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Freely suspended perforated polymer nanomembranes for protein separations

DOI : Background: Porous stimuli-responsive polymer membranes are a series of membrane devices with not only common separating and mechanical properties, but also stimuli-responsive capabilities. In recent decades, there is an increasing interest in utilizing track-etch polymer membranes with single or array nanochannels on them as sensing elements in smart responsive membrane devices. Objective: We review the synthesis and functionalizations of track-etch membranes and their sensing applications, in order to expand possible applications of functional organic molecules, and also supply a novel potential platform for specific analysis of organic chemistry. Method: We introduced the membrane preparation and the sensing mechanism of membrane devices, summarized recent approaches to optimize membrane functionalization.

Biofouling is an inevitable obstacle that impairs the overall performance of polymeric membranes, including selectivity, permeability, and long-term stability. With an increase of various biocides being utilized to inhibit biofilm formation, the enhancement of bacterial resistance against traditional bactericides is increasingly becoming an extra challenge in the development of antimicrobial membranes. Graphene-based nanomaterials are emerging as a new class of strong antibacterial agents due to their oxygen-containing functional groups, sharp edges of the one-atom-thick laminar structure, and synergistic effect with other biocides. They have been successfully employed not only to confer favorable antibacterial abilities, but also to impart superior separation properties to polymeric membranes. However, the exact bactericidal mechanism of graphene remains unclear. This review aims to examine the synthesis methods and antimicrobial behavior of graphene-based materials, offering an insight into how the nanocomposites influence their antimicrobial abilities.

Nanosensors based on polymer vesicles and planar membranes: a short review

Metrics details. This review aims to summarize the advance in the field of nanosensors based on two particular materials: polymer vesicles polymersomes and polymer planar membranes. These two types of polymer-based structural arrangements have been shown to be efficient in the production of sensors as their features allow to adapt to different environment but also to increase the sensitivity and the selectivity of the sensing device. Polymersomes and planar polymer membranes offer a platform of choice for a wide range of chemical functionalization and characteristic structural organization which allows a convenient usage in numerous sensing applications. These materials appear as great candidates for such nanosensors considering the broad variety of polymers. They also enable the confection of robust nanosized architectures providing interesting properties for numerous applications in many domains ranging from pollution to drug monitoring. This report gives an overview of these different sensing strategies whether the nanosensors aim to detect chemicals, biological or physical signals.

Polymer membranes in biotechnology: preparation, functionalization and application. Mark. seeram ramakrishna. [0]. zuwei ma. [0]. 剛 松浦. Cited by:​.

Nanoporous membranes for medical and biological applications

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Synthetic nanoporous materials have numerous potential biological and medical applications that involve sorting, sensing, isolating and releasing biological molecules.

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The inert nature of most commercial polymers and nanomaterials results in limitations of applications in various industrial fields. This can be solved by surface modifications to improve physicochemical and biological properties, such as adhesion, printability, wetting and biocompatibility. Polymer functionalization allows to graft specific moieties and conjugate molecules that improve material performances.

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Box Tehran, I. Vedadghavami, A. Toggle navigation. Protein separation and purification technologies play an essential role in various industries including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, dairy as well as the food sector. Accordingly, a wide variety of techniques such as chromatography and electrophoresis has been developed and utilized extensively over the years for this purpose.

An artificial membrane , or synthetic membrane , is a synthetically created membrane which is usually intended for separation purposes in laboratory or in industry. Synthetic membranes have been successfully used for small and large-scale industrial processes since the middle of twentieth century. The most of commercially utilized synthetic membranes in separation industry are made of polymeric structures.

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