go Edition. February 19, Torments him so, that he will sure run mad.

Shakespeare, W. Act 2, Scene 2. Romeo and Juliet Lit2Go Edition. Shakespeare, William. Lit2Go Edition. February 19, But, soft!

Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 4 (Grade 9)

In the Capulet orchard, Juliet impatiently waits for her nurse, whom she sent to meet Romeo three hours earlier. At last the Nurse returns, and Juliet anxiously presses her for news. The Nurse claims to be too tired, sore, and out of breath to tell Juliet what has happened. Romeo and Friar Lawrence wait for Juliet to arrive at the cell. An ecstatic Romeo brashly states that he does not care what misfortune might come, as it will pale in comparison to the joy he feels right now.

Стратмор не остановился. - Мне нужна Цифровая крепость. - настаивал Нуматака.

Клянусь, убью. - Ты не сделаешь ничего подобного! - оборвал его Стратмор.  - Этим ты лишь усугубишь свое положе… - Он не договорил и произнес в трубку: - Безопасность.

Shakespeare and love: Romeo and Juliet

Сьюзан отпрянула и попыталась бежать, но призрак схватил ее за руку. - Не двигайся! - приказал. На мгновение ей показалось, что на нее были устремлены горящие глаза Хейла, но прикосновение руки оказалось на удивление мягким. Это был Стратмор. Лицо его снизу подсвечивалось маленьким предметом, который он извлек из кармана.

Еще чуть-чуть, подумал. Такси следовало за Беккером, с ревом сокращая скорость. Свернув, оно промчалось через ворота Санта-Крус, обломав в узком проезде боковое зеркало.

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