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Organophosphate compounds, first synthesized in the s, have been used for insecticides, pesticides, and in war and terrorism, such as the Tokyo subway poisoning. This book provides an in-depth examination of the effects of organophosphates and nerve agents and offers therapeutic and prophylactic countermeasures.

Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a taut band of skeletal muscle. They produce pain locally and in a referred pattern and often accompany chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma may lead to the development of stress on muscle fibers and the formation of trigger points. Patients may have regional, persistent pain resulting in a decreased range of motion in the affected muscles.

Theoretical study on the toxicity of ‘Novichok’ agent candidates

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Fluorine is a chemical element with the symbol F and atomic number 9. It is the lightest halogen and exists at standard conditions as a highly toxic, pale yellow diatomic gas. As the most electronegative element, it is extremely reactive, as it reacts with all other elements, except for argon , neon , and helium. Among the elements, fluorine ranks 24th in universal abundance and 13th in terrestrial abundance. Fluorite , the primary mineral source of fluorine which gave the element its name, was first described in ; as it was added to metal ores to lower their melting points for smelting , the Latin verb fluo meaning "flow" gave the mineral its name. Proposed as an element in , fluorine proved difficult and dangerous to separate from its compounds, and several early experimenters died or sustained injuries from their attempts.

Organophosphorus compounds are extensively used worldwide as pesticides which cause great hazards to human health. Nerve agents, a subcategory of the organophosphorus compounds, have been produced and used during wars, and they have also been used in terrorist activities. These compounds possess physiological threats by interacting and inhibiting acetylcholinesterase enzyme which leads to the cholinergic crisis. After a general introduction, this review elucidates the mechanisms underlying cholinergic and noncholinergic effects of organophosphorus compounds. The conceivable treatment strategies for organophosphate poisoning are different types of bioscavengers which include stoichiometric, catalytic, and pseudocatalytic. The current research on the promising treatments specifically the catalytic bioscavengers including several wild-type organophosphate hydrolases such as paraoxonase and phosphotriesterase, phosphotriesterase-like lactonase, methyl parathion hydrolase, organophosphate acid anhydrolase, diisopropyl fluorophosphatase, human triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase, and senescence marker protein has been widely discussed. Organophosphorus compounds are reported to be the nonphysiological substrate for many mammalian organophosphate hydrolysing enzymes; therefore, the efficiency of these enzymes toward these compounds is inadequate.

Chapter 2 similarity and dilations

The scale factor of a dilation is the ratio of corresponding side lengths. In this course, the center of dilation will always be the origin. Dilation To dilate a polygon, multiply the coordinates of each vertex by the scale factor k and connect the vertices. Remember to add the page number where you found the term. Unit: Unit 2: Dilations, similarity, and introducing slope. Legend Opens a modal Possible mastery points.

If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don't have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library's reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Please consult the latest official manual style if you have any questions regarding the format accuracy. Sulfur mustard and nerve agents were used by Iraq against the Iranian military and Kurdish civilians. Most recently the nerve agent sarin, GB, was used by the Syrian military against their civilian population. Since the Japanese sarin attacks in — and the terrorist strikes of September 11, , the all-too-real possibility of chemical or biological terrorism against civilian populations anywhere in the world has attracted increased attention. Military planners consider the WWI blistering agent sulfur mustard and the organophosphorus nerve agents as the most likely agents to be used on the battlefield.

Request PDF | Nerve Agents Poisoning and its Treatment in Schematic Figures and Tables | Organophosphate compounds, first synthesized in the s, have​.

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The neutralization of VX nerve agent, like the neutralization of HD described in Chapter 7 , can be carried out under mild conditions to give products with greatly reduced toxicity. However, the conditions for hydrolyzing VX with neutral water differ from the conditions for HD. Hydrolysis of VX also results in a different set of reaction products than does hydrolysis of HD, and therefore different subsequent treatment is required prior to disposal Yang et al.

Organophosphorus Nerve Agents: Types, Toxicity, and Treatments

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