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Genocide in Rwanda and Burundi

Christian gacaca and Official gacaca in Post-genocide Rwanda. In October , a think tank of the Rwandan state proposed the establishment of gacaca jurisdictions - popular courts charged with judging the people involved in the genocide against the Tutsi. Lesser known is the Christian gacaca, a conflict resolution mechanism, also inspired by the traditional gacaca, which was established during the same period by the Catholic Church of Rwanda as part of the synodal process leading to the celebration of the Year Jubilee. This essay describes, on the basis of archival documents and oral testimonies, the genesis of the Christian gacaca and examines how it related to the official gacaca. This pastoral initiative contributed to a relaxation of the tension between church and state that had marked the immediate aftermath of the genocide.

Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda - Ebook

Paul J. This article begins with an account of significant events and socio-political relationships in the history of Rwanda, leading to mass murder and genocide in An explanation is then offered of these crimes, based on an analysis of certain ecological, economic, cultural and political factors specific to Rwanda, but shared to an important extent by much of East Africa. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

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The Historiography of Genocide pp Cite as. The first problem in discussing the historiography of religion and genocide is to define the parameters, a difficult task, because all of the categories involved are open to interpretation. According to the definitions used, one will either find that almost nothing has been written about religion and genocide or that the body of relevant material is endless. What is Religion? Or about religious impulses: belief, tradition, spiritualism, transcendence and ethical systems linked to some notion of divinity? Are we talking about a communal phenomenon or an individual matter? As for genocide, given the scope of this volume, I follow the legal definition associated with Raphael Lemkin and the United Nations Convention, 1 but I also consider some cases of state-sponsored, extreme violence that are not legally and formally genocide or have not been widely acknowledged as such.

Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda - Ebook

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Although Rwanda is among the most Christian countries in Africa, in the genocide, church buildings became the primary killing grounds. To explain why so many Christians participated in the violence, this book looks at the history of Christian engagement in Rwanda and then turns to a rich body of original national- and local-level research to argue that Rwanda's churches have consistently allied themselves with the state and played ethnic politics. Comparing two local Presbyterian parishes in Kibuye before the genocide demonstrates that progressive forces were seeking to democratize the churches.

Rwanda is a small country in central east Africa. Political moderates and some members of the Twa minority were also victimized. Acknowledgment of the importance of colonialism in helping to lay the path to genocide, however, must not be taken to mean that the genocide was inevitable, or that the earlier colonial powers were responsible for choices that were later made by the actual perpetrators in the s.

Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda (eBook, PDF)

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Accepting the Unacceptable: Christian Churches and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

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