Identification Of Stem Cells In Small Intestine And Colon By Marker Gene Lgr5 Pdf

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The WNT pathway regulates intestinal stem cells and is frequently disrupted in intestinal adenomas.

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The intestinal epithelium possesses a remarkable ability for both proliferation and regeneration. The last two decades have generated major advances in our understanding of the stem cell populations responsible for its maintenance during homeostasis and more recently the events that occur during injury induced regeneration. These fundamental discoveries have capitalised on the use of transgenic mouse models and in vivo lineage tracing to make their conclusions. It is evident that maintenance is driven by rapidly proliferating crypt base stem cells, but complexities associated with the technicality of mouse modelling have led to several overlapping populations being held responsible for the same behaviour. Similarly, it has been shown that essentially any population in the intestinal crypt can revert to a stem cell state given the correct stimulus during epithelial regeneration.

Identification of stem cells in small intestine and colon by marker gene Lgr5

Tumors are comprised of phenotypically and genotypically heterogeneous cell populations. The stem cell hypothesis of cancer proposes that tumors are organized hierarchically, in analogy to many normal organs and tissues that are renewed and maintained by adult tissue specific stem cells; in other words, a subpopulation of tumor cells possesses stem cell-like capabilities, hence being able to self-renew and to generate the diverse cells that comprise the bulk of the tumor. Consequently, pursuing stem cells as therapeutic targets represents an interesting approach and might help to overcome some of the frustrations associated with current cancer treatment regimens. However, most cancer stem cell markers, often cell surface molecules, are not restricted to cancer cells but are also expressed in normal stem cells, making the selective targeting of cancer stem cells without harming normal tissue and organ function a challenge. ADCs are composed of a cytotoxic drug linked to an antibody that recognizes a particular cell surface antigen and thus represent one way to selectively target a certain cell population 2.

The following is a list of intestinal stem cell marker genes, including their name and known function. Differentiating cells exit the cell cycle and migrate out of the crypts and onto the surface epithelium of the intestine, where they perform their physiological role e. Cheng and Leblond used autoradiography of phagosomes to track the fate of cells at the base of the crypts, and determined that slender cells interspersed among Paneth cells at the crypt base could give rise to all of the other cell types that constituted the intestinal epithelium. Thus, these cells are also called quiescent stem cells. The stem cell zone model states that the CBC stem cells reside in a stem-cell-permissive environment. Progenitors mature as they migrate upward onto the villus. Maturing Paneth cell progenitors migrate downward, with the oldest Paneth cells residing at the very base of the crypt.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. The intestinal epithelium is the most rapidly self-renewing tissue in adult mammals.

Cellular Interactions in the Intestinal Stem Cell Niche

Metrics details. The intestinal epithelial lining is one of the most rapidly renewing cell populations in the body. As a result, the gut has been an attractive model to resolve key mechanisms in epithelial homeostasis. In particular the role of intestinal stem cells ISCs in the renewal process has been intensely studied. Interestingly, as opposed to the traditional stem cell theory, the ISC is not a static population but displays significant plasticity and in situations of tissue regeneration more differentiated cells can revert back to a stem cell state upon exposure to extracellular signals. Importantly, normal intestinal homeostasis provides important insight into mechanisms that drive colorectal cancer CRC development and growth.

Stem cells hold great promise for regenerative medicine, but have remained elusive in many tissues because of a lack of adequate definitive markers. The Wnt target gene Lgr5 has been recently identified as a novel stem cell marker of the intestinal epithelium and the hair follicle. In the intestine, Lgr5 is exclusively expressed in cycling crypt base columnar cells. Genetic lineage-tracing experiments revealed that crypt base columnar cells are capable of self-renewal and multipotency, thus representing genuine intestinal stem cells. In the stem cell niche of the murine hair follicle, Lgr5 is expressed in actively cycling cells. Expression of Lgr5 in multiple other organs indicates that it may represent a global marker of adult stem cells. Stem cells SCs are fundamental cornerstones in tissue biology, ensuring homeostatic self-renewal of tissues such as the skin, the blood, or the intestinal epithelium throughout life, but also presenting a reserve pool of cells that can be activated after tissue injury.

Identification of stem cells in small intestine and colon by marker gene LGR5. November ; Nature () DOI: /.

Wnt Signaling, Lgr5, and Stem Cells in the Intestine and Skin

Epithelial cells are one of the most actively cycling cells in a mammalian organism and therefore are prone to malignant transformation. Already during organogenesis, the connective tissue mesenchyme provides instructive signals for the epithelium. In an adult organism, the mesenchyme is believed to provide crucial regulatory signals for the maintenance and regeneration of epithelial cells.

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Identification of stem cells in small intestine and colon by marker gene Lgr5

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List of intestinal stem cell marker genes
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